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Cell Pic Sunday: One Week Until Halloween

Prescott Downtown Series

John Steiner hosts a wonderful challenge, Cell Pic Sunday that’s so easy to participate in – all you have to do is post a picture or two taken with your cell phone and talk about it a little.

My Picks for This Week – More Halloween

My brother and I were born two weeks apart with Halloween between us. What a time of feasting on candy and junk food we had growing up. Back then my main interest in the holiday was only what was in my bag of treats. Now it’s photography.

This ghoul brought back memories of one of my favorite recess activities. We never worried about our abs in those days. Getting on and off the bar did it for us.

Another favorite activity was always swinging. Tree swings, swing sets, tire swings, who cared as long as it went high enough to hang by your knees or lean way back, and you could jump off in a safe place. I still love to swing. Vince and I went to one of the lakes this spring, and I couldn’t wait for the kids to get off the swings, so I could take a turn!

Ghosts Dancing in the Wind

For my last pick, I present two whisps, so happy to see each other after so many years that they are dancing in the wind.

Have a happy Sunday and get ready for Cee’s and my big birthday bash in two weeks on November 7th.

Let’s Party

I’m going to be 70 and she’s going to be much younger than that. A few years ago I put on a big party for a sweet sixteen year old friend online. Invited all her friends, had her favorite music and food and it was a raging success. But I’ve never hosted my own party. So let’s make this about all of us. What would you like to have at our party?

  • Links to your favorite family birthday gathering posts (the more the merrier)
  • Pictures and recipes for party goodies?
  • Music?
  • Favorite toys or presents from your childhood?
  • Birthday trips?
  • Birthday short stories or poems?
  • Funniest party ever?

Now it’s your turn.

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    • You got it. There will definitely be tacos. We love to have Taco Tuesday, but we’ll make an exception. I’m not eating cake either, and have lost about 15 pounds in the last three months – no sweets at all.

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      • Congrats on no sweets and woo hoo! I have dark chocolate sometimes but try to have it with stevia – there is a brand called “lily’s” that is so good!
        And so cheers to tacos – haha

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          • My husband often mentions about how amazing hiking before and after he lost weight – he was up to 220 and now is 185 and he does not use the scope often (he is a part time health coach) and he noted how laborious and tough is was for a backpacking hike with the higher weight / and how he glides now.
            For me – I really love when close fit a little loose – not too loose to wear I need to pin my slacks / that was 2016 to 2017 – or where I am down two sizes – but loose where things fit loose and feel good.
            Anyhow – sending good vibes your way as you continue to heal!

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          • Thanks, Yvette, and congratulations to both of you on all your weight loss. It’s such a big part of staying healthy, I think. ๐Ÿ™‚ I look forward to being more limber. ๐Ÿ™‚

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          • Thanks – and I never had much loss – I hare hovered around the same weight almost all of my life – but in 2016 and 2017 I was way too bony – sounds like a good problem
            To have but it was because I was still healing from gut gunk (which most folks have in our couture and don’t realize it) and even though I ha e come a long way – and have a story to tell with later – just about rebuilding the terrain and gut health as the gut is our second brain!

            My husband’s story is a little different
            He was working out with all that cardio because he was under the impression that it was how to lose weight – so for about 15 months he did all kinds of star master workouts (climbed the Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building) would do 90 minutes on the treadmill six days a week – stuff like that – but was not getting any results –
            Then he realized cardio was not the answer
            And part of why he became a part time health coach was because of the success he finally had!
            A lot of it came with Marks Daily Apple (which is a site I have found so many good tips from even if I don’t read it regularly – it is especially helped me when I was doing parasite cleanses and praying so hard to God to show me what I needed and all that / and MDA talked about helminth therapy and had other ideas – and had truth )
            Anyhow – my husband’s huge revelation on what the body needed (not high cardio and not hours of stressful workout to then constantly refuel with carbs because of being hangry) so he does short bursts of workouts and has become adapted to use fat as a fuel source and not carbs
            And so another perk of getting off sugar (and carbs that convert to sugar – like crackers and breads and noodles) is that eventually the terrain changes to rely on oils for fuel and it is long term vs the short term carb fuel – and is why snacking all the time –
            Sorry to have such a long comment – but a goal
            I have is to try and share more – because sometimes we do not know what will be a catalyst for some folks or what seeds will sprout –
            And another thing that helped me a lot when I was digging for info and asking God for insight – well
            It was o mine comments and people sharing testimonies of what worked for them.
            So when I can I do try to share – just like you do ๐Ÿ˜‰
            And eventually I will share more of what we learned in a nice book – but that is in tje B list

            Hope you have a great day Marsha

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          • Thank you for your long comment. Health and diet is so important. Last month I lost 11.5 pounds and a total of 17 since Sept 15 when my leg swelled up. I’m sure the first six pounds were water weight from my leg, but the rest has been honest loss – probably muscle mass! The doctor today said I’m eating well, and just need to add protein. I’m off sugars, which is a biggie for me. That will be hard to do. Cindy was talking about a 91 year old patient of hers who was planking 5 minutes at a time. I got up to 30 seconds and it about killed me. That is something I could still do easily at home, and don’t. I need to get in that routine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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          • Well you said it right – it is about getting into a routine and then finding what works for us.
            And planks can be modified to start gently!
            I hope you find lots of little things that work for you because I know it takes trying out stuff!
            And my comment was long! Yikes – guess I was on a roll – and it is fun to also catch up a bit!
            Hooe you have a beautiful rest of your night

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  1. Hi Marsha, I screamed with delight over your pictures of the skeletons cavorting in the yard! You have a birthday coming up (and Cee, too)! An online party? Fun! Hope you are well, I’ve been meaning to call you. Got busy with stuff then threw out my back yesterday. Raining cats and dogs here today, not sure if we will be volunteering the last day today at the Fall Festival.

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  2. Every photo has a story, and I hope Cellpic Sunday pics give people a chance to tell the stories behind some of their photos.

    By the way, we are headed south in mid-November. We’ll try to keep in touch by email as we get closer to go-time.

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