2023 #Dickens Challenge

This Year’s Invitation:

  • For the 2023 #DickensChallenge we invite you to read ANY ONE of Dickens’ five novellas between February 7th and June 9th, 2023 (the dates for the challenge align with Dickens’ date of birth and date of death). Then share about your reading in a post or via comments on one or all of the host blogs. 
  • Use this hashtag: #Dickenschallenge if you link a post so we don’t miss you.
  • We will be making a master page with info – coming soon 
  • Readers can find a nice list of Dickens’s works here
  • Readers can access some of Dickens’s works on Project Gutenberg here

The hosts are TrentYvette, and me.

  • Year One: 2021 –  Little Dorrit
  • Year Two: 2022 –  Bleak House
  • Year Three: 2023 – One of the Five Novellas of Your Choice 

Get to Know Charles Dickens

Learn more about Charles Dickens from the Charles Dicken’s Museum

Don’t forget!

You can also link to What’s on your Bookshelf for even more interactions. Remember that there are four places to link for that challenge.

I also like to list what I’m reading to Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share and read about what others are doing as well.

Happy Reading!

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