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February Challenge Wrap-up: Photos, Reading, Fun

Greetings this windy, cold Saturday morning in Prescott, AZ,

When I got up this morning, it was 39 degrees, cloudy, and windy, with the sun blinking on and off like a neon sign. The day was inducive for drinking coffee and reading blogs with my little Puppy Girl squeezed in next to me on the recliner keeping me nice and cozy.

February was a fast month. This post will act as a month-end record both for photography, and WOTY. My Word of the Year is CURATE. The purpose is for me to curate and create order, functionality, education, and beauty in my life.

WOTY: Fitness and Exercise

I spend a lot of time walking especially when the weather is not too windy and cold. I tried a bit of yoga this month and found that is still a bit difficult with my torn meniscus. I was good for a few days about doing push-ups on the wall, but do you know HOW boring that is? Walking is much more pleasant. Sadly, I only walked about 50% of my goal of 7,000 steps a day.

WOTY Travel: Sedona

It’s only an hour’s drive, so we spent our Dateversary, February 11th, in Sedona. We gasp every time the red rocks first come into view. On this day the sun sparkled on the silvery trees, and the wind chimes sang gently. Our walk consisted mostly of ambling through Tlaquepaque Shopping Center. Vince was still weaker than normal after three weeks of Omicron.

WOTY: Reading: 2nd trip to the Prescott Library

Cutting down on walking meant more time to read. My total came to five books, which I’ve already shared. Also included was one Kindle book, Apprenticed To My Mother: A Memoir Of Barbara Le Pard 2005 to 2010 by Geoff LePard.

Curating Photographs

Geek Squad transferred them from a non-working external hard drive formatted to my Macbook Pro to a new larger drive.

Last month I spent hours and hours curating photos from my three drives. Thousands of pictures and documents from One Drive both on and offline – GONE! For some reason, my computer jams up with temporary files when I use this drive.

Most of my pictures from my iCloud drive are labeled and sorted into years. These I kept intact deleting only the really awful pictures.

Finally, I reorganized my new hard drive which had multiple copies of photos including a couple of very important trips that I had somehow deleted or never had from both of my other drives. By the end of the year, I will be able to sort by keywords in Bridge and have hundreds of pictures show up for any challenge. LOL

Using my new phone app I also added many old family photos from both mine and Vince’s collections. This was the primary reason I didn’t walk quite so much. I was busy curating.


Five inches of snow cleared.

Another reason I couldn’t walk for a few days was due to the weather. We enjoyed our first real snow of the year. Since the condo landscapers didn’t come to clear the sidewalks, Vince and our neighbor, Scott shoveled and salted the sidewalk so that I wouldn’t fall. Isn’t that the kindest thing ever?

A few days later I had a shoveling spree of my own. I did our parking space, in front of all the garages in our four units, and part of the sidewalk by the street. I sent a whiny text to our condo president’s wife and my good friend, Kathy. The next day either the HOA or City did their job and cleared the rest of the street sidewalks in front of our condos.

I know one man slipped and fell twice in the slush. I don’t think he was seriously hurt because he walked home, but with so many older people living in “them thar hills,” the city and HOAs need to clear sidewalks the same day they clear streets.


Some people don’t like statistics, but as flawed as they are, they present a picture to help analyze what is working or not. I loved this post that Sadje posted when she reached 5,000 followers.

Though I feel the stats aren’t that accurate or that important but let’s be honest here. It gives a kick to read the number; 5004.”

PPAC Wild Animals in Williams, AZ my most popular February post

As part of the curating process, the curator puts their organization to good use. For me, that is blogging. In January and February, I had nearly record numbers of views and views per visitor since they dropped from September through December during my recovery months. I published 10 fewer posts in February than January but had about the same number of views.

Almost 100% of visitors left likes and there were nearly as many comments as visitors, although at least half of those were mine. Even so, YOUR engagement is what keeps blogging interesting. Photographing Public Art Challenge, Sunday Stills, Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays (Romance) and Story Chat had the most views for February month although there were others close behind.

Click Leaders

Each of these blogs had the same number of total clicks for the month. These were the click leaders for each of their blogs.

Challenges That Inspired This Post

#TheChangingSeasons, #MonthlyPhotoChallenge, WOTY, What’s on Your Bookshelf, Six-Word Saturday, Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #190 Odds and Ends, Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share

Now It’s Your Turn

Do you have an accountability post for February? The challenges I listed above are good ways to highlight them and are reasons to write them. You’ll be glad you did. Happy blogging. Now March onward!

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    • It takes a lot of time to figure things out. We can chat sometime if you want. There are programs to help you with it as well.


  1. Wow! What a collection, Marsha. Amazing images. Thank you so much for linking to New2writing, your support and friendship are really appreciated. I am just back from holiday and noticed a new story chat launched so I will pop over to see that too. Take care. KL ❤

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  2. I really admire your determination & perseverance in keeping active despite your knee. And on this occasion of International Women’s Day, I send you a big hug & Hurray!

    February did indeed go by so very quickly; all the more reason I appreciate recap/reflection posts like these to take stock – thank you for linking up to The Changing Seasons.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your kind comments, Ju-Lyn. It was my pleasure to link back to your post. Than you for the opportunities to reflect on each passing month.


  3. Tracking photos and cataloging them is a monumental job that is unique to each photographer. It’s always a chore to keep on top of.
    In addition to external hard drive backup, I also have an online service that backs up my images in the background. I’ve only had to use it once to recover some photos that didn’t get transferred to hard drive before I changed computers.

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  4. I admire your determination to get your photos organised! I’m pretty good doing that with more recent ones but never seem to find the time or inclination to sort out my archive!

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  5. I think that’s impressive to have as many comments as visitors! I don’t check my stats a lot but when I do, what I find most interesting is how people came to my site, and what people have searched on to get to my site. I don’t really count visitors anymore for some reason! But I’m happy when I get comments because that conversation is what makes blogging fun!
    I’m sorry to hear about your torn meniscus and while I really like push-ups and similar, walking is lovely and I would miss it if I couldn’t do it. I walk very little in the winter because like you I don’t enjoy it if it’s too windy and cold.. And I really miss it right now but with only 3C outside…. No thanks.

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  6. Hi Marsha, I hate to hear that someone fell because of the snow – and do hope that the HOA or city gets things covered to help prevent stuff like that….
    and congrats on your views/stats and that was nice of you to feature Sadje’s post celebrating the milestone. Now we know that number of followers doesn’t always mean interaction – and so I like how you mentioned engagement and all that you shared here.
    I was offline and unplugged a lot the last four weeks – and as nice as that can be – it was nice to have a little computer time this weekend.

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    • We definitely need to pull the plug sometimes. I need to schedule some of my posts ahead this week while we have company. I’m sort of addicted still.

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      • well you are a force of good here in the blogosphere and your Ideas seem to have come to fruition!
        Seriously, I was just marveling at how each of your themes have unfolded the last couple of years – from the story chat to the quotes to the public art – such good variety and you are so organized (and I have seen so many folks say that so I am sure you hear it a lot) –
        and I hope the scheduling works out for you.

        That is something I am considering – like I want to set up some photos to go out but I do not like not being around to interact- but I did set up some FOTD images I might set up and schedule for my next short blog break (and I sometimes find it hard to pause and unplug but I know it is very important to do it “before” I need it – if that makes sense – and also I just let God lead and that helps too)


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        • Thanks for all your kind words. You sound like Cindy. She’s addicted, too. It’s hard to be away from the internet. I hate blogging on my phone. I do a lot of research so not having fast internet slows me down. Have a great day, Yvette.

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          • I can tell you do research and put some thought into your approach – and maybe the slow internet is a gift to keep a steady pace – hahah – kidding – and I think anyone can get addicted when the creative output is tapped and then rewarded – and also when there is so much meaning that undergirds the actions- and you and Cindy both are here to help others – to edify and build up – and both have the aim to use your talents and experience to “make a difference” and that has to feel really good and can add to the lure and pull. And the addiction part is not always bad – right? And I think BB said he was – but it can be bad if it takes over in a way where other areas get neglected – right?


  7. You are so organised Marsha – what a huge job you had to do! I loved catching up with your WOTY, thanks for the mention :). Hope you are recovering well and spring arrives soon so no more snow shovelling! lovely shots of a very different landscape 🙂

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  8. Knee injuries are the worst pain I’ve ever experienced…just reading your post I was wincing for or with you 🙂 Great photos indeed!!


  9. Once again, it’s astonishing how you juggle so many challenges, blog wordy posts and now that I know – read, walk, organise, track… whew! And I had almost forgotten about the pandemic. Wishing Vince a speedy recovery and you too. Best wishes, Marsha!


    • Thank you so much, Sheetal. One of the good things about writing it down is that you don’t feel so ineffective when you put it in writing. I’m always amazed at what everyone else is doing and I don’t always consider that I’m doing something useful with my time. The hours just fly by and I forget what all I’ve done. I appreciate these wrap-up challenges for that reason.

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  10. Sounds as though your February was a good one, Marsha. I really need to try to get control of my photos, but they’re so out of control after so many years that it’s daunting to start. I guess I should just start with the current ones and then work backwards as I have time. Trouble is I don’t really know how I want to organize them, which makes it harder. Anyway…

    I’m sorry to read about the Covid problems. So far we’ve managed to avoid it and I pray that we continue to. Seeing your photos of Prescott makes me think again that I need to get up there. Sedona is always lovely and it’s difficult not to enjoy time at Tlaquepaque. It’s so well done!



    • Sorry I missed this comment, Janet. I found that if I don’t respond to all my comments the day of, they disappear from my little bell. I’ve had to start going to my posts to find the comments I’ve missed. Who knows how many over the years! I don’t know how people like Cee keep up with all the comments. She used to always catch me on PPAC where I had missed visiting a post. It’s embarrassing. Sedona would definitely be a nice trip sometime. I am anxious to visit some of the gardens you mentioned. I need to spend some time exploring your blog. That is another thing you miss just going by the comment bell, like I do. The source of the comment becomes blurred as you comment back and forth and you forget that you didn’t visit someone’s blog just because you chatted together. That has always been a problem for me as a blogger.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It can be hard to keep up. I’ll have a problem with the trip to California and sometimes I just don’t post then, but I will be this trip. Not sure how much blog visiting I’ll manage but I’ll keep up with comments.

        Sedona always sounds good. 🙂


  11. Marsha, You’ve accomplished so much in February. Your photo curating alone is impressive. I love your toddler-age photos. I learned a new term ‘click leaders’. Does click leader mean readers click on my blog link that they found on your blog? I hope your knee is healing well. Thank you for the mention and for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare. Have a wonderful week ahead!


    • Yes, I think so. It means that more people clicked on your blog posts than all the other clicks I had on my blog. The ones listed in the post all had the same number of clicks. So all those links on your posts get documented by Word Press, and you can see which links more people click on.


  12. A wonderful wrap-up post, Marsha! Where do you get the energy to write and publish so many posts? I never thought I would admit this, but after two mild bouts of covid, I don’t have the energy levels I used to, and I still don’t have a good sense of taste and smell since I lost it in October 2020. I must be a “long-hauler.” Otherwise, I enjoyed this post, and thank you for mentioning Second Wind leisure (I could use a second wind right about now, LOL)! YOu really got quite the snowfall–5 inches for your accumulation is a LOT and you are so right about Prescott’s infrastructure needing to focus on clearing roads. Thank goodness our snow is melted except for a few stubborn shady spots. At a high of 48 F, everyone was out in the sunshine working on yards, and spring cleaning the floors. You’ve been working hard on your blog and the stats show it has really paid off. Your WQW is super inspiring, so off I go to finish before I’m back on the sofa ;/

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t have the energy level I had, and I’ve never been super energetic physically. I’m getting ready for our company one room at a time – curating and throwing out or putting in the garage sale. Today I worked on the guest bathroom. It sparkles! All the drawers are emptied out. I’ll change the sheets, vacuum and dust at the last minute, and it’s ready. Yay. They are allergic to cats, so getting rid of cat hair is going to be a priority after I take them to Cindy’s on Monday. Call me if you get a chance. I’m going to a Ballet tomorrow afternoon at the local college with some neighbor ladies. Someone had an extra ticket. I’m so excited.

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  13. Hi, Marsha – Thank you for mentioning What’s on Your Bookshelf and Word of the Year Linkups.
    I wholeheartedly agree with you. Reader engagement is incredibly inspiring and keeps me blogging.
    I hope that you are able to continue your walking and that your torn meniscus heals soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. That was a great month Marsha. I find doing push-ups against a wall looks quite weird….if you want to move a wall it’s better to get a builder in 😂 Not going to take about sorting photos but I try to do a bit most days. My catalogue system is rather big but does make it easy to locate photos at times. Yes, I no longer care about stats as much as I did when first blogging. Imagine if all the “followers” commented on every post!!!! One challenge you could have thrown in was Last on the Card as well. Having a double of the challenges I host would have made my day. Hope you and Vince are recovering but don’t rush things, take time as that proverb is almost always true. Thanks for joining in The Changing Seasons 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Congrats on organizing so many photos. I think you’re adorable. I love seeing how people lived day to day as well.

    Do you normally get some snow? I’ve been to the Phoenix area in February and it was pretty warm.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Whew you DID collect some odds and ends this month, didn’t you Marsha!! I too spent a bunch of time going through older drives, definitely at risk of hardware crashes, and moving the images to new, ruggedized hard drives. I killed my previous mac with images so I don’t keep originals on the computer any more. Hope the knee is mending well – makes exercise SO difficult. As for Vince’s Omicron, I too was a victim this month. I’d been SO careful and then a friend visited from NYC and the rest is history. I’m still nowhere near normal energy but being vaccinated and boostered definitely saved me from anything serious. More importantly my husband didn’t catch it. Did you????

    Liked by 2 people

      • You won’t have as much to do, then. I would have left mine in One Drive, but my computer was freezing up. I have them still in iCloud and that is more complete. I’m not copying all of those into my external hard drive. BTW my Omicron, if I had it, was mild compared to Vince’s I kept a mask on and stayed away from him as much as I could while he had it. He has an amazing ammune system but it still he was down for about 3 weeks.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so sorry you got sick, Tina but glad your husband didn’t. I may have gotten a touch of it. I tested negative, and for the most part felt tired, coughed a little. But compared to having pneumonia and pumonary embolisms it was no big deal. I kept masked up and stayed as far away as possible and always wore a mask when I went out even after the five days. I’ve been vaccinated, but no booster. None of the doctors have pushed for that because the one I took can cause blood clots. I don’t need any more of those! 🙂 LOL.

      I imagine you have a few million photos. Cee has been guiding me towards relying more heavily on an external hard drive. This one works seamlessly with Bridge and with my computer, so I’m pleased with it.


  17. Love the scenery in your first 2 sets of photos, Marsha. I wish I could find enthusiasm to start a little curating of photographs but it keeps eluding me. I always find something I’d rather do. Hope March is going well for you.

    Liked by 1 person




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