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Coffee and Tea and a Little Bit o’ Me

This is a special Weekend Coffee Share for me. This is the first week that Natalie is hosting Photographing Public Art Challenge. She has been such a faithful contributor since the beginning of the challenge that Cee Neuner and I started over eighteen months ago.

I love Weekend Coffee Share because it’s a place I chat about life and sum up my week and read as others do the same. Those who participate in PPAC have the option of just sharing pictures like they always do, just sharing coffee chatter like they always do, or doing both like I love to do.

Weather in Prescott

Cold! It gets down to the 30s in the morning. It’s 39 right now and no snow today.

PPAC Arizona Pioneer’s Home

If you have lived in Arizona for 50 or more years, you MIGHT qualify to live in the retirement center. You also have to be able to dress and bathe yourself when you first move in, according to the rules and this old miner that we met outside.

Pioneer Pete a tribute to the early miners of the Prescott area.

Pioneer Pete looks like he just walked out of the mines. He might need to clean up a bit before dinner. 🙂 All those white spots on the photo are not the result of a dirty camera lens. It was snowing. We ate lunch out at a restaurant with a covered patio as the eating area. The cover was more like a tarp and when the wind blew, the tarp lifted. Large hail pellets snuck between the roof and the tarp to hit our table. Time to move to a different table.

Thursday Doors

I’m a little late for Dan’s Thursday Doors challenge, but I’m hoping he will forgive me since we both celebrated our birthdays this week – on the same day.

We saw this large building high on a hill overlooking the city as we drove to our lunch date in the airy restaurant. None of us knew what it was, so after lunch, Vince drove up the hill and I got out to take a few pictures.

The Arizona Pioneer’s Home, established in 1909, joined the Registry of Historic places in 1995. Our curiosity satisfied, we did not go inside and check out the residence but there is a lot of information about the home on their website.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge – Ways to Move Up and Down

If you are a cat, no problem. Both Nutter Butter and Moji will tell you that jumping is the fastest way to move up and down. However, since Vince has been painting the living room, Moji enjoys climbing his ladder. The other picture shows the tree trimmers who spent a day at our condo. I took the picture for Cee’s challenge of catching people unaware, but the week passed before I got it posted. For more conventional ways of moving, check out Cee’s post and other challenge players.

More About Pets

For those following Nutter’s bout with Coronavirus. He has had a few better days. He eats $80-a-bag dry cat food and $3.50 a can of wet food so we can sneak in some medicine. Nonetheless, if I don’t watch him like a hawk, he can sneak in a bite of Moji’s over-the-counter food, and go right back to being sick again. Moji suffers from the same cleptomania problems, but she doesn’t get sick, only fatter. They are like Jack Sprat and his wife.

Having pets are not for the faint of heart. Besides the daily cleaning of fluid detritus in his litter box and sometimes on the wall and floor, Nutters has already cost $1,500 in tests and medicine. Now, the vet wants to run another $1,500 worth of tests to rule out cancer since he is not improving very much or very quickly. As a result of all his visits, he has to have a probiotic powder sprinkled on his food daily and a syringe of steroids shot into his unaccepting mouth every other day. He gets a squirt of 1 mg of Vitamin B 12 into his food, but he refused to take another squirt of antibiotic. He seems in good spirits and doesn’t have any signs of pain. He and Moji are only 4 years old.

Moji developed a bad sneeze this week, and I discovered an online vet program for $35 a month, which beat a visit to the vet for $100 or more with medicine. The online vet prescribed Lysine for cats which helps the immune system combat the virus she might have – feline herpesvirus – also common in cats. So she gets a different wet food with her powder mixed in.

I have to feed Kalev, the dog, on my lap or she backs away when Nutters tries to eat her food. She’s pretty healthy except for bad teeth and two nasty-looking growths on her back leg. She is 13.5 yrs. The estimate for her work – teeth cleaning and removing the growths – was also $1,500. Instead, I feed her very small dry food pellets and Benefil Incredibites for tiny dogs – which she is. She hardly has to chew anything. Her food only costs $10.00 for 12 tiny cans. She’s very active – loves walks and is very spry, so she will have to wait.

Thursday Trios

Mama Cormier gives me a chance this week to tell about my newest adventure.

The other activity I have taken on until February is to help with our Warm Coats program at Church on Thursday afternoons. The first week, there were only two of us and our overworked secretary. I recruited some more workers from our weekly video study we host on Wednesday nights, and other folks dropped by, so this week was less hectic. The woman in the middle brings groups of 6-8 veterans each week to pick out coats.

Two ladies from our church listen as Michelle talks about her Veteran’s programs.

More Veterans Who Didn’t Pose in Groups of Three

You can see that many of the veterans wear more than one coat. The young man had on about three coats. He tried on a lighter coat that was a 3x and liked it very well until one of the other veterans found him this coat in the women’s section. He put it on and that was that. It was super warm.

Birthday Gourds

I’ll close this chatty post with a picture of the adorable birthday presents my sister-in-law Cindy gave me – gourds. I wanted to get some to put in with my plants on the front patio to perk them up like I’d seen another blogger do. Vince thought they would look nice inside to stage the house to go on the market next Friday. Yes, we are moving to our other condo, Cindy’s house, and she is moving to ours temporarily while it is on the market. We need to get the cats and dog out – houses don’t stage well when cats have coronavirus – not contagious to humans, but very messy.

gourduous, don’t you think?

Thank you again Natalie for hosting PPAC and combining it with weekend coffee share.

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  1. wow Marsha it gets cold there and Pioneer Pete looks cold too.
    Happy Birthday to you and Dan and excuses deserved for both of you.. your doors are respectable for sure. Great Black and white pics.. Nutter Butter seems to be doing well when I watch her jump. Yikes… you are an amazing mom Marsha! The money is outrageous with these vets and I’ve done it all too. I have and use Lysine when I remember as well.

    love your gourds!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Cindy. Unfortunately, I’m the only one who relies on excuses! He got his post in on time! LOL November is always a busy month for me. Vince also has a birthday. His is the day after Thanksgiving this year. So turkey for Thanksgiving at the church. We each bring something. Lasagne the next day for his BD. I ordered a new big screen monitor and a new keyboard for my BD. The dog and cats like to get on the computer table and lay in the bed on the table to look out the window. I made the mistake of taking a potty break without getting Puppy Girl off the table first. She got off just fine but stepped all over my computer loosening two of the keys. It’s less of a hassle to get a new keyboard. LOL. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your cats are going to be in pet heaven with all those friends to give them love. 🙂


  2. Happy birthday!!! I hope you get a seller for your condo soon. My friend was explaining me to me that it’s a good investment to get a stager when selling. When I was in the market looking for homes many years ago, the homes I visited were bare of any furniture. I understand there is an extra cost though but it gives the prospective buyer what their possessions would look like in the house. When we moved in, the idea of where to place furniture was overwhelming and I quickly learned that I am not as creative as I thought :-P.,
    You’ll be missed at PPAC!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Julie. You are kind, and I will miss doing PPAC. I will still visit any of those I see on Natalie’s site.

      This week has been super hectic so I haven’t even written a post yet.

      My husband was a realtor and together we decorated our home as a realtor would. Our Prescott realtor came today to take pictures and loved it. I’ll put up the link as soon as it goes online and I get it. In spite of the softening market, we hope it will sell quickly. 🙂


  3. Hi Marsha, there is a lot going on in this post to comment on. I like your further shares about the veterans. I did guess the extravert, you can tell by the position of the pair’s heads which is extroverted. Interesting that. I am sorry your cats are sick, I had heard cats could get coronavirus.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy Birthday. I love the Gourdous gift from your sister-in-law. I would say she knows you well. Keeping life fun…always.

    I can’t believe you have had that frigid weather. To think you are an hour from me and it can be that cold. Poor sweet Nutter Butter. Thank goodness he loves to eat.

    PPAC is going to be just as fun for you as I know you love looking for curious art. And finally, So grateful for your diligence in helping our vets with the coat drive. And YOUR warmth will be a light to their day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Such kind words, Donna. Yes, it’s cold! It got down to 16 before we went to bed last night. The weather app says it’s 26 right now, so which do you believe?

      Life is fun, for sure. NB is lying on my lap keeping me company ad I write. I think his diet is starting to work. We’ve been really rigid for about a month now maybe longer. I only feed both cats a few bites at a time and take what they don’t eat away and put it in a bag with their name on it. It’s working out well, I think.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh, I love your decorations, Marsha! Cindy chose some great ones for you! Looks like you’ve been a busy bee. I got home Sunday afternoon to no heat in the house (thermostat failed), after phone calls on Monday, etc, Hans managed to clean a fuse in the home’s furnace and put the thermostat on emH (emergency heat–so that’s what that setting is!), so we are back to heat again. The wood-burning stove worked great and we had a little space heater for the bedroom, but overall it wasn’t too bad.
    And what is this about Nutter having coronavirus? Yikes–he sure looks spry to me. You are taking great care of him!
    I love that you are helping with the coat drive–that’s so cool and I’m sure you meet some wonderful folks. I’m looking forward to your WQW tomorrow and I hope to connect it to Sunday Stills: Leather this weekend. Meanwhile, I got two articles to finish writing–the holidays are HERE!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are the busy bee! Travel, taking care of business, articles to write and a busy blog. Glad you have heat!! Your home is well insulated!!! Call me when you get a chance and tell me about your trip. No rush- get your articles written!!!

      As you saw I managed to publish WQW but no links until I get internet. I’ll have to do SS separately.

      Vince has spent two nights in Cindy’s condo with me now. Cindy froze him out at our place!!! I’ve been here 4 with all the animals. Nutters is needing few diaper changes. LOL (not literal, of course). Feeding seems easier here, too. Can’t wait to get a catio. Waiting for approval. Our realtor may have a buyer for our condo even before it’s listed and at a better price than we expected. That would be nice. V has a lot of projects planned for Cindy’s condo. Always!!!

      Talk to you soon!🐱🐱☃️

      Liked by 1 person

    • Fortunately his lasts longer. I complain too much. He’s a darling cat. Even the vets love him because he rolls over for tummy rubs from them and purrs. 💕💕❤️❤️🩼


  6. Gourduous, indeed!! Happy belated birthday. Hope you enjoyed a delicious celebration in your honor.

    Interesting themes to the photos. I see unusual doors quite a bit. Would enjoy participating in that challenge. Great captures for up and down. Salute to all the vets. My own PC is a 23 year Army vet.

    My Purrsimmony is having a similar respiratory issue to your fur baby. We have had two antibiotic shots and no relief. Returning to the vet on Tuesday for more help. Simmie has also become quite round and I am afraid she may be holding fluid (kidney issues?) or have a tumor of some sort. Want to help her back to health but worry what that will cost.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Happy Birthday (we also share that date with Cee) Marsha. It’s really never too late for Thursday Doors. I like the post and your photos for all the challenges. I’ll include this in next week’s Recap, so you’re bot fashionably late and early. I hope you have a great week.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Happy birthday, Marsha! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. The Arizona Pioneers’ Home is interesting. Good luck with your house sale. The dining room looks beautiful. Sorry to hear Nutter is not improving quickly and ouch for the vet bills. You have a heart of gold to take on the Warm Coats program with all that’s going on at home. Thank you for your weekend coffee share.

    Liked by 2 people

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