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Characteristics of Challenges

Always Write is my personal blog, and I LOVE Challenges!

What are challenges, anyway?

Non-blogging friend

Characteristics of Challenges

Challenges cost nothing to enter, nor do participants receive monetary rewards. Volunteer bloggers, like yourself, dedicate their time to create themes, create a challenge post with rules for the challenge and visit their participants.

Challenge hosts create photo or writing prescriptions (themes and topics). The participant fills the prescription from their pharmacy of photos and stories or creates new ones.

Keeping track of challenges is like herding cats. Great challenges might disappear for a while, but someone new (maybe you) may pick up the mantle and run with it for a while.

Cee Neuner, the hostess of many photo challenges, may be the foremost expert on challenges that are available for hobby bloggers today.

There may be challenges available for different hobbies and avocations. I focus on Writing and Photo Challenges because they are the backbone of blogging. Blogging integrates with and encompasses a myriad of hobbies and avocations such as cooking, gardening, boating, traveling and almost any topic you can envision.

  • quilted boot latitce square quilt
  • gardening boxes
  • Northern and Central California Travel Show
  • Ingredients for Italian spaghetti sauce
  • Banana River Kayaking tour

My Challenges

geometry, Sierra Nevada range, Woodlake, Central California, winter, railroad track

Happy Challenge Blogging

Thank you for being a Challenge Blogger. I want to support and promote you in your blogging journey.

If you have questions, please contact me.

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  1. I love your photos. We one with the fog is fantastic but we need a spring photo. My internet is so slow and I am impatient. I will give you an old fashion telephone call. Thanks Sally

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