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Weekend Coffee Share and Arizona Dreams

Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share and Photographing Public Art Challenge

Weather Report

Prescott Weather – sunny and gorgeous the last couple of days. This has been a great week. Sunny weather makes a difference. Thank goodness because we had a blogger meetup Thursday, and Janet spent the night, so I have lots of compelling photos. I hope to use them to meet the requirements of several challenges.

Sharlot’s Dream

The dream of saving history
Spured on the girl named Sharlot
A outdoor gal who loved big things
Frivolous she was not.
Old settlers dying - their goods were all gone
Indian wares were looted for naught
Sharlot stored and collected for years
Saved buildings from future's onslaught.

©Marsha Ingrao, 2023
My attempt at a Sijo for this week's W3 Prompt

Why Is the Name of the Museum Sharlot Hall?

Sharlot Hall served as Arizona’s territorial historian from September 1909 until February 1912, when Arizona became a state. She was the first woman to hold a salaried office in the territory.  She lobbied Congress to make Arizona a separate state from New Mexico, and won the fight!

For more information about Sharlot Hall read here.

“I’m glad, so glad, so glad, that God let me be an Out-door woman and love the big things. I couldn’t be a tame house cat woman and spend big sunny glorious days giving card parties and planning dresses – I’m not unwomanly – do you dare think so – but God meant women to joy in his clean beautiful world and I thank Him that he lets me see some of it not through a window pane.” -Sharlot Hall to Matt Riordan, 1910

Blogger Meetup in Prescott, AZ

The plan was to meet at Sharlot Hall Museum at 10:00 on Gurley Street in Prescott on January 11th. Janet, from This That and The Other Thing, and I were already a little late arriving in spite of the fact that Jodie, from Jodie’s Touch of Style, and her gang had driven two hours from the Valley to get there. We went to the Gift Shop instead of the Museum where we finally found our group waiting for us. Jodie and her fashionable folks used their time wisely and took photos.

Our group photo and several other photos from our meetup qualify perfectly for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge – the color amber. Between Lesley’s beautiful jacket and pants, and the color of the floor, this picture has an amber hue.

4 women, one man in a museum
L 2 R Marsha, Janet, Jodie, Leslie Row 2 Rob

This second photo of the inside of the Gift Store also gives off an amber hue for Cee as well as being a door for Dan’s Thursday Doors. In all the times I’ve driven past the Sharlot Hall Museum sign and seen the gorgeous home, I thought it was the Governor’s Mansion.

looking out of one of the Gift Shop doors.

Not so, this next picture shows the main living area of the Governor’s Mansion built in the middle of an area unsettled by Americans or Europeans in 1864. Richard McCormick, the territorial secretary, claimed 160 acres and contracted to have the cabin built. At 2000 square feet, it was a mansion compared to the tents in which they had been living.

Our docent gave us a brief history lesson before we wandered on to the other outbuildings.
There are lots of Thursday Trios in this mansion’s main room. The bookcases have three shelves, and the chairs have three slats. Are there more trios that I’m missing?

With neither windows nor floors, the governor and his secretary moved into the unfinished home in August, just a month after construction had started. The first governor’s wife decided not to leave Maine to come to Arizona with her husband. The secretary’s new bride Margaret came and helped complete the home with furniture much as you see here. You can read more about the log mansion here.

The Governor’s Mansion is “the oldest building associated with Arizona Territory still standing on its original location.”

There were several buildings on the property established in 1928 as the “Gubernatorial Mansion Museum” by Sharlot Hall. The “Museum features eleven exhibit buildings (six of which are historic), compelling exhibits, and a beautiful garden.” Sharlot Hall Museum

The school was the first outbuilding we visited. Another cold abode was aptly named the Misery House.

Jodie felt right at home in the first school.
She might look a little nervous, but Janet had no trouble exiting this building with a short door.
This door was slightly taller, but not much.

There was so much to do and learn, it would take more than one trip to really grasp the history of Prescott. One thing we learned was that Gurley Street, one of the main streets in downtown Prescott was named after Mr. Gurley who never made it to Prescott.

“President Abraham Lincoln appointed the first three territorial governors: John A. Gurley, John Noble Goodwin, and Richard C. McCormick; only two served.  John Gurley, on the evening of his departure to Arizona for his new appointment, suffered an appendicitis attack and died at the age of forty-nine.”

Cave Creek Museum

There is much more to be said both about our wonderful meetup and about the Sharlot Hall Museum but that will have to wait until a later date.

Personal Update

Pssst: I walked 15,000 steps yesterday. And I did it correctly. Janet spent one of our evenings together teaching me how to walk properly so I am less likely to fall. Win! Notice my new badge from Fitbit is turquoise. Win! Win!

Urban Boot Badge

Upcoming and Ongoing on Always Write

Enjoy your coffee!

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  1. “God meant women to joy in his clean beautiful world and I thank Him that he lets me see some of it not through a window pane”–I love this so much.

    I wish I’d spent more time exploring Prescott when I lived nearer that part of the state. I need to plan a trip up there.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great write up and poem, Marsha. Sharlot was quite something, smart and feisty and the museum was so well done. Another excellent blogger get-together. Looking forward to the next one. Hope the walking us going well. 🥲

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds like a fun meet-up and I enjoyed seeing the old buildings, especially the school house. I always love seeing the old US school houses, probably because of childhood memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s descriptions of learning, and later teaching, at pioneer town schools – so very different from those in suburban London!

    Liked by 1 person

    • They are so different from US schools today. No parent would send their child to a school like that today. Some parents don’t even want their advanced children to help those who have problems in a subject area when they could spend time working ahead. In a one room school everyone had to work together. The smart little ones worked ahead with their older classmates, and the ones who did not do so well dropped out by the time they were in sixth or seventh grade to work on the farm. Sometimes they dropped out at their parents’ insistence to work on the farm, as my grandfather had to do. My great-grandfather wouldn’t let any of the boys go past 8th grade. Like many boys his age, he left the farm early and lied about their ages to enlist to fight in WWI.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m so happy you all could get together, Marsha! I saw a similar image on Jodie’s blog and commented on how I need to get back to AZ and see folks again. Now we’re thinking of April when we leave San Diego. I love learning about the history of new places. Sharlot Hall looks amazing and I would guess that we would be kindred spirits–her quote is great! You bet God meant for us ALL to enjoy the outdoors!

    Congrats on your new Fitbit badge–how were you walking incorrectly?? My Fitbit was recently replaced (thank goodness for insurance, but I don’t think it captures all my steps). Either that or there is too much snow to get a decent walk lately!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Remember you adjusted mine. I was having the same problem. I think mine is about right now! I saw her post yesterday. We did have a great time. Didn’t you love her coat? I also loved Lesley’s jacket. It was always easy to find them.

      Janet was a personal trainer, so in the evening she watched me walk and said my steps were too close together, so I was almost destined to catch my shoes together. My shoes were a trap for tripping because they are so wide and catch on things. I tried to ride a stationary bike and couldn’t even get them into the foot pedals. Secondly, I don’t swing my arms, but often keep them in my pocket – bad Marsha! Swinging helps balance. Finally, I don’t pick up my feet high enough all the time. I tend to shuffle – or skate when I walk. Always have, and I’ve always had problems falling. I remember my dad telling me to pick my feet up. Janet had me marching around the living room! Then she added the walking sticks. I got pretty adept at them, but I still haven’t taken them out. but I’m definitely marching more!

      Liked by 1 person

    • What’s interesting, Dan, is that Doors is part of the fun. When bloggers get together and they do the same challenges, it’s more fun to spot pictures. Janet’s doors are very different from mine, for the most part. But the fun was in the looking and sharing. So thanks for coming along.

      Liked by 1 person

    • It is a beautiful home, Marilyn, and do you know I still haven’t taken a picture from the front. What am I thinking? There was a picture of it inside that was taken in 1978 when they moved it on location. The clerk who was there told us that they closed the schools in Prescott the day it moved so that everyone could watch. Some of the school kids helped raise money to fund the project. Her mother was one of those kids. The house originally belonged to one of the two main merchants, and I will save that for another post.


    • Thank you. Yes, you are the queen of blogger meetups. It adds another dimension to our relationships with each other, not only individually, but as a group!


    • I wish you were still here to enjoy it! We are having a great time. Janet spent two nights and introduced US to a new restaurant/brewery. It was a lot of fun, and the food was delicious. We ordered three “sharables,” spicy Brussel sprouts, tater tots w/ bacon and cheese, shrimp, and then I ordered chili. I couldn’t eat all the chili, I was so full!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I couldn’t believe my luck – who would pick amber in the middle of the winter? I thought, but then you think outside the box! Then lo and behold every picture I took had an amber cast to it! I didn’t have to search at all. It was a perfect match for me. 🙂 Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I post at least six times a month: every Thursday because doors plus two regular monthly posts: the last photo of the month and my monthly Calendar series. But I really don’t visit other blogs much any more. Then again, I don’t read books either. Strange how that happens.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I understand. It takes me so long to write a post and prepare the pictures, that eliminates most of my reading except for those I want to link into my post. I am trying to read more posts on the other days. I finally got a book on Prime last night. First new book in a month or so.

          Liked by 1 person

  5. The first thing that came to me about Sharlot Hall was wow … and tough lady … especially considering the era. Seems she would fit for a future celebration because February is Spunky Out Broads Month. I know the last term is politically incorrect these days, but she sure seems the ideal. For minds you want to know, even though the celebration is all month long, some celebrate with a day event, which would be Februrary 1st.

    Love seeing you and Janet. Cheers ladies. As for Jodie, Leslie, & Rob – I don’t know them because they aren’t beach walkers. But because they hang around the two of you, at least I know they can pick good company. Good tour, Marsha … and have a good weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Frank. I really knew nothing when we walked in, but reading more after we got home, she had an impressive resume. There were some outstanding women in that era, and they made a huge impact on society in so many different arenas of life. I really had no idea until I started working with social studies teachers. I didn’t learn much about female contributions to society until about the 80s when I went back to college. You would enjoy Jodie and Rob. Her blog is all about fashion, but they are interested in everything – just like you are!

      Liked by 1 person

    • It was! I think you were the think tank behind this one, my friend. We have a wonderful group started in AZ. I don’t know if other states are doing this, but I’m glad we are!


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