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PPAC #40: Prescott Downtown Art Mural

Prescott Downtown Series

Public art encompasses any form of art you see in a public place, large or small, statues, murals, graffiti, gardens, parks, etc. The art should be visible from streets, sidewalks, or outdoor public places. Let your imagination and photographic eye show us diverse samples all over the world.


Last week for PPAC #39 Prescott Timeline, I had a marvelous response from all of you. I want to say thank you to each of you for joining along in our challenge.  Here are the featured bloggers for this week.  Their posts really grabbed my attention. They are all worthy of a second or third look.


My Choices for PPAC #40 Prescott Art Murals

You all know that you have to either be a tourist in a new place or entertain visitors to really enjoy what a place has to offer. When we first moved to Prescott, we were both tourists and busy living in the community. We overlooked a lot. When our friends came, Monica and I had to park a distance from our destination, Courthouse Square. As a result of having to walk, we discovered these fabulous murals depicting artists and musicians over the years.

This sign carefully labels all of the important persons in the mural.

Since my WOTY (Word of the Year) is CURATE, I contemplated how the committee came up with all these names of artists to honor. It’s hard to sort out the history makers from the average people who might have talent but not the fame to go with it. Without some research and knowledge of the area, we have to rely on legend-makers, like the artist who painted this mural, to make good decisions about who and what to include. Happily, research went into these art pieces and then went before citizens for approval.

An overview of one mural
Dedicated September 15, 2007. I love that it was designed by R.E. Wall. How appropriate was that?

Updates on Always Write

  • If you host or participate regularly in a challenge and would like an interview on Always Write contact me. My next interview will be with our neighbor, 12-year-old Olive, the bull rider. It has nothing to do with any challenge, don’t worry!
  • Yvette Prior’s short story, “SWEET FEELING” on Story Chat is receiving a lot of attention! Come be part of the conversation. The summary will have links to the “chatter’s” blogs.
  • For a list of topics for WQW 2022 check out my page. This week we are GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day.

Now it’s your turn.

If you are one of the PPACers who hasn’t joined us in a while, then donโ€™t panic! The tag is #PPAC and we are looking for any photographs whose subject matter is an art exhibit that’s free to the public best seen when walking or driving.

Feel free to double dip because many times your mural or fountain, statue, or engraving fits someone else’s challenge, too. Thanks so much for stopping by and having fun with PPAC.

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  1. I was just commenting on another post about how we mostly see murals and public art mostly in urban or downtown locations, Marsha. Prescott sure has its share, as did Woodlake when you took me there! I actually have some public art in today’s SS post:
    And BTW, what a popular post, judging by the scrolling I had to do to get to the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Thanks, Terri. It does seem that murals have caught on. Years ago. probably 25 or 30, a small town in Tulare County – Exeter – started having murals painted and it was unique. they offered mural tours. Within about ten years even the tiniest communities had murals. Now they are ubiqitous world-wide. We see them more in urban settings, but the small, rural towns in Tulare County have them. If they do, I’d bet they are everywhere. What a great way to spruce up a dilapidated building or an uninteresting building. They even look nice of good buildings and walls.

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      • Yes! You took me to Exeter, right? Saw the murals then we went to breakfast. Such fond memories of that couple of days with you, even after the racoon incident ;/ I’ll be on the lookout for murals and public art as we walk through Leavenworth next week!

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        • Leavenworth is such a beautiful town. We went there when Mark and I were first married. I had some pictures of it nearly 50 years ago. The quality of photography was poor, but it was a beautiful place. You will be in photograph heaven.

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  2. This is such fantastic artwork Marsha and Monica. I like the idea of all the musicians and artists on the one mural. Prescott seems very proud of their art history. Beautiful murals! So colourful.

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    • I think there is a lot of pride in Prescott about it’s history. It used to be the state capital. There was a lot of money here during silver and copper mining days and they built some beautiful homes and buildings. It’s a fun place to visit.

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    • Thanks so much Manja. You always have a wonderful assortment of public art to share. I am enjoying this challenge very much, too. It is a great way to travel around the world without leaving the comforts of home. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope young people can see these posts and make great decisions about where to visit in their lifetimes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Aren’t they amazing. Did you see my Prescott Library murals. They are similar only with a different topic, and took 800 volunteers to paint them. I can’t imagine even coordinating 800 people to do a job.

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      • They certainly are! Iโ€™ll have to go back and look for those – we havenโ€™t been following that long! Managing 800 people on a job sounds like herding cats to me ๐Ÿ˜Š


  3. Prescott is such a great place to wander around. I should look for the hotshot memorial mural and add it. it is moving. Kind of town a little alley. Fantastic and colorful collection, Marsha. and so much history there. Donna

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          • Thatโ€™s a ponder. Itโ€™s changed over the years. But both. We have lots of family in different parts of the country, so we do that, and with my dads stoke a few years ago, we go to NH and also make a point of visits to local friends. That wonโ€™t change while my parents are still with us. Our visits are a distraction for everyone.

            I have a distant cousin in Belfast. Such a nice trip to see him.

            But honestly we often find ourselves dragging people along. We do lots of research, and I have to give my husband credit in putting together awesome itinerary.

            So 99 percent of the time, itโ€™s interesting.

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          • We have done both as well, but don’t have too many relatives. We have taken people with us or gone with others. It’s always fun to share. My husband is a pretty good planner, but not the researcher your husband is. He also loves to stay home.

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          • He’s a great putzer. In CA we spent nearly 20 years designing and rebuilding a home on an acre that was a mess when we got it. When w sold it and moved here to a condo, I thought he was done. The first thing he did was rip out the old sink and replace it with a new one. His most recent project on our condo in Scottsdale is the new furnace. It is proving to be more than he can do alone. So he has some help coming hopefully at the end of the month. He’s like I used to be with food as a kid – my eyes were always too big for my stomach. (no longer true – stomach has grown!)

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          • Hahaha. Love it. We all have what bring us passion. For me itโ€™s the garden. I have never bought a house that I couldnโ€™t visualize natural spaces. ( I think when we moved to AZ my husband thought the smaller property would curb me, as well). Instead I went through the landscape certification through the DBG, and also volunteered to work on the grounds at our national cemetery. And I putz everyday in our yard. I think I am the only person in my neighborhood who does their own yard. Lol.

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          • Desert botanical garden. They have workshops too. The gentleman who oversees the cactus is known all over the world as the garden has the most diverse and unique collection of anywhere.

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          • How interesting. I think my husband would really enjoy that. I’m definitely going to look it up and see how to get involved. He loves cacti and everything desert. My garden this year consisted of a tomato plant which the javelina and rabbits gobbled to the ground, and some basil, which also did not make it.

            We had Master Gardeners through the University of California system in CA. They had a very rigorous program which neither of us participated in, but I had several friends who did.

            A UC Davis professor started the rose garden in our tiny town of Woodlake and he has a fabulous botanical section as well as a cactus garden within the rose garden. I was spoiled being able to go there any time and chat with him about all things botanical. He developed the types of blueberries which can grow in hot climates like we had in Central CA. He’s well known in CA, but he chose not to patent his work so others have.

            Didn’t mean to write an entire post here, Donna.

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          • I loved every word. I would love that professor. I am a Master Gardener in both Washington and Oregon. I opted to train through the garden instead of MG here. for no other reason than I like to go there anyway. So…one a week for 18 months I was there. Loved it. Ah yes, our sweet vege loving critters. I have learned that my front yard only has plants that the animals dont like. My back is better. I have so many barriers up they would have a hard time getting out. Then again there is a squirrel who has been eyeing the strawberry plant. I have a Donald Duck/ Chip and Dale relationship with him.

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          • We have a fence around our back patio, but rabbits and possibly rats and squirrels get through it. Both were demolished to the soil! Iโ€™ve got to find a way to get at least those two to grow next year!!โ€™

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    • Spot on, eh? Wow, that’s quite a compliment, my friend. I finished the first book. Fabulous selection. I wish I was in your book club. ๐Ÿ™‚





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