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How Do You Make Green Coffee?

This has been such a bloggy week. By that I mean, everywhere I go, I see blog opportunities with my camera. I’m getting better at finding natural groups of threes. I’m very excited about them this week. Now, like many of you, I’m always on the lookout for doors and windows. I just found Nancy’s Photo a Week Challenge for signs, and who doesn’t love a great sign? I’m so thankful for Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share for this opportunity to sit down and share my week with you.

Other Challenges Inspiring This Post

Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix

Don’t you love it when company comes, and you have to find interesting places to show them? In this case, Monica came up with her own ideas of what to see while we stayed in Scottsdale. At the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), we spent about three amazing hours wandering around exploring strange and wonderful instruments and sounds from all over the world and all through the centuries. There were lots of signs, but most of them are illegible in my photos. This was one of the most interesting of all museums I’ve visited. I soaked up lots of vibes, but I can’t tell you very much about any of the pictures. So…

Don’t ask any questions!

Strictly Trios

Some of these photos stretch the concept of trios but bear with me, they are all interesting. The ornate gong, for example, has three domes at the top. The organ has three windows of pipes.

Oddball Challenge

Kammie offers a weekly chance to show off our odd or unusual photos. These instruments were all unusual and unique or they wouldn’t have been included by the museum curators. To some, maybe they represented a taste of home. For us, this was the first time seeing anything like these instruments.

A nose flute was the most unusual instrument we saw, in my opinion.
This ornamental instrument must be a percussion instrument, as many of the early instruments were. I don’t see strings or a mouth or nose piece. I’m not sure it likes us. Is it sticking its tongue out?

I’m definitely going back to the MIM. I also got the name of the curator to talk to him about my word of the year and get his take on Curating! I hope he will answer my email. ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s On Your Bookshelf

Monica and I went to the Prescott Library. She started a book club 27 years ago and still attends. It’s the highlight of her month. This month they are reading The Book of Lost Friends by Lisa Wingate. The setting is Louisiana and two stories run simultaneously. The first story set in 1875 is about writers of the Book of Lost Friends which was actually written in the 1880s. It published letters from freed slaves trying to find family and lost loved ones anywhere. Photocopies of letters to the editor appeared at the beginning of each chapter in Wingate’s novel.

The second storyline was about a new teacher in the tight, closed community who struggled to get her high school English students to want to learn when they had almost no materials. In time she discovered all the letters and other documents found in the library of a neglected and fought-over inheritance – a house owned by a former judge in the community that was across the field from the small house she rented from one of the heirs. The date for that story was 1987.

The story depicts the tremendous trials and tribulations in terms of amount, dangers, and complexities encountered by the former slaves as they tried to find their way in the world. The freedom won for them was not easy or totally free. Some things had changed on the outside by 1987, but many obstacles induced by prejudice, ignorance, and tradition remained. I’ve spent little time in the South, we all know that tensions remain to this day as evidenced by all the violence this past year.

She also recommended one other book which I haven’t started yet because I can’t let go of the glow of Lost Friends.

CMMC – Pick a Topic from my Photo

vehicle – Lincoln Zephyr Isn’t this an unusual find parked right on the downtown street in Prescott in front of the new restaurant where we ate called Colt’s Grille. Yummy food, too. Best hamburgers anywhere.
a horse
the color green, eating in the MIM Courtyard

I couldn’t find any green coffee to offer you all this morning. Maybe I should churn up some green whipping cream. Or not…

color green, food, eating

Have a great week next week.

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  1. Oh, I think I’d like the musical instrument museum. I used to play the flute and every now and then still wish I had one. However, I DO NOT want to try playing a nose flute…lol. I read the book of lost friends. So interesting. I think I had to return it to the library so I never finished it. I should check it out again and finish it.

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    • LOL Hope you enjoyed it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m drinking a special brew right now that is a rasberry coffee with Muscle Milk Protein drink added for extra chocolate taste and protein instead of sugar. It’s pretty yummy! Just not green!


    • OK, you’re excused from the green whipped cream. We won’t even have a whipped cream fight this morning. Isn’t that a relief? Thanks for all the inspiration for WOYB. I do love reading all your posts. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Wow when you’re away for three days and you can’t get to your blog you miss a lot. I’ve never seen such a huge thread of comments before. Thanks for your great collection of trios this week.

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  3. Fantastic collections this week, all of them. MIM is amazing. When my oldest grandson was just crawling I took him to a a weekly class there for exposure to different instruments and sounds for babies. It was amazing. I have never seen a nose flute..Entertaining for sure.

    I love Lisa Wingate as an actor and always recommend her to people who ask.

    Shadow puppets are interesting too. There is a puppet theater in Phoenix. The Great Arizona Puppet Theater. It is so well done. More for kids, but I enjoyed the energy and humor that comes from it. If I recall the gift shop is more of a museum, and fun to walk through as well. That should be free… Donna


  4. what a wonderful tour Marsh. I feel like I was right with you and Monica. what fun and your pictures are amazing! love the gong. you are doing all sorts of fun things and even got a couple of great hungry models to make it even more fun! ๐Ÿ’–

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  5. So much to love here Marsha! That nose flute really got me as I’ve never heard let alone seen anything like that before! Thanks for joining up with our What’s on Your Bookshelf challenge, those books sound really interesting especially the Book of Lost Friends. Great to have you join us along with your other challenges- good work!

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    • Thanks, Debbie. I enjoy all the challenges. Yours has put the desire to get back into regular reading and visiting the library. In CA, the library was 20 miles away and it took real effort to make it there. Here it is only about 4 miles from home. There is so much to enjoy there. My first husband and I used to read and discuss the books we checked out, but that hasn’t been something Vince enjoys as a rule, so it’s nice to have friends who read and discuss. Monica is always reading very interesting books and even though I’m not in her group, I am always challenged by the selections.

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  6. That museum sounds excellent! Isn’t it fun when a friend comes to visit and inspires you to explore parts of your own city that you might not normally go to?! It happens to me in London quite a lot ๐Ÿ˜€

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  7. I really like how you section your blog posts with large titles and sections – so we can skim them if time is limited – and smiling at the idea of green coffee or green whipped cream – I would prefer “not”
    Hope you are having a nice weekend mArsha

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    • Thanks for the compliment, Yvette. It means a lot. My weekend has been lovely so far. I hope yours is as well. We had a spontaneous gathering at a neighbor’s house last night. Spontaneous is our new guiding word now. There are six of us, which is about as many people as we can entertain in our home at once. One of the couples had us all over for a fabulous five course sit down dinner. I told them I could never do that, my table holds four comfortably. So we started spontaneous more casual get togethers. It’s a fun way to get acquainted.

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      • That sounds like so much fun, Marsha
        And we got rid of so much during some nice purging days a while back –

        but then when we had guests for the funeral I realized that my Gutted linen closet might mean not enough blankets. Pillows were no problem. Anyhow, it was an easy fix – we just told some cousins to bring some of their own stuff (we also had hiking sleeping bags we could have whipped out) but it was the first time I wondered if I had enough for a huge full of folks.

        and spontaneous is sometimes a beautiful mode and involves freely living

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        • Yes, and people don’t mind contributing. If nothing else it makes them more involved and committed to whatever the activity is. BTW, your story is attracting so much attention. The songs are definitely the dividing line between which readers really got it – the emotional effect at least. All of us have been stressed and fatigued at some point in time. Almost everyone loved the nature part of it. It’s really been a fun ride, hasn’t it? I can’t wait to do the summary, but people are still commenting regularly, so I don’t want to cut it short.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Hi – thanks for “reading the situation” and letting story chat simmer a bit if needed) before the summary. That is such a good idea.

            and it reminds me of a good yoga teacher who is able to read the class. Recently, one of my teacher’s named Wendy, was reading the class (we must have all been tired and not feeling it) and so she brought us down to the mat to do stretches while sitting or lying down. In contrast, I have had classes with her where she might do extra balancing poses – my point is that a good teacher reads the students and adapts for what they need or what she is sensing – and so for your to mention that about story chat shows the same kind of seasoned attention and letting it have its own flow.

            Also, I now see why you do this monthly and not weekly. It allows for thins to not feel rushed and just seems ideal.

            oh and I hope it didn’t sound rude to say I might not be able to read an entire post and the headings allow a skim — because later I thought that might have been a little rude – and sorry if it was.
            Yet I also think we both know that followers/readers will have different modes and different times of when they can fully enjoy long posts or when they need to skim.
            with that said, I also learned that some folks 0 like those who post a photo a day with maybe a few thoughts – they are the ones who tend to get overwhelmed with long posts.
            Not to ramble, but you and I like to talk about blogging stuff, right?
            and that is why I stopped doing “one word Sunday” with Debbie (travel with intent) – she always inited people to get creative and make long posts if they wanted to – but yet the group that contributed always kept it short and so some of my posts that got long seemed heavy to some (and their comments were not too rude, but sometimes like “wow – there is a lot to take in here” or “you really found a lot to say with the prompt this week” –
            and so I learned more about the small group that do challenges – and just had to NOT do that one anymore because the majority interpreted the prompt as keeping their posts simple – often with just a photo and a few words. and with that said, I think that is what I find nice about Sunday stills and WQW- the host posts are long and there doesn’t seem to be this implied suggestion to respond with little. Does that make sense? If anything, the implied suggestion from you and terri are to “let it flow” and post away! hahahahah

            Anyhow, when I do write a long post – which for me is still under 1,000 words, I always invite folks to skim and go because that is part of the different modes.

            oh and getting back to story chat, thanks again for letting me feel the experience with this super fun activity.
            I will do my best to join in on as many as I can in the future – because I know what t feels like.


  8. Marsha, You’ve got a good collection of photos in this post. The MIM looks so interesting and that Zephyr is wow! Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

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  9. I love when you read a book that has a glow that stays with you long after you finish it. You just want to sit in that for a bit before beginning something else. Great images and I nodded my head when you spoke about seeing new places through the visits of others. Thanks for linking up!

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  10. Hi Marsha,
    You always manage to find amazing stuff.
    I’m not a car-guy and had never seen a Zephyr.
    I bet that did attract attention and further bet the owner loves every moment of it.
    All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sure he or she did. Whoever owned it was probably sitting right by a window in the restaurant watching all of us drool. (Not that I would want that responsiblity of driving it around.)

      Liked by 1 person

    • It was. The next day we both crashed. LOL I’m still a little crashed, but my house is clean. We had to take NB to the vet yesterday. We find out Monday why he has lost so much weight. He’s down to 8 pounds. He was 10 a couple of months ago.


  11. If you didn’t get the chance, the next time you are at the MIM, be sure to attend a performance of that huge automated orchestra in the room with all of the player piano type gear.
    They play it twice a day, according to the docent, since they had trouble with it, flew in some experts from Europe to check it out, and were told they need to play it regularly.
    Don’t quote me on it, but I think it’s scheduled at noon and 3:30 or something like that.
    I have photos, but the video I made never recorded. I thought I knew how to make my camera do video, but apparently I don’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL, John, that happens to everyone. I think we just missed it or it wasn’t playing that day. I forget what happened. Someone did play the piano. They also let kids bang on it. That sort of surprised me. Did you see the group of homemade instruments made from garbage. Apparently that group has played there before. I want to go back.

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        • That made the museum extraordinary. The instruments by themselves would not have been as much fun. They are meant to be played, so it’s perfect to see them in action. We loved the exotic instruments especially from SE Asia, but it was even more fun to hear the historic American songs that we knew and that our parents knew.

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  12. Maybe no green coffee but how about some Irish coffee, Marsha? That’s what I’m serving at our dinner party tonight! Great shots and it does make a difference when there is a challenge on which to focus your lens. You start seeing them everywhere ๐Ÿ˜ Have a great weekend and we’ll chat next week!

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  13. What an eclectic mix of wonderful photos, Marsha. Thanks for including Thursday Doors in your challenge collection. I think my favorite door might be the passenger door on that Zephyr. You just don’t see one of those every day.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

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