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Submission Guidelines

  • Your unpublished fiction stories of 500 – 1,000 words with a 10% leeway submitted on a Word or Google Doc of any genre except erotica.
  • You may reblog or link a new or follow-up post to your story on Always Write at any time during the month.
  • Please check “no comments” on your post so that all comments become part of the “Story Chat Summary” that is published on Always Write.
  • By submitting your story to this blogging event, you give your permission to have your story appear in a possible Story Chat Anthology at the end of the year.
  • You retain the rights to publish them later in full on your blog, revise and turn them into a full-length novel, or submit them to another publication provided that the publisher knows the story may become part of an anthology.

Add readers and discussion for instant fun.

Comments are credited to the blogger and may be summarized or parts left out to create a narrative of the Story Chat Summary towards the end of each month. Links to all participants are included in the Story Chat Summary.

Writing Guidelines

  • Contact me to get my email.
  • Stories are submitted by email on a Word or Google Doc free from spelling and grammar errors (English, Australian, African, and American spellings and punctuations reflect the author’s country, not mine.)
  • This is a G-rated site. Other than erotica, most genres are accepted.
  • You should have a website to promote your story and respond to comments.
  • Please comment on other Story Chats before and after your story appears. Comments may be constructive but always encouraging. Remember we are a group of friends
  • For help getting started follow the Carrot Ranch TUFF Rodeo Model to get your story writing started. 99-word story – two 9-word summaries, rewrite the 99-word story. Then write your story of 500-1,000 words. If you’ve already written your story, work backward until you have two 99-word stories and two 9-word stories based on your original, then make changes.
  • Give your stories an interesting twist.
  • Develop your characters’ senses of humor.
  • Most of all have fun with it.


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