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Coffee with a Dash of Travel

Good morning, and it is Saturday here in cool Arizona. It was 52 degrees F/ 10 C on the thermometer on our patio this morning. Terri Webster Schrandt and I are well-established back in our perspective homes looking back with fond memories at our fabulous ten days together.

I’ll try to keep today’s post brief so I can go help Vince move furniture into the garage for our big sell-off garage sale next weekend.

Books Read

Terri and I had lunch with Diana or D Wallace Peach and Miriam Hurdle in Portland and what a fun time we had – EXCEPT FOR the fact I hadn’t read their books yet. I am super short-sighted about doing things to get ready for a trip and end up learning about places or people after I’ve been there, but I’m only 70, so maybe I’ll learn as I get older. Anyway, when I got home, I rushed to get them on Kindle and I couldn’t put either book down until it was finished.

  • Necromancer’s Daughter by Diana Peach – This is an amazing story and her descriptions are literally and figuratively out of this world. I wish I could write like that!
  • The Winding Road by Miriam Hurdle – Miriam’s memoir of her cancer experience brought tears to my eyes. I went through a tiny bit of what she did when I had cancer three years ago, but without radiation, chemo, working, doctors who never got back to her, and an invasive version of cancer nobody had ever seen.

Portland Area Doors

Portland has some unique architecture especially downtown. I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I could or should have but never fear I will return. Here are just a few selections. Please visit Dan Antion’s No Facilities sight to learn more about this challenge.

Thursday Trios

Mama Cormier hosts this fun challenge each week. It’s easy to participate, just take pictures of anything in groups of three.

Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

Both Terri and I had a great time taking pictures. We found this dahlia garden next door to the blue house with yellow doors in Tigard, Oregon. What a great find. For more flowers, see Cee.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge

I love to take candid shots, most of the time they are from the back, though. I love this one of a photographer in Tillamook at the Lighthouse.

Cape Mears’ Photographer

When I was a kid my dad and his friends shared their slides in our home until I thought I’d either die of embarrassment (pictures of me) or keel over in a bored stupor. Unfortunately, I learned his gift of taking lots of pictures, his love of showing them off to friends, and his gift of gab too well. I expect I’ll have Coffee with a Dash of Travel for several weeks. Written for Natalie the Explorer’s Weekend Coffee Share.

Thanks for joining me for coffee and photos of our blogging photo journey through the Portland area.

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  1. First, I must say, I’ve never seen a blog set up so ‘visually’ as you’ve set yours up. I love it. How talented you are!
    Okay, I don’t do coffee and never have. I remember when I was very young and playing house with my mom. She poured me a cup of coffee and I thought that was the most horrible thing I had ever tasted in my life. Many people say that it’s an acquired taste. I look at them and ask, “Why would I want to acquire a taste for something so atrocious?” LOL!
    As for traveling, when I was 20-21, I backpacked from city to city. It was something I really enjoyed back then. By the way, I was born, bred and buttered (see what I did there?) in the Great State of Michigan. I’ve lived in various places such as Virginia, Washington State, Florida, and now I’m in San Diego, Ca.
    I’ve been here since ’93 and hope to remain here for the remainder of my life. I love it here because the weather is so pleasant.
    I can’t travel anymore because of my bad legs, particularly my left leg. It makes me very sad because when I was young I was very physically active and I walked hours everyday. I was able to walk 4 miles in one hour and do many other things. My legs were my freedom. The simple act of walking; of propelling my legs; my body forward, was very empowering for me and I’ve lost that ability. I keep praying that I get it back someday. I miss feeling my legs underneath me as I walked from place to place.
    I’m curious to know what compelled you to move from the UK to Arizona? It’s really funny because I just had a critiquing session on Zoom today where a woman wrote a story where her character moved from the UK to Arizona. Tucson, I think. Are you this character in her story? LOL!

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    • Hi SD resident Cat Woman. We moved from California to Arizona. I’d better check and make sure I didn’t say the wrong thing. I’ve been to the UK once, but never lived there.

      Thanks for all the kind words about my blog. I am not super original. I follow Cee Neuner who has primarily a photo blog. The theme is called Lens. I think it is free if you have the next step up from the basic free WordPress blog. I pay $99 per year and there are so many benefits, I’d never go back to the free blog.

      I’m so sorry about your legs. I had deep vein thrombosis and had about 8 months of surgeries, but they did the trick and I can walk again. My torn meniscus mended itself. I still can’t squat down and get up easily, but I can walk and I’m super grateful for being alive. One thing I do now that I didn’t do before is to massage my legs, especially my knees, almost every day. And I drink lots of water. I hope your leg problems resolve themselves. There’s nothing like being mobile. Thanks again for such a nice comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Hi Marsha,
    Cancer and I haven’t been on speaking terms for a long time.
    My mom fought MBC in the 60s and won, but she lost to mesotheloma (sp?) in the early 2000s.
    My sister had an odd cancer in her shoulder in the early 1990s, She fought, won and is still with us today.
    My dad lost a one-and-done battle with a skin cancer on his upper neck, that went sub-dermal and literally crawled down his ear canal to kill him.
    So – no – we don’t get along well and I feel for anyone fighting any version of cancer.
    I hope you are as fit and healthy as you look.

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    • Gary, such sad stories. My family all had cancer but only my dad lost the battle early of colon /liver cancer. The rest of my family died in their 80s having had cancer, but not necessarily dying of it. My maternal grandmother was particularly stubborn. She didn’t want a hysterectomy when she was 80. I guess she thought she might have more kids. But she died two years later, in my opinion unnecessarily early in life. I’ve tried to be as proactive and preventive as I could be. No one in my family ever had breast cancer – we were all unique, but unless it flares up again, I’ve been very fortunate. I’m not ready to get OLD yet.

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      • Nor am I Marsha,
        Inside my brain – I still feel 40ish and would like to stay there as much as possible.
        I realized the other day that I’m within reach of 70. I’m not quite past the shock of having to admit that I (was) 60.
        But, lacking for anyone giving me a meaningful option, onward I march.

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  3. Your post made me homesick for the Northwest!

    Glad you’re getting cooler temps up there. We are too–highs in the mid-80s, lows in the low 60s. Pretty soon I’m going to have to find my long-sleeved shirts!

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    • hahaha – mid 80s is SO LOW! LOL. It was 48 on our patio in Prescott when I got up this morning about 6:00 or so. I do love the Northwest, but Arizona has more sunshine, and I love that after living in California for so many years. I don’t think I could live with that much rain – beautiful and green as it is.


  4. Great coffee share, Marsha. I have Diana’s book TBR on my Kindle and I’m looking forward to reading it. I visited Portland years ago and loved it. Unfortunately, the last two times, I just drove through Portland on my way to Canada. Did you go on that fabulous-looking Aerial Tram when you were there?

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    • We didn’t this time. My brother and I went on it when I was here the last time about four years ago. I don’t know have any pictures that I can find, though. I think we just enjoyed the view.


  5. Yay, you read the books, and wow, so quickly, Marsha! I volunteered this morning at the Fall Festival you and I walked to–in between customers, I read a few pages of The Necromancer’s Daughter. Diana can write!! Great to see the fruits of your photography labors, I mean, fun! The doors look amazing…where was I, LOL? The B&W of the photographer at Cape Meares is gorgeous and so moody. A hot day here still, enjoying iced coffee—again!

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    • Hot?? We haven’t had a hot day since I got home. It’s lovely really. A bit windy and stormy sometimes, but really beautiful. I’m loving my pictures, and they will be a treasure for me for years to come. I loved Diana’s book. She is so talented. Miriam is too, but so different. Hers brought tears to my eyes, and I loved the photos of her in the book. She is so brave to share all of that. I’m so glad her treatment worked. Can you believe how hard she had to work to get anyone to even call her back. That made me so mad. Can’t wait for our next adventure. Thanks again for everything. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Awww. Thanks so much for reading The Necromancer’s Daughter, Marsha. That was quick! And I loved your comment. And wasn’t Miriam’s book wonderful? What a brave and determined journey. Love your photos of Portland and the coast – especially that B&W. What a great shot. And finally, you had me cracking up with this: “When I was a kid my dad and his friends shared their slides in our home until I thought Iโ€™d either die of embarrassment (pictures of me) or keel over in a bored stupor.” I remember those days too! Lol.

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  7. Those are some lovely photos of the doors, the yellow one is my favourite. The picture of the photographer is fantastic!! 10 degrees in Arizona seems very low to me, is that normal at this time of the year? That’s the kind of temperature we have in Ireland in the morning at the moment!
    Enjoy your weekend!

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    • Hi Suzanne. That’s Centigrade. About 50 F. It is pretty low, but Prescott is in the mountains at 5300 feet. It’s a mile high city. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s interesting that we are the same as Ireland right now. Thanks for the kind words.


    • Next time you come by, we will surely do that! I don’t know if I linked to Cell Pic this week. If not, I will surely link on Wednesday. All my Pacific NW pictures are cells. I had to choose between my camera and my computer, and I took my computer. That might have been a mistake, but it is what it is. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. Marsha, Thank you for your weekend coffee share that introduced me to two bloggers Diana and Miriam. I love the colours in your pictures, including black and white. All the best with your garage sale next weekend.

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  9. I have been told this is the best time of year to be in Arizona. We’ve been there in August (it was really HOT) and in January (it was great weather, but we couldn’t get into the mountains — the roads were full of snow). IF we ever go back (not likely I fear, but who knows?), we’ll aim for fall.

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    • Fall is definitely the best time in Prescott. The summer monsoons have usually stopped, and the winter snow hasn’t started yet. The weather is cool enough to walk comfortably. Winter is probably the best time in the valley. Temperatures are in the 80s-90s now, but in the winter, they will drop to the 70s-80s.


  10. Hi Marsha – thanks for sharing your dash of travel with your coffee share


    I like – Mae that I LOVE – the photographer in action. Such a great shot and has that unique vibe and essence that makes these candid people shots come alive!

    glad you shared abut the two books -t hose are not on my list and have them planned to enjoy later this month –

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