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#WQWWC #43: Writer’s Choice or Imaginary

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This weekly writing challenge runs from Wednesday through Tuesday. The only rule is to use a quote. If you want to participate, create a pingback to link your post. Not sure how to do that? See how to create pingbacks here. Be sure to link to the most recent post not my page. I don’t see links to my page. 

What is Imaginary?

Since writer’s choice is up to you, I’ll start in on the optional topic of the week – imaginary – the backbone of fiction writing. However, the word imaginary can take you so much further.

Photographs are imaginary?

As photographs give people an imaginary possession of a past that is unreal, they also help people to take possession of space in which they are insecure.

Susan Sontag
enhanced photo of Lynx Lake. Imaginary or real? What do you think?

I don’t know about you, but this quote got my imagination galloping in many directions. I hadn’t considered photographs as imaginary, had you? But most of mine are enhanced in some way now. Even unenhanced, photos give us such a tiny glimpse of the reality that happened in front of our eyes on that day. My husband and I imagined we saw an alligator swimming along the shoreline.

One second in a three-day 60-mile walk. Did imagine them?

Unlike Susan Sontag, I didn’t think the past is unreal. It’s incomplete. It’s a fraction of a lot of things that aren’t in the picture. But what if you visit a distant place unfamiliar to you. What are those pictures, in truth – real or imaginary? Are you going to remember everything the guide said? What if you didn’t have a guide? So when I look at one of your pictures, it might be imaginary to me, but not to you.

Not a clue who they are, but they are riding on a train at our July 3rd Blast.

What about photographers? They take pictures of someone else’s reality all the time. I have thousands of pictures of Kiwanis events featuring pictures of people whose names I don’t even know.

What About Numbers? Are All Numbers Real?

I taught elementary school with a few extra math courses for fun, but these next quotes make my head spin.

What’s the square root of -1?

The more science I studied, the more I saw that physics becomes metaphysics and numbers become imaginary numbers. The farther you go into science, the mushier the ground gets. You start to say, ‘Oh, there is an order and a spiritual aspect to science.’

Dan Brown

Adam and Eve are like imaginary numbers, like the square root of minus one… If you include it in your equation, you can calculate all manners of things, which cannot be imagined without it.

Philip Pullman

It now appears that the way the universe began can indeed be determined, using imaginary time.

Stephen Hawking

Politics Might Be Imaginary

The crusade against Communism was even more imaginary than the specter of Communism.

A. J. P. Taylor

In my pre-teen years my father had a box full of books in the floor of his closet about the “Red Scare.” I doubt that he read the books thoroughly, or studied opposing thought. He would talk about the news and his views of Communism. Somehow he made a deep impression on me about the evils of Communism before I was even old enough to know what politics were.

According to educational research I’ve read, some of these early impressions even after years of high level study may never disappear.

These quotes came from Brainy Quotes along with pages and pages of others. I just spent an hour relaxing and expressing my quote-focused thoughts with you. That is the essence of #WQWWC.

My Imagination Saved My Life

My reality has some imaginary aspects to it as well and I’ll just share for a second because the entire episode of having what is called VTE (deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms – blood clots in my lungs) has been unreal. It all started with a dream.

Vince and I attended this event on August 27. On September 15th at 1:00 am I felt like this event happened to me in a dream.

Van Gogh Immersive Event in Scottsdale

Asleep on the night of September 14th, I saw flowers coming off the wall onto the floor and up my leg. They hurt. I woke up and my leg really hurt. When I hobbled to the light in the living room, I could see that my leg had bloomed to twice its size. After hours of icing, nothing had changed. The flowers had won.

A trip to the ER to have an ultra sound, ended up being a four-day stay the local hospital. Morphine kept me in my dreamy state of crawling flowers until blood thinners and other miracle medicines worked on my deep vein thrombosis and the pulmonary embolisms in both lungs. A doctor later told me that early detection saved my life.

Did I dream it or was that real?

Really, I’m Doing Well

I can’t imagine what the next step is for me in this saga. Two surgeries are complete. I walk as much as possible, getting up every hour to hobble around the house and once a day go for a longer walk on a flat surface to keep my knee surgeon happy. Today we went to Costco, the $200 store where I bought new large pair of sweats and PJs to fit both legs comfortably.

I still cough a lot when I talk too much – ok lesson learned. (NOT!) My leg may take up to six months to retreat to it’s former overweight size – or it may never go back. It’s too big for compression socks, which are a must and my legs turned a deep rusty color in places. So now I’ll work on that problem.

Good news: I’m loosing weight a little every day as I cut out sweets and replace them with more chicken, vegetables, and protein shakes. Each day I drink eight or more glasses of water. No more pneumonia medicine and I only had one Tylenol today.

And I’m happy. How are you?

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  1. Sending you a big hug, Marsha! This was not quite the “recovery from knee surgery” update I was expecting at all – what an ordeal! I am so glad to hear you are home recovering, and sound like you are in good spirits! It is so good to have you back!

    Cheering you on as you recuperate & continue to heal!

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  2. Interesting musings on photos and photographers. You are so right when you say photographers take pictures of someone else’s reality. At the same time, they are also wanting to create a reality of their own right before their eyes as they see it. Imagination is a powerful thing. That’s fascinating you felt your imagination might have pointed you in the right direction to get medical assistance. Sometimes there’s another dimension out there. Please take care and best wishes, Marsha.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, so much Mabel. That quote took me in a direction I had never thought about. You bring up another aspect – that of the photographer posing the subjects to create a story. Everyone’s happy and getting along (for that second) everyone is silly, the subject is professional, experience, trustworthy, etc. A whole realm of imagination, this time for the photographer. Well thought out, Mabel. 🙂


      • Imagination really can take you places if you let it. Sometimes when I go out with my camera, there are certain shots I hope to get and will try my very best to do that, making the most of what’s in front of me. If someone wanted to be very imaginative, they could always spice up their photos when editing their photos. Hope you are doing well, Marsha.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I love to edit photos, Mabel. Some people add stickers and there are aps that do all kinds of fun things. With Photoshop you can even take parts of one picture and paste it into another picture. Photos can be totally imaginary these days! 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Mabel. It’ always so nice chatting with you. 🙂


  3. Gosh, what a difficult journey you have been overcoming Marsha. Your positivity is incredible. Great post and I must say your dream sequence was really interesting (although I imagine at the time terrifying). Thank you for linking back to my post. KL ❤

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  4. What a close call. Your body, your mind, your imagination saved your life. Thank goodness. Glad you are on the road to recovery. I bet the more you move, the more likely your leg will return to its normal size quickly. How much could just be swelling/fluid? Keep up the good work. Hope you are soon back to 110%.

    I enjoyed these ideas. Had never thought about numbers as imaginary. The numbers in my bank account are certainly imaginary. Or negative!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have studied imaginary numbers in college and in professional development training, but they stretch my imagination farther than it wants to go. LOL Thanks for your kind comments. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I thought I was fantasising as I read this, Marsha! I realised you weren’t posting but had no idea of the reason. Thank goodness you were able to get help early. What a shock for Vince! Take your time recovering, hon. The blog can wait. Sending huge hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m so glad to “see” you back to your blog, Marsha! We all missed you and I’m so happy you are recovering successfully. DVT is nothing to ignore. I’m glad your body caused you to dream about the flowers–quite the amazing metaphor! I love this theme of “imaginary.” Many of your quotes discuss the theoretical side to science, which is so necessary to new discoveries. Our imaginations can take us to new universes. I think about the Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and other visionary writers who created sci-fi and fantasy worlds where our new reality exists due to their creative visions. Do you remember the flip communicators in the early Star Trek shows? The precursor to flip phones of the 90s! All the technology we use today and think nothing of them were someone’s long vision. Too cool! Now I’ll have to wrap my brain around the idea that my photos are imaginary. I think I’ll go with them being an instant snapshot of a real moment in time, a visual to prove that moment existed in the universe. Uh oh, getting pretty deep in here! Thanks for a great inspiring post to get us back on track with WQWWC!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Terri! As I started preparing this WQWWC and looking at the quote, it totally took me away down roads I hadn’t expected to travel. Your comment sums up a lot of my thinking! I had no idea it would get so deep when I started it. I think that is what makes this challenge so much fun. It is great to be back. I can sit at my desk for short periods when I’m wearing my $65 socks. 🙂 This feels great!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Me, too! Cee! Every day it’s something new – both good and sometimes a little step backwards, like the rash. Even though I don’t look quite normal, I’m feeling about 80-90%. YAY! And you’ve been with me every step of the way. I can never thank you enough! 🙂 Lots of love coming your way. My hands are fisted, though, as instructed! 🙂





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