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4 Ways to Create Your Own Challenge

In my research I’ve discovered four ways to create your own challenge.

  1. Creating your own challenges takes a lot of time and imagination. Let your hobbies inspire your challenge ideas. Here are some examples.
    1. Colors – for example – Quilts that are Purple
    2. National Day Calendar
    3. Alphabet
    4. Word of the Day
    5. ____ of the Day like Quilt or Car of the Day (use your hobbies)
    6. Groups – pairs, triads, fours
  2. Invitation to host is a second way to start a challenge. A host might drop a challenge but consider you a possible host.
  3. Take-over when the host of one of your favorite challenges gets tired (and they do). If it doesn’t show up again on someone else’s blog, restart it yourself. It’s polite to contact the host. Or you can rename it to suit your needs. For example Lisa Coleman no longer saw Bird of the Day Challenge, so after a time she started Bird Weekly Challenge.
  4. Co-host or guest host a challenge.

Follow-up After You Publish Your Challenge

  1. Create a page for your menu.
  2. Publicize it through Cee Neuner and social media.
  3. Visit everyone who enters.
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