Teaching Reading and Writing

Content Reading Strategy: Sentence Chunking
Content Reading Strategy: Sentence Chunking

In the latter part of my teaching and consultant career, I specialized out of necessity in English Language Acquisition.  I taught a bilingual class for five years, moved into professional development in math, language arts, and early childhood education with Migrant Education, a federally funded program for students who move frequently because of agriculturally related reasons, and then into history education.

My Personal Library

Accelerated Academic English A Focus on the English Learner, Robin Scarcella
Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction: Isabel L. Beck, Margaret G. McKeown, Linda Kucan
Building Academic Language: Essential Practices for Content Classrooms, Jeff Zwiers
Building Academic Vocabulary Teacher’s Manual, Robert J. Marzano, Debra J. Pickering
Classroom Instruction That Works with English Language Learners, Jane D. Hill, Kathleen M. Flynn
Creating Robust Vocabulary: Frequently Asked Questions & Extended Examples, Isabel Beck, Margaret McKeown, Linda Kucan
Critical Literacy: Enhancing Students’ Comprehension of Text, Maureen McLaughlin, GlennL. DeVoogd
Differentiating Textbooks: Strategies to Improve Student Comprehension & Motivation, Char Forsten, Jim Grant, Betty Hollas
Disciplinary Literacy: Redefining Deep Understanding an Leadership for 21st Century Demands, Tomaisina Piercy and William Piercy
Fulfilling the Promise of the differentiated Classroom: Strategies and Tools for Responsive Teaching, Carol Ann Tomlinson
Guiding Readers and Writers Grades 3-6: Teaching Comprehension, Genre, an Content Literacy, Irene C. Fountas, Gay Su Pinnell
If They Can Argue Well, They Can Write Well, Dr. Bill McBride
Improving Adolescent Literacy:Strategies At Work, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey
Improving Education for English Learners: Research-Based Approaches, CDE
Learner English: A Teacher’s Guide to Interference and Other Problems, Michael Swan, Bernard Smith
Reading & Writing Sourcebook & Teacher’s Guide, Robert Pavlick, Richard G. Mamsey
Rigor and Relevance from Concept to Reality, Willard R. Daggett
Scaffolding Language Scaffolding Learning Teaching Second Language Learning in the Mainstream Classroom, Pauline Gibbon
Teaching Argument Writing, George Hillocks, Jr.
Teaching with Intention:Defining Beliefs, Aligning Practive, Taking Action, Debbie Miller
What Research Has to Say About Vocabulary Instruction, Alan Farstrup, S. Jay Samuels
When Kids Can’t Read What Teachers Can Do, Kylene Beers

Helpful Training I Took and/or Trained Others

  • Kagan Strategies
  • Step Up to Writing
  • Building Literacy Through History
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Thinking Maps

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