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Lens-Artist #156 – Black and White Photography

This week, guest lens-artist, Anne Sandler invites us to create black and white photography from color photos.

Cee Neuner coaches me on using an Adobe product that is new to me called Bridge. Many of you, like Anne prefer to use Lightroom, and at some time, I may also, but for today I am experimenting with Bridge.

Like Anne, I opened my photos in Camera Raw, and adjusted from there. First I straightened them, if necessary and cropped all of them to use in #TreeSquares in my Hawaii posts. I processed this picture in color to make it as vivid and bright as I could before adding the black and white presets. I saved each picture separately.

This picture might need a bit more straightening, but that is the best my astigmatism will allow me for the moment.
clarity of view
sea and shore in shades of grey
fresh tides ever new .
Copywrite 2021 WillowDot

Thanks for this Haiku, Willow. Click on the two links to read two more of Willows poems. πŸ™‚

These pictures are from a 2012 week-long trip to Maui, Hawaii. We drove down the coast from Ka’anapali Beach to Wailea. After opening the photos in Camera Raw, like Anne suggested, I tried different Bridge presets for processing color into black and white photos.

The drama of the landscape brought out the contrast between the old limb and the sky,

I added noise to this picture to make it look older. Normally I like softer or sharper, but not noisy pictures, but you have to enjoy the noise of the beach when you are in Hawaii, so here you go.

Finally I processed this photo of a coffee bean harvester using the preset of Selenium in Bridge.

This photo also works for Cee’s Black and White Challenge of any geometrical shape. Of course most of them are circles but there are some great rectangles as well.

Coming Up

  • Sunday Stills tomorrow. It’s still not too late to comment on WQWWC, which Terri is hosting this week for me. I’ll be back on Wednesday with the topic of Exploration.
  • July Story Chat’s medical drama, “Sometimes a Miracle” by Gary A. Wilson has plenty of room for your comment before the summary post at the end of the month.
  • Becky B’s Squares #TreeSquare fits almost every photo you have in your archives – Trees – believe me, please. I’m on my knees – get out yer trees. πŸ™‚
  • PPAC – Your Photographs of Public Art are amazing Cee and me. PPAC #5 comes out Friday on my blog, but there is still plenty of time to add your PPAC link to Cee’s blog for this week’s challenge.

Help Us!

Terri and I are both struggling with WordPress freezing our blocks and not letting us edit. Here’s what I do, but it’s annoying.

  • Save the draft
  • Leave the post.
  • Open another draft post.
  • Go back and the block has unfrozen. But that doesn’t stop it from refreezing.

The other problem I’m having is that when I want to “link, bold, or add color” to more than just a few letters, WordPress only picks certain letters to apply what I want to do to the sentence or paragraph. So I have to repeat the process multiple times.

See the sentence below? It took two tries to get it all bold and three tries to get it all blue. If you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment. πŸ™‚ Thanks.

Always Write business card
My ID Card Thanks, Lisa

What are you up to this weekend and next week?

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  1. Well done Marsha – good for you for trying something new! As I understand it, Bridge was the original editing software that came with photoshop. I think it’s a bit less robust but gets the job done. Users swear by it. I’m a big fan of the Nik tools but they’ve become a bit pricey although they offer free trials. Silver Efex Pro for B&W is terrific. Re your WP issues, I have the same problem with having to re-bold multiple times to get an entire block done. I find if you start at the beginning of what you want to bold and drag your cursor to the end it helps somewhat. Browser issues definitely occur but clearing your cache seems to help for a while. Lots of glitches with the new application I’m afraid.

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  2. Great selections and application of subtle nuances. I like the first in particular, as I’m a color guy but see the art in monochrome. The second compare escapes me, ever deficient in nuance, I. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s interesting to read your approaches to editing – I’m so glad Anne encouraged us to include that info πŸ™‚ I hadn’t heard of Bridge. I still use Photoshop Elements which is cheap and works for me but I’m always toying with the idea of upgrading so I may look into Bridge.

    I can’t help with your WordPress problems I’m afraid, and I’m having one of my own. For some reason I don’t receive any pingbacks when people link to one of my posts – actually I do get a handful but a fraction of those made. I’ve changed my theme to no avail and reached out to Jetpack and Bluehost, both of whom deny any responsibility. So I’m stuck – and as I’m due to start co-hosting FFC this week it will be a real problem keeping track of participants’ posts 😬

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  4. lovely #TreeSquares and you have been having fun with editing, but yikes on WordPress. Sounds like the WP gremlins are playing behind the scenes again:-(

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  5. Re your issues with WordPress, it might be a browser issue. Could be worth trying to use a different browser and see if it’s any better. E.g. if you’re using Internet Explorer now, try using Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m using Edge most of the time, Suzy. When I use Chrome, I can’t like anyone’s post. I haven’t tried Explorer or Firefox. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe Terri and I are using the same browsers.


  6. Great photos! As for WP, If I want to ital, it will only allow me to select the line minus the first letter! Many repeats needed to fix it. My posts are also freezing. Saving and exiting then reopening work for me. Very very slow and frustrating!

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  7. Hurrah for B&W, although in the first photo I definitely prefer the color. As for WP issues, I have the same problem with highlighting for whatever purpose. Sometimes it takes me as many as four time to get the entire line done properly. I had that problem for a time before, then it went away, now it’s back. I was thrilled when WP brought back the dots on the scheduling calendar indicating when a date already had a scheduled post. That had been missing for a very long time. Now even though I have a post scheduled, some dates don’t show a dot, making me go back to scheduled posts and check each one to be sure. I just don’t get it but all those things are very frustrating.

    My weekend? Hot, of course, but a very quick trip to the farmer’s market at 8 am (already 92F), watching the replay of today’s stage of the Tour de France, cleanup outside from last night’s huge wind and dust storm, and dusting, mopping, and wet-mopping inside to try to get rid of that feel of dust. πŸ™‚ Summer in Arizona, eh?


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    • We had some nice rain yesterday. Lots of wind, though. I never noticed the dots on the calendar. I’ll have to look. The highlighting thing is annoying. It is in the same editing place as the bold and the text color and the link. It’s in that editing mode that there is a problem.

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  8. Wow Marsha! Lovely images. I think I’m having too much fun with this challenge and love all the new ideas that are coming out of it. It sounds like Bridge is like Lightroom with the same capabilities. I’ll have to check it out. Oh, I think WordPress is becoming oppressive. (Sorry, couldn’t resist) The only way I can get into my WordPress account is on my desktop. If I use it on my laptop, it wants me to create a new account. I try to get it to understand that I already have one, but I get into an endless loop. I have tried to talk to WordPress about it, but didn’t get anywhere. Good luck. My next step is to reinstall Windows. Thanks for this post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my gosh, that is serious. Do you pay for your WP account? I pay $99 a year because then I get chat at least. I have not chatted with them about this. sometimes they can help, but not always. The chat attendant was able to like posts from my Google browser, and I never have been able to do that. So I’ve switched to Edge. I might have to go back to Google Chrome to compose and Edge to read and like. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      • Marsha, yes I pay the $99 per year. I did the chat thing and then moved up a tier on their service chain of command. In the end, they said it was a windows problem. Right now, I’m on my desktop with Chrome as my browser and it works.





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