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Looking Back at Prescott in Grays and Whites

This post has been a fun post to play with this cold, dreary, gray Sunday afternoon. I’m combining Lens Artist, Sofia’s challenge of Looking Back through history with Terri’s Sunday Stills color challenge. Of course, I’m not leaving out John’s Cell Pic Sunday because these are all cell photos.

A Look Back at the IOOF Cemetery

The day after Jodie and her friends left, Janet from This That and the Other Thing and I visited Acker Park and the International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery for a muddy look around. Vince and I explored the IOOF Cemetery last year. At the time, I mistakenly thought it was the LOOF Cemetery, but Janet cleared that up for me.

Few of the sites were maintained so I am assuming that most of the family members no longer remain in the area or have passed. My comments about the graves are not meant to be disrespectful, or irreligious, only observational.

There were several differences in graves throughout the centuries from the 1800s to the 1900s. The earth has moved some of the markers, so there was no need to adjust the photos for my errors in straightness.

One of the more elaborate gray markers has an interesting twist.

windows into the past!

Maybe some of the panels came off or maybe it was created this way. I’m guessing the metal plates came unbolted over the years. Curious, I looked into the opening. It was filled almost to the top with rocks.

Petra Saavedra De Lara 1885-1935

This was one of the newer markers with a colorful insert.

Several similar markers designated soldiers and they did not vary much over time from the Civil War to the Korean War. Soldiers who were buried here came from all over the country.

Thomas Childers has no dates, but he probably served in the Civil War and because the marker is more tilted, he probably died sooner than his wife, Melvina U.

I photographed this grave partially in order to tell you a story. My mother was named after her two grandmothers. When she complained about her name Martha Margaret being too long, Grandma threatened to change it to her two grandmas’ middle names instead. Mom quit complaining. Her name could have been Nina Melvina.

Mom didn’t name me after my two grandmothers. Thank you, Mom.

Experimenting with Technology

In her post for LAPC this week, Tina Schell of Travels and Trifles talked about changes in technology, especially in photography. This post took me hours to do because of all the experimentation I did with technology. It couldn’t have been accomplished at all twenty or more years ago. My dad would have loved to see this day and do what I am able to do with the click of a key.

Made Possible by iPhone, Lightroom, and Canva

I saved the best for last, a sad, gravely chipped little ornamental angel lying on the ground a distance from any gravesite.

She almost looks like she’s floating. I tried to play with Photoshop a bit but I am like this little angel without her wings when I try to work in Photoshop. So I took this lost angel to Canva and experimented with their new technology.

Colleen Chesebro from Unicorn Publishing Services expanded my mind to also experiment with syllabic poetry. Senryu is similar to Haiku using 3 lines with a 2-3-2 syllable pattern. Unlike Haiku it is not about nature but more about the human condition or emotions.


©Marsha Ingrao 2023 Senryu

The lost angel lost her background.


©Marsha Ingrao 2023 Senryu

Then she put her background back on and became a mosaic.

a new life

©Marsha Ingrao 2023 Senryu

Next, she and her bed of dirt, grasses, and twigs turned into a quilt. Speaking of technology, I forgot to put a comma after next. Oh well, Grammarly has my back. Where was she when I was in school? I don’t mind the red underline when Miss Grammarly uses it!

as art

©Marsha Ingrao 2023 Senryu

This was the last paint effect in Canva called Barka.


©Marsha Ingrao 2023 Senryu

One More Quick Look at Sharlot Hall

The building that I thought was the Governor’s Mansion actually belonged to the Bashfords, local merchants. There were some photos of Mrs. Bashford in the home, and she was so pretty in grays and whites, that I took a photo of her picture just for today’s challenge.

This last picture started a conversation about handwriting in our group. It turns out that another one of the Sunday Stills participants, Shelly, had a similar line of thought for today’s post.

Handwriting is a lost art. We replicate it with different fonts on the computer, but few people write by putting pen or pencil to paper. Do you know anyone who can write this straight and perfectly slanted, beautifully formed letters on unlined paper?

That’s it for today. I couldn’t wait to post these until Wednesday. I invite you to share photos, stories and comments about what piques your interest this week on Wednesday Quotes.

Upcoming and Ongoing on Always Write

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Fascinating look into IOOF Cemetery, enjoyed this immensely. There are many lichened, crumbled and neglected, alas some almost completely forgotten, cemeteries here that I’ve found in the wilderness. This one especially reminds me of one that I found in the foothills of the Adirondacks here just recently. Many of the stones are no-longer legible, many split and crumbled.

    Har, over 20 years ago I was fiddling around with a program that’s still around, but not as popular as other programs today- Corel Draw. I would still be using it, but my PC is out of order, so it sits in there entombed until I can fix it. Meanwhile, I’ve been working with Photoshop for the first time. So many advantages/disadvantages to the myriads of programs out there now. For directly painting onto a photograph, I still prefer Corel- it is my old friend.

    I remember one of the first gags I did on Corel back in the early 2000s, I think 2003- I took a very drab, proper-looking advertisement image for my second cousin’s law office, and gave his dull, stamped-down hairdo an upgrade to a large cheerful afro (he used to have an afro as a teen). I happily printed it and sent it to him. I’m sure he was pleased.

    Har I write on paper everyday. An anachronism I is. Image of Mrs Bashford is majestic.

    As usual, loved every moment of your post.

    See you, Nina Melvina 😉


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  2. Really enjoyed viewing and reading here Marsha! I too went to a ‘local to us’ cemetery here recently, as we will be leaving this area in the next 3 months, I decided to check out a place I had driven past a lot. I did take some pics and I think they will get an airing in Sunday Stills soon.

    The name thing…”never complain” it could have been worse….ha!

    Denyse. x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Denyse, glad to have you visiting. I hope your move goes well. You’re moving to Sydney, right? Watch out, I might come see you one of these years. I haven’t seen Sydney yet, and it looks so lovely. There will be old cemeteries there to explore. When we moved here, Vince and I had a ball exploring. Now we mostly take our visitors to the places we’ve been. The exception was Sharlot Hall Museum where our blogger meetup went.


  3. Marsha, thank you so much for the mention. You photographs were so interesting, and the senryu poems were spot on! (Pssst… you’re going to love this week’s poetry challenge). I loved all the gray and white imagery. I feel like I went on a mini vacation! LOL! 🧡

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love looking around old graveyards like this and I don’t find your comments and photos at all disrespectful – quite the opposite! Your Canva edits are fun and you make a great point about about hand-writing – although mine was never anywhere near that good!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Marsha, you’ve truly met the theme of the Lens-Artists challenge this week. I am all but convinced that I need to get Canva, and it wouldn’t take me much to pull that trigger when we get home to Fargo in a few weeks! My favorite angel is the quilted one.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You are such an artistic, clever soul! All most interesting. I used to point the camera and click…but anything complicated and I was lost… HOWEVER, I did Pitman’s Handwriting at college and even my shorthand didn’t stop me from keeping a straight line…My dear Dad used to do beautiful calligraphy, which I always tried to emulate. His stamp collections were works of art. Cheers! x

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  7. There’s something about your writing that is uplifting, fun and interesting. That post is a breeze and it has gravestones, how do you do it? I loved it, by the way. Everything about it, I’m still smilling. Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • WOW! thanks, so much. What a nice thing to say. How do people write what they do? I wonder that, too. Some people write such soulful poetry, deep reflections, wise words. That doesn’t seem like my lot in writing. I am light and breezy, never delving in too much, I think. Our styles reflect our inner selves. One of my blogging friends writes the most interesting travel posts – very professional and didactic, but still interesting and fun. I get too carried away and random to do that. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  8. A monumental post, Marsha. 😉 But ‘gravely’ chipped? Oh my! I love the stained glass effects, et al. Nice looking. M’lady has good script. Mine is rough and not curvy smooth, but doable. I like that it’s secret code which the younger generation can’t read. At least we have one thing up on them.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. I love that you ventured to a cemetery to finds grays and also history and looking back. It was perfect. Kinda creepy that you were brave enough to look in the one hole. I am glad there were rocks instead of someone looking back at you. Your editing with the angel was a fun follow. It sounds like it was fun and beneficial blogger meet up. I love the first gravestone. And I love the history of cemeteries.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. I enjoyed my wander about the cemetery Marsha. The angel photo edits are so much fun. You can see why I like playing with my reflection abstracts for our Jezs WWE.

    OK Grammarly So you have Marshas back do you?

    “Oh well, Grammarly has my back. Where was she when I was in school? I don’t might the red underline when Miss Grammarly uses it!”
    Well there’s a fail 😂

    Liked by 3 people

  11. Wow, you went all in with this post and the subsequent challenges you shared. I’m still chuckling at Nina Melvina…what a great story! 🙂 your gray and white photos from graveyards to angels are very poignant. Before last fall’s fire in Michigan Bluff, over the years we loved to walk to the Masonic cemetery and gawk at all the souls who lived/died at the height of the Gold Rush in 1849.

    Your poetry forms aptly describe the angel’s changes using photo editing tech! Nicely done with the Canva filters–didn’t know the app had them–those turned out great–will one become a puzzle?

    You MIGHT want to have a chat with Ms Grammarly…she left you hanging in the paragraph just before your last angel…. xoxox

    Liked by 3 people

  12. Well this may be the first time I ever start a sentence with “loved your graves” but indeed I did! I especially loved your versions of the little angel. I used CANVA to create some greeting cards quite a long time ago and really enjoyed it but haven’t looked at it in years. Good for you for the experimenting! And thanks so much for the mention, and for linking with us this week. You rock!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I do rock, just like a grandma! Thanks for the fast response. It’s amazing to get comments even before I finish linking! 🙂 This was a great topic for a history lover especially!

      Liked by 1 person

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