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#Thursday: Doors, Trios FOTD: Shop ‘Till You Drop

Happy Thursday, my friends. This week has been cold here in Prescott, AZ, and we had our first snow. This week we hosted Carmen, a friend and neighbor of ours from California who loves to shop. She loved the snow almost as much as she loves shopping. So, most of my walking has been inside malls. I’m late posting this because we took her to Scottsdale before dropping her off at the airport in Phoenix.

Thursday Trios Hosted by Mama Cormier

On Tuesday, Carmen and I had a wonderful trip to Sedona, to the Tlaquepaque Shopping Mall. The stores are mostly artsy and the restaurants are top notch. It was a destination for a shopping lover like my friend. Click here to see what Mama Cormier and other Thursday Trio contributors are posting.

At this shop, and I didn’t write down the name, but they sold jewelry. Carmen bought a few beads and some decorative ribbon to make bracelets. Baskets of shells and beads sat outside the store. The clerk trusted people to take what they needed and pay for them – a blast from the past. One customer last week had left money in an envelope under the door when the clerk had stepped out for a minute.

Some shops do not let you take pictures of their displays, so I was so pleased that this shop even took some of the displays out of the glass counters for me.

On the way home, Carmen treated me to a salt room treatment for my lungs. If you’ve never done that, you relax in a darkened room with music and salt air circulating, cleaning out the impurities in your lungs. You will taste the salt on your lips.

Shopping is serious business with Carmen. She went home with tons of bargains.

Today on the way to the airport, we did more shopping at Cracker Barrel after lunch. I see three sets of threes in this picture. How many do you see?

The shelves at Cracker Barrel were full of trios. Here are just a few of them.

Frozen Banks

FOTD – A Trio of Dried Flowers

Most flowers in AZ are dry right now. The bushes are arranged so that yellows are next to creams, so even in the off season, they are pretty. To see more flowers of the day, check out Cee’s daily post and visit her friends.

This Scottsdale geranium decorated the sidewalk outside of the ice cream shop Vince found.

#Thursday Doors Hosted by Dan Antion

Reminder: Today is the last Thursday Doors challenge for 2021. Thursday Doors will resume on Thursday, January 6, 202. Today’s gallery, after much review, should include our favorite door photos from 2021 and a badge for the contest. Click to link your review doors to his post and learn about the badge contest requirements.

Last Christmas season, my friend Connie took me to Sonora, the “Queen of the Southern Mines” – gold in California, that is. Her son is a pastor there, and we spent a lovely couple of days exploring this beautiful city in the heart of the Sierra Nevada’s.

This photo is one of my favorite photos submitted in August this year of a Prescott Loo with a View. The entire building is painted with pictures of children, animals and plants you might see around Prescott. I choose this picture to use in my badge entry.

#ThursdayDoors Badge Contest Entry

Upcoming and Ongoing

PPAC # 27 on Friday will take us back to Cee’s blog where she always has some amazing surprises for us.

December Story Chat is well on the way with over 100 views, 42 likes and 57 comments. Come enjoy Cathy Cade’s Christmas story, “On the Streets” about a young street performer. She loves your comments and likes! The summary will post on Tuesday with quotes from all of you who “attended.” We’d love to have you drop by and leave Cathy a comment.

Challenge Interview Series. This week I heard from Bushboy, Brian Dodd. His interview will be coming up soon. If you haven’t seen his photos take a look at his website. and enjoy bits of Australian life. He hosts Last on the Card.

#WQWWC 52– Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays Writing Challenge: The topic this week is Candles/Lights. This post goes perfectly with the Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – “You Choose” and Sunday Stills – “Metalic Taste.” Many people paired with the seasonal link-up challenge “Festive Bon-Bons,” co-hosted by Deb’s WorldRetirement Reflections, and Women Living Well After 50. Does anyone cook by candlelight? Quotes might include a recipe!

You don’t have to limit yourself to Christmas or even winter holidays. Just choose your favorite candle or lights quotes, pictures, stories, and poems. The only requirement is to include at least one quote with your post. Songs count as quotes – by the way. 🙂

Now It’s Your Turn

Join in one of the challenges of your choice. If you want to share a link in my comment section or a pingback with me today, I will stop by and read and comment. Your hosts always stop by, and many of their community members also make the effort to visit at least one or two people.

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  1. Thanks for all those great trios and those doors are amazing. I’m a little late replying to my comments. It’s been a stressful week. Just found out a few days ago that our daughter in New Brunswick is not coming home for Christmas because of the Omicron variant and our other daughter and her wife are waiting for test results after a positive rapid test. When it rains it pours at our house. Our son is still planning on flying in from London with his family. Fingers crossed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Carol, I’m so sorry. When you have things all planned and everyone has gone to a lot of work, it is so hard to deal with having them fall through. I appreciate not having to be quite so restricted here in AZ but Vince decided not to go to CA because of the restrictions there. I am still going to go and I think I will go ahead and get my booster before I leave. Omicron is supposed to be more contagious but less severe. I hope you all stay safe and a lovely time with your other daughter and son and their families.


  2. Looking forward to Bush Boy interview
    And lovely doors flowed and more Marsha!
    And that is a blast from the past to have the sales clerk so trusting –
    When I was little the folks a street over had a garage that was a cooler for dairy products A they had a huge farm and business and for some reason had this large cooler near their city home
    We loved walking in and looking around
    Anyhow – you could leave the money and go if they were not home
    I used to by those little milk containers


  3. This is a top drawer presentation. The comments went on forever. I love the “loo” picture. It is splendid. I remember it from before. So, Vince found an ice cream place. Any gelato? Some things never change, and I don’t like change; so good on Vince.


  4. Hi, Marsha – Displaying items in groups of 3’s makes sense to me. Many moons ago, when I worked part-time in a giftshop, we followed ‘the rule of three’ for our displays big and small. The belief behind that rule is that people are more visually engaged when they see a group of three items. That’s why mannequins are often grouped in threes. According to eye movement tracking studies, a group of three encourages the eye to move about and take in more detail. A group of three is also a more memorable grouping. (
    Thank you for the pingback to Festive Bonbons. It is greatly appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The rule of threes is a great planting and decorating rule, too. And the rule of thirds is a basic photography rule. There must be something special about threes. I think Carol (Mama Cormier) really hit on something with her trios challenge. I love your challenges. They are very fun for the holidays. 🙂


  5. …My first comment disappeared! This post works great for Sunday Stills “metallic” with your pics of rusty doors, Marsha! I’m glad you had a good time shopping with your friend and got to visit the Tlakapaka (only way I know how to quickly say and spell, LOL) shopping center. I’m sure you are enjoying the snow in Prescott! Hope the tourist know how to navigate safely! We had a few inches and I got the snowshoes out and still deciding to try them in the backyard this afternoon (20 degree now, Brrr). Your salt spa sounds good too!

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  6. How lovely that the shop were so happy for you to take photos! I wish more were. After all, it’s a great advertisement for them – IF you can remember the shop’s name 😆

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Great doors, lovely photos and a nice entry for the badge contest – win-win-win! Thanks for joining us in this challenge and for helping to spread the word about Thursday Doors. I’m glad you and your friend were successful. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I think I’d prefer the salt treatment to being slathered in seaweed, Marsha. My shopping tolerance is limited but I do love looking at nice window displays. Those beads look lovely, and who can resist a loo like that?

    Liked by 1 person




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