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WQW #3: Fitness

Featured Bloggers for WQW #2 Socializing Your friendships mean so much. Thank you all for joining in. LADY LEE MANILA LADYSIGHS LIFE AFTER 50 FOR WOMEN SECOND WIND LEISURE (SUNDAY […]
WQW #3: Fitness

4th Cancerversary

Originally posted on No Half Measures:
Amazingly enough, today marks four (4) years, forty-eight (48) months, two hundred and eight (208) weeks, one thousand four hundred sixty (1,460) days, thirty-five…

End of the Cancer Journey

It’s way too weird to say that it’s been a joy to have cancer, but it has been. Mentally I know that God doesn’t send cancer or any sickness as […]

New Lease on Life

In my last post three months ago I shared that I had a successful lumpectomy to remove a stage one cancer in my left breast. Before the words had left […]