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Sunday Stills Coffee Share Squares: Pets Are Forever

Natalie’s Coffee Share

It’s almost 3:30 pm as I start this post, so maybe I shouldn’t offer you coffee. Will this do?

Wine from a Sedona perspective


No trips this week except to go back in time via my new scanning app. So this week I bring to my past pets.

The Weather Weekend Skies

The weather this week has been so clear and windy. Today the temperatures were in the 60s but I needed a coat to keep warm in the wind.

Books This Week

  • Night, Sleep, Death, The Stars by Joyce Carol Coates about halfway through. Slow moving but I’m still with it.
  • The Perfect Daughter D. J. Palmer finished It left me guessing throughout. Did seventeen-year-old Penny have multiple personalities or disassociative identity disorder (DID)? Did she murder her birth mother? Clues scattered throughout the story didn’t add up for me until the very end. I wish I could say that I had it figured out half-way through, but I didn’t. It seemed there was way more debate on whether she had DID or not and that was the basis of the story. I think you’d enjoy it.

Sunday Stills: February 20th National Love Your Pet Day

Terri urges us to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day on our blogs today. Let me introduce you to some pets that I loved dearly but are no longer with me. If you haven’t read her post yet, take the time to soak it up. I love the way she draws so many into her stories, and the rich background she gives on her pictures. She’s also got a new project going which I think is amazing.

My joy has just been to enjoy these little animal friends to the best of my ability over the years.

Former Pets: First My Sister-In-Law’s Pet, Flora

Flora was 14 years old and last month we helped Cindy take her to the humane society. She had cancer in her hip, and no longer could get out of her bed. Cindy loved her like a best friend. Now Puppy Girl has berevement duty and spends several days a week with Aunt Cindy trying to help her over her loss. She had the softest ears and loved to be petted, but not to sit in your lap. she loved to play with toys.


For many years Vince did not want pets even though I had Bud and BJ (Bud Junior). He tolerated them, but after BJ died, we loaned Bud to Mom who was all alone in a new town. Bud had been Mark’s dog and he had attitude. He outlived his primary owner. When Vince tried to make friends and stuck his finger in his face, Bud bite it. Bud ended up eventually living with my mother and I visited nearly every day.

Bud/Budlee and Mark

Excuse the awful picture. I wanted you to primarily see the relationship between pet and his best friend. This next picture is an unclipped baby picture so you can see his coloring. Once you see that, you will understand how we came to pick Budlee as our second pet.

Bud/Budlee aged about 6 months


Prior to Bud, Allicks graced our lives. We named him All – Licks for the obvious reason, but he quickly grew out of that name into Bear’s a Dog or BZD for short. We adored him and since we had no children, we might have spoiled him a little.

Mark and I still lived in Portland and had taken the grandparents to Mt. Hood for an outing. It’s pretty obvious what Allicks wanted to do. Grandma kept him on a short leash. You get an idea about how high the shoveled snowbanks were. Grandma was 5’2″ and Grandpa was 5’10” and the snowbank was higher.

Allicks had diffent walking ideas than Grandpa. Grandpa gave him as much as he could, and Allicks gave him “the look.” Don’t you love my Grandpa’s hat? BTW

You get a better idea of Allick’s size at six months. He was miles bigger than Bud. You see his coloring that he looked similar to Bud. We know his mother was a poodle because we got him from a friend. We believe his father was an Airedale Terrier.

Allicks grew and grew. He wasn’t huge, but he weighed about 45 pounds. He went everywhere with us.

He was perfect except for two very bad habits. One was that he was frightened to death of lightening and thunder and fireworks. He would climb on your lap and get all of his body as close to your face as he could and shake. Nothing seemed to relieve his fears. We lost a lot of sleep in Colorado, land of frequent thunder storms.

He also chewed holes in furniture. New unblemished furniture.

Guinea Pigs

I went through a phase when I taught fourth grade of having classroom pets. I had no idea what that would entail, and having them was a lot of responsibility. What I learned is that a pet is a pet and needs love and attention. We ended up raising guinea pigs for a while and most of the offspring went home with the students.

I hope you enjoyed perusing through my old pet files. I did. It took me forever to write this post – too much time reminissing. It’s like cleaning out your closet when you’re a kid and stopping to play with all the toys on the floor. It takes all day to hang up a few clothes. LOL

Join me for Story Chat Summary on Tuesday, WQW on Wednesday, and PPAC on Friday. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving comments.

Hope you all have a blessed and wonderful week.

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  1. Marsha, Wine from a Sedona perspective looks beautiful to me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing your pet images and stories with us. I enjoy reading about them. It’s always hard and sad when we lose a pet. They’re wonderful companions to have.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marsha, you crack me up with your description of cleaning out the closet then sitting and playing with all the toys! I totally get it (and do it). You have a tone of great pics! What a fun pet walk down memory lane with you. You had some beautiful pets…I loved Allicks, he reminds me of Gideon, my grand-dog, and all your names are so clever! I’m so sorry Cindy lost her baby–I’m glad Puppy Girl can help out. Dogs are so sweet that way, always sensing our needs and comforting us with their unconditional love. Thanks for the shout-out and I have to say I love how you crafted your post title ๐Ÿ™‚ That wine shot with Sedona in the background is amazing! Cheers!…to a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Terri. It was a fun trip. I almost have all the pictures digitized that were lying around my living room. I have just a few more from Mark’s and my trip to Athens and Italy. I don’t know where they all are, but I put some of them on posters for my 1-2 grade class to view while we learned about Italy and Greece that year.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Awww that’s so sweet, Frank. I hate losing pets and it takes a long time before my heart lets me get another. I know we won’t have any more cats, but they will probably outlive us any way. Our friends were told at the humane society that they couldn’t adopt cats because they were too old. They went to another humane society in another city. They are so much fun.


  3. Love your wonderful collection of pet images, Marsha. We have had only three pets in our lives, and when the last one died, we decided we couldn’t bear to lose another one. We know how they become so much a member of the family.
    Sedona looks beautiful as ever. We’ll be heading down I-17 today on our way back to Buckeye from a weekend visit in Albuquerque. Looks like a windy day, but other than that, good weather.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is a windy day here and kind of chilly. We are coming down your way in a week to do some work on our condo. Janet and Donna want to have a meet up later in the month if you’re interested in joining in. Sometime after March 18th.


  4. Lots of lovely pets, Marsha โค๏ธ What breed was Allicks? Terrier? He’s gorgeous! Beautiful scenic photos too. I love what you did with the first one.

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