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Bloganuary: My Favorite Parts

Parts, Not Characteristics?

Sorry for the self-centric posts – AGAIN!

At age 70, I never thought that I’d ever be this old or this young as it will seem when I turn 80 or 90. Not too surprising, the favorite parts that you can see and show people diminish as you age.

Favorite Parts Through the Years

Like everyone, I was a cute baby. I was an ugly child. I passed as a teen, and my parts fluctuated – waxed and waned – from my twenties through sixties. People complimented me on:

  • my blue eyes
  • my engaging smile (after my mouth and teeth were fixed) I physically couldn’t smile until I was seven. My mouth was sewn down to keep me from smiling. Like getting botox, I could still move parts of my face. In my case, I could move my cheeks to smile a little.
  • my slim figure (go figure!) I was 28-18-38 at age 18 and about 105 pounds. My figure was much better in my 30s and 40s but still lopsided.
  • my height – five feet five inches tall.
  • my legs

You don’t have to have perfection to have some good parts. My mouth was my most troublesome, but I’ve had and still get more compliments on it than on any other part. Smiles are for everyone. Do what you can so that you are comfortable smiling. There is nothing more attractive on a human being than an engaging and loving smile

Favorite Parts Now

  • lungs
  • circulatory system
  • legs
  • strong bones
  • arms
  • brain
  • kidneys

Without the first four parts, I would lose mobility. Without arms, I couldn’t take care of myself. I’m very grateful that the other inner parts of me seem to be working. Of the inner parts, I’m most grateful for my brain. If I was immobile and my brain still functioned, I think I could live. Depending on my brain, if my kidneys quit, I might opt not to do dialysis.

All of these favorite parts, though, stem on more than just me loving them. Without loved ones, the initiative to continue to function with worn out parts diminishes as well.

My mom stayed on dialysis for eight years. When her neck was no longer strong enough to hold up her head and she couldn’t play Bridge with her friends, with much trepidation, she opted to quit dialysis. Fortunately for her, because she was against committing suicide, her veins quit working the very next day, and the choice was out of her hands. God agreed with her timing. She loved me, and stayed alive for me, but losing her ability to socialize cost her the will to live.

Now it’s your turn.

Did you take this challenge the same way I did?

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  1. such a thoughtful post, and so interesting to see how your perception of your body has changed over the years. I’d have to pick my heart, most of my exercise is geared towards trying to keep a healthy heart…

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    • Without your heart, nothing else matters, does it? I’m sensitive to my lungs since they’ve had such a hard time for the last several months.


  2. hahah – I have to smile about the favorite parts you picked – the organs and their health – ahhhh = so rich and so much wisdom there.

    If younger people only thought more of their insides like this

    when I was first back into yoga after taking a way too long break during the pandemic – it was tough at times because I was rebuilding and getting conditioned again – well one thing that helped during some tough moments- I would imagine my organs thriving – like videos I have seen of lungs pulsating with life came to mind – and helped me stay in a twist while doing chair pose – – there were many times that my organ health gave me some strength – and so I really can relate to your list!!

    I can see why your smile gets noticed — it is beautiful and has pure joy

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  3. Hi Marsha, You were NOT an ugly child! Like most folk, I have my favourite and dislikeable parts of myself…
    I don’t like my nose, and one ear sticks out (anchored behind wig! )I lost my hair through illness in my 50’s.Blue eyes always got the most compliments, good legs (even now at 89…) Too short at 5′ 2″ (Now 5’…)
    Extremely lucky to have lived so long. A few health probs. but nothing unmanageable. Like being highly curious about other people, and almost everything…(Keeps you ticking).Glue ready if I slip on my perch.Have just finished writing my ninth book.(Thought I’d slip that in,sorry!).Still relatively poor, financially,but emotionally rich! Best wishes to you. x

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    • Joy, you are amazing! It sounds like you grew into your name. You blog, you’ve written nine books. I’m going to put one of them on my curated list. I’ve written more than I published. Published only one. Your height is perfect. I was and still ma taller than most of my friends and both husbands. LOL


  4. Such a well thought out response Marsha. We do so often concentrate on the physical but if the internal isn’t working what have we got. I feel for you and your Mum. I did haemodialysis nursing for awhile and am so aware of the drain it takes on the body. I can understand her decision and glad it worked for her as it did.

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    • Thank you, Irene. She was so brave. She got cancer at age 60 and the other kidney was deformed and had never worked. She babied it and it worked for 12 years. When it quit, she went on dialysis, and what a ride it was. She stayed with it for 8 years. If she hadn’t had Randy and I as a reason to go on, I doubt if she would have done it for so long. You probably have heard lots of stories. The good that came out of it was the wonderful relationships we had with the doctors and nurses. Her nephrologists, especially one was one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met. I feel honored to have known him.

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    • Surely not! I got my smile straightened when I was about 19, then crowns on my two front teeth when I was 21. (One of them was a baby tooth, and was fairly black by that time. I still have it!) Then I could smile without feeling quite so self-conscious. My yearbook pictures do tell the story, though. So what made you so ugly in your opinion? And how did you pull out of it?


      • Well, I just donโ€™t photograph well. School photos always caught me mid-blink but then I learned some of my dear friends on the yearbook staff thought it would be funny to pick the worst photos of everyone. I also have a dark front tooth due to being hit in the face with a softball as a kid but Iโ€™ve refused to do anything about it because I kinda like having a visible flaw to make up for how perfect I am! ๐Ÿ˜†

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        • You are funny! I’m glad you got over your ugly period. Your friend should have been kicked off the yearbook staff! My girlfriends hold me to a pact to delete ugly photos – or at least not put them on FB. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Ute, I’m so glad to know someone who is already patient. I’ve been having a great chat with Robbie Cheadle on my Word of the Year Post about her word, which is PATIENCE. Neither of us have much of that, so you should share how you get it and hold on to it!!!!! You are VERY loving. I can testify to that! You may be one of the kindest people I know. Manny vouches for you, too.

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  5. great post Marsha!
    we both have eyes of blue
    we were both brown now bottle blonde hiding grey
    5’5 shrinking by the day
    bright smiles
    Grateful for our working parts!

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    • You are not shrinking by the day, girlfriend! Do you know that I grew from 5 feet 41/2 inches to 5 feet 5 inches during my 40s. I may be back to 5’4.5″ now. I need a Dexa scan, but I’m having trouble scheduling it. One of my oncologists said I have bones of steel. I fall so much, that I must have. I’ve never broken anything but my poor little meniscus, which isn’t a bone. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • I think you’re right, I probs haven’t shrunk much … we have to keep stretching. Good for you. that’s so awesome.. bones of steel. ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘





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