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WQW #25: Obstacles to Fitness

July 6: Fitness Followup #2 Obstacles to Fitness/ or favorite summer sports

Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays (Photo or Writing Challenge)

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This weekly writing challenge runs from Wednesday through Tuesday at noon. All you need is a quote to go with your post. Write a poem, story, or memoir. Share photos and a story or no story. Just have fun with it and let the quote or quotes lead the way.

Topics for the year (subject to change) are listed on the WQW Page. Feel free to post weekly, or drop in from time to time – All are welcome. 

For More Ideas about Fitness with Obstacles

Definition of Fitness

Medical News Today defines fitness as: “one’s ability to execute daily activities with optimal performance, endurance, and strength with the management of disease, fatigue, and stress and reduced sedentary behavior.”

If you are using this post as a guide to your fitness, then I refer you to some excellent posts on the subject

Links to Fitness Posts

Janet from This that and the Other Thing

Janet has a master’s degree in physical education. She taught high school and had her own training business for nearly 20 years. She has some excellent tips, and here are four posts, I think you would enjoy reading.

The focus for today’s WQW theme, which Janet addresses so well in the above posts, is how to stay as fit as possible if you have obstacles in your life that slow you down.

  • Illness
  • Surgery
  • Injury or accident
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Bad habits
  • Medications
  • Birth defects
  • Balance
  • Age

My Two Cents Worth

I have a master’s degree in education, taught physical education 100 minutes per week as part of the mandated elementary school curriculum, and have worked out with a trainer off and on for 40 years. Most of my fitness now comes from being as active as I can while maintaining the sedentary lifestyle of an addicted blogger.

What choices have you made recently to move away from your unfit lifestyle? Maybe you’ve found a good video to help with a problem you’ve had. Please share it with us.

My Choice Quotes for Fitness with Obstacles

“Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.¨

― Vince Lombardi Jr

My hardest thing to quit is eating – especially sweets. If I quit eating sweets, I usually don’t lose weight but I don’t gain it, and my digestive system thanks me. It takes about 5 days after falling off the wagon one time to get rid of the desire for sweets again. If I don’t get control of it, I binge.

Yesterday at our 4th of July party I fell off the wagon and ate apple crisp and patriotic cake. Today I binged on Cindy’s homemade biscotti. I’m in a very dangerous place from a sweets standpoint.

And I have company (always a temptation to eat the wrong things to go with the flow). This morning, an hour after this post publishes, my good friend and many of yours – Terri Webster Schrandt of Sunday Stills and Friday Fitness, so I’d better behave myself! So far her good influence has not impacted me too much other than walking more steps. Today she wants to get me upright on a paddleboard in the middle of Watson Lake. I’ll let you know how successful she was in that endeavor later.

¨The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.¨

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

¨Our growing softness, our increasing lack of physical fitness, is a menace to our security.¨

— John F. Kennedy

This beautiful facility is available for free to all the residents of this condo complex. Look how many people are making use of it. There was one person here when I arrived and one person when I left. One person was in the pool with her baby when I went over there to exercise. She stayed about ten minutes. Janet will tell you that the good news is that there are MANY ways to get fit, not just the gym.

¨A year from now you may wish you had started today.¨

– Karen Lamb

Paddleboarding, maybe? Terri started at age 50. I’m wondering if age 70 might be too old. Gardening is definitely a safer route.

“Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death for Americans 65 and older, according to data from the CDC.1 One of the main risk factors for falling is poor strength and balance.2

CDC – National Center for Injury Prevention and Control – Deaths from Older Adult Falls. January 3, 2021.

One of my huge issues has always been falling. Since I was young even as an experienced dance roller skater, I had balance issues. I’d take off the skates and still fall. Sometimes it was because I slipped, other times because I was carrying something and couldn’t see a crack in the sidewalk. Other times I didn’t lift my leg high enough and hit a step as I was climbing, or my shoe came off, or I hit a hole in the grass or street. I fell when I was texting once and tripped over a large rock embedded in the rural street.

Until last year, I’d been lucky and not hurt myself too badly. Last year I hit my head on the concrete which looked worse than it was. Friends who were walking with me got me off the sidewalk into the grass, gave me a kleenex to hold on my head to stop the bleeding, and called paramedics. It took over a month for the bruises to disappear. I might not be so fortunate next time.

Several videos online offer exercises to help with balance. This one created by a physical therapist is slow-paced, but it doesn’t take long to see improvement. It has had about 700,000 views.

Now it’s your turn.

Do you have some fitness expertise? Do you want to get fit? What obstacles are holding you back from being the fit person you want to be? In your journey to get healthy, what have you discovered?

Here’s a closing tip from Janet that sets the scene for the next follow-up fitness WQW post on October 5th.

“As a personal trainer, I found it ironic that the people who wanted my services were people who worked and paid others to do all the things around the house and yard that I did myself and that helped contribute to me being in shape.”

Janet from This That and the Other Thing

What is your favorite summer sport?

Bronco Riding?
Gardening with friends? Gardners are all ages 65-80+ years of age. Remarkable fitness activity, don’t you think?


Ongoing on Always Write

  • On July 5th Story Chat proudly announced a new story, “Not a Proper Job” by another new (to us) author, Philip Cumberland AKA Fenlandphil’s Blog It’s had lots of likes so far but not too much chatter. Don’t be shy. Come on by.
  • PPAC #53 Prescott Blogger Meet-up – (Photographing Public Art Challenge) Your choice of art – no theme! Two more days to link.
  • Upcoming topics for WQW
    • July 13: Senses: Hearing
    • July 20: Animals: Pets or Not
    • July 27: Sun/ or Writer’s Choice/ or YOUR WOTY Review

36 replies »

  1. Also – I enjoyed your post so much!
    And because I am late coming here / I know how the SUP went – (windy!)

    and also was shocked to see that JFK said this (didn’t realize this has been going on for years)

    “Our growing softness, our increasing lack of physical fitness, is a menace to our security.¨” JFK

    I bought an old hardcover book about physical fitness and the images are really fun! It also has great content about why we need to work out and stay fit!
    If I get around to posting about it I will link this post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Marsha
    First of all, I almost linked with this post today for my Monday flowers post because I knew your theme was exercise. I decided not to squeeze that into my post (because I had a life analogy on pruning come up and wanted to end with that)
    So I will just add my garden exercise story here!
    Lifting rocks or doing the mulch myself (most of the time) has been good exercise

    And like Janet said in your quote from her – sometimes people are misusing out by hitting out!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I do think that exercising can be such a self confidence booster. We used to go to a personal trainer so help me build up my muscles because as a dentist, it was hard the way I had to sit all day to work on people.
    I will say that gardening is not my fun activity of choice..haha…too dirty!! But give me a workout class any day, and lately we have been loving water aerobics.
    PS. It was wonderful to meet up today and I hope we see you again soon!!! We are thinking of coming up to Prescott this fall for a photo shoot (because it’ll be cooler…shocking, I know)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had such a great time with you all. Of course, I spent most of my time talking to your husband since he sat next to me. I love that he is so involved in your website. I’m looking forward to getting better acquainted. I have an affinity for your past professional life. I was a dental assistant for several years after I graduated from high school before I went into education.

      Prescott is a wonderful place to visit in the fall. Please get in touch with us when you come! 🙂


  4. Those were so good Marsha. I need to check out some of those posts. I king of hurried through mine this week and wish I would’ve put a bit more thought into it but this week kind of got away from me. I’ve gone to a few rodeos and love watching them. So fun! I spent time over the weekend planting 5 large planters filled with flowers for my porch. Phew my muscles were tired after that.


  5. This post is fabulous describing ideas for simple every day activities that help our fitness endeavors. Wow, Janet, I will have to pick your brain on your experiences as a trainer. Marsha got on the board and sit-down paddled using kayak oars. It was a bit windy and choppy on the lake so this was better. I think she had fun and took right to it.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks very much for the shout-out and links, Marsha. I hope the information is helpful, whether the reader is trying to get started, trying to keep motivated, or any other stage. Fitness doesn’t have to be unapproachable. A brisk walk and doing more movement and standing rather than sitting is an excellent way to start.


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