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Team Up -CFFC: One Color and Weekend Coffee Share

Today I’m teaming two challenges. Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One Color and Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share.

Cee takes a lot of still life pictures and has spent years focusing on specific items. Check out her CFFC post, but try not to drool. This weekly photo challenge runs from Tuesday through Monday.

I tend to be all over the map trying to squeeze as much in one picture as I can. I’m learning that less is more but my supply of that kind of picture is limited.

Here is what I did to try to remedy the situation and use what I had in MY toolbox.

I used a new technique in Adobe Bridge that Cee taught me to get rid of the distracting background so that the one color would stand out. I chose the object, inverted so that I had the background, then took the exposure all the way down.

Edited in Adobe Bridge

Below is the same image with the background deleted in Canva. I like the dark turquoise background. Black with no ghostly images showing through looked too stark to me. For me, the choice depends on what you want to do with your picture. Which do you prefer?

Edited in Canva

Create a CFFC Post

  1. Then add a link to your blog in my comment box.
  2. To make it easy for others to check out your photos and post, title your blog post “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge” or “CFFC” tag.
  3. Remember to Follow Cee’s Blog to get your weekly reminders.

Coming Up

  • Coming Tuesday, Dec. 7th – Y2 Story Chat: “On the Streets” by Cathy Cade.
  • Wednesday Dec. 8th – #WQWWC: WRITER’S CHOICE or Festive Check out my WQWWC Page for upcoming topics and links to past topics. There’s still time to post your entries about Toys and Play. Be sure to read and comment on at least one or two other entries to have even more fun.
  • Friday Dec. 10 – PPAC # 26. There’s still plenty of time to share your public art with Cee Neuner for PPAC #25. She chose some adorable mailboxes for her entry.

Natalie the Explorer Weekend Coffee Share

“Nobody really cares if you are miserable, so you might as well be happy.”

Cynthia Nelms

Perfect Weather in Prescott

The temperature in Prescott has been in the sixties which is about 15.6 Celsius but it will get down to 34 degrees F or 1.11111111 C by sunrise. The air quality is 35 AQI which is good. It has been bright and sunny with blue sky as far as you can see and only about a 10% chance of rain. So, no snow either. Who would be crazy enough to be unhappy with this weather?

Why Not? – A Happy Health Update

Bad health is not an excuse to feel sad. It just happens from time to time in life to all of us.

As some of you know, I’ve spent a challenging three months battling deep vein thrombosis coupled with pulmonary embolisms. Yesterday I had my fifth surgery to remove clots from my left leg which I injured playing pickleball. I have another surgery in two weeks.

The only grueling part of these surgeries for me is going under, knowing that my body is probably not behaving itself while I’m out cold.

I’m always tired the next day and today just a little sore in my neck where they enter and my thigh where they do their dirty work. Even so, I have been starting do yoga using one of Cindy Georgakas’s videos. I haven’t gone through the entire video, so I have something to look forward to as I get stronger and stronger. My longest walking day has been about 12,000 steps or about five-six miles. I’ve worked out that the gym twice but I’m too busy lazy to be consistent.

On Friday, I see a pulmonologist to find out why I cough during surgery – a very annoying habit to Dr. Agha and his surgical team. I also get to meet and have lunch PhotobyJohnbo and his wife that day. You may know him by his challenge, Cellpic Sunday.

My Favorite Hobby – Blogging

This week I discovered another cute monthly challenge called What’s on Your Bookshelf. This fun challenge hosted by Donna, Sue, Debbie and Jo has really taken off much like What’s on Your Plate. They’ve all agreed to an interview after the first of the year, so we have that to look forward to.

Inspired by Robbie Cheadle, Natalie and the Bookshelf quartet mentioned above, I’ve been reading a lot more. Last week I read Book One of the ten Chronicles of St. Mary’s which is a sci-fi time travel series. Sci-fi has never been my favorite genre, but I’m developing a taste for time travel because it’s usually all about history. Who can’t love that?

Just One Damned Thing After Another (Chronicles of St. Mary's Book 1) by [Jodi Taylor]

Manny is back “blobbing” since his interview with Biasini. That interview revived both of us and but especially Manny. We can’t stop talking about him. And of course, Manny is excited about going to Florida to see Biasini and take a riding lesson from Ma Leueen. He’s also excited about traveling in May to Scotland to go biking with Jez and Susan Braithwaite.

Getting Ready to Celebrate

Other than that, we got our Christmas tree up. Vince is repainting the living room, dining room, kitchen and hall a brighter, lighter color which you can see behind the tree. we want to have it done before we participate a Progressive Dinner with our neighbors sometime before Christmas.

NOW, it’s your turn!

You thought I’d never stop talking, but now I have. I’ve given you lots of links to follow, if you are interested and I hope you are. I look forward to your visits.

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  1. I love the version of the truck you did in Canva.
    Your weather sounds so much snugglier than ours (high of 6C and lows of -1C at the moment). I did a double-take on your AQI; I’ve never seen 35 before–3 is our highest.
    I’ve got my fingers crossed for your operations. I’m so happy that you’ve got such a positive mindset about all that’s going on with them.
    Again, we can’t wait for Manny’s visit!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jeez Louise, Marsha, I talked to you on the phone yesterday and didn’t remember your surgery. You really are brave, brave, brave. I’m such a wuss. I love this blog, because I am passionate about color. So interesting what you did with the truck and to learn that there are even more things you could do. You are so enjoying blogging and all its technicalities. What a gift to you and those you share with.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi, Marsha – I am so happy to hear that your health is improving. Your positive attitude is very inspiring. Thank you for mentioning WOYBS and WOYP. I am looking forward to interviewing with you. I’ve sent you an email about a time to chat – let me know what works best for you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Marsha, I’m so glad to hear your 5th surgery went well. Well done with your walking. I really like the edited truck photo that you did using Canva. That photo and your holiday decorations are beautiful. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare. Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love car shows, but the issue of busy backgrounds has always been a problem. It looks like you’ve found tools that can help. I have some exploring to do.

    I expect to see some 30-degree temps here in Buckeye before the winter rolls into spring. With any luck, we’ll be out of town when that happens. >grin<

    Lynn and I are looking forward to meeting you in person in Scottsdale in a few days.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We are looking forward to it as well. These are busy times, so I’m glad you could make time for us. Thirty degrees sounds pretty cold for the Phoenix area. It looks like Buckeye is quite a way west of Phoenix and possibly mountainous?

      Liked by 1 person

      • The White Tanks are nearby as well as the Estrella Mountains, but they are relatively low. I’m no mountain climber, but I’ve hiked to some of the shallower passes over the years. If I can do it, they can’t be that tall. >grin<
        I will say that one day, there was snow on the tallest of the White Tank peaks. It was melted by noon.

        Liked by 1 person

        • LOL. I had a friend who hiked up Mt. Whitney when he was 67. I was about 26 at the time, so I thought that was very impressive for someone so old. Now I think that was impressive for someone younger than I am. LOL!





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