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Book Reviews

Reading Is My Mind Candy

Research has been my life’s work as an educator. I devour websites looking for information. But my love is fiction, especially historical fiction, or memoirs.

Authors who write gorgeous works of fiction with fabulous descriptions, and characters that make you laugh out loud in one paragraph and cry in the next, those people make me drool with envy. Sometimes their powerful words compel me to write a review.

Book Reviews Sell Books

Your reviews spark my interest, I order a book and read it.

Word of mouth has credibility if the reviewer has credibility. Why? Divide how many millions of books are available to read by how much time you have. Don’t you want to spend your precious reading minutes with the best books?

Always Write does not publish, promote, or sell books. Nor is it any longer an affiliate of Amazon or any other book dealer.

Who Writes Reviews For Always Write?

As Editor-in-Chief, I write most of the reviews on this site.

I toil over every word in every blog post I write. Then I hate the post and rewrite it. It’s worth it, though. If a story moved me so much, I want to make sure you’ve had the chance to read it.

A few bloggers, usually fiction authors, write book reviews. If I think you would enjoy them I will reblog them.

Will I Review Your Book?

Nearly every day someone emails me asking me to review their book because I did a quick Amazon review of a book in their genre. They don’t contact me because they read my in-depth review for Always Write, where I labored over it.

So, for the most part, I don’t write solicited reviews. Other ways Always Write can help new or indie authors get started.

You Are Invited to Write a Guest Review

Are you building traffic on your blog or author site? Expert bloggers say that one of the best ways to do that is to write guest posts on someone else’s blog.

If you want to write a book review for Always Write, Hobby Blogging, check out the Guest Post Guidelines and send me a request at

Tell Me About You

  • What books/genre do you read the most?
  • Why would other people enjoy reading the books you love?
  • Are you in a book club and are looking for a great book to read?
  • Do you go on author binges and read everything the person writes?
  • Do look back and see what you’ve read?

Talk to me. I answer back. Use the comment section of any review. Include links to your reviews or your author website. Link to My Book Reviews.

There is an art to reviewing books both on your blog and on other sites like Amazon and Goodreads. Click to download a free copy of How to Write a Top Review.

Always Write regularly undergoes revision and updating to make your great work (and mine) stand out.

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  1. You are wonderful Marsha! I know you already asked me at my blog if I’d like to share a review and I responded with a link, but I”ll fill out your form here too. And just know that if you’re ever short of reviews, you’re welcome to reblog any of mine. 🙂

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