Story Chat Celebrities Visit the Saddle Up Saloon

“Kid, whut’s goin’ on? Looks like mebbe some movie stars asettin’ at the bar. They here ta take the stage?”

“They might be some sorta celebrities, Pal, but they jist wannered in. I ain’t got no acts or innerviews lined up this week.”

 “These three ladies soun’ like they might be from thet same place as them two blokes thet come through thet time, ‘member? One of ‘em, Logan it was, tangled with yer goats.”

“Think these ladies is arguin’ a might ‘bout where they come from, Pal. Thinkin’ there’s some drama unfoldin’ right here at the bar.”

“Ya best not be eavesdroppin’ on the customers, Kid. Least ways not so’s they notice ya doin’ it. So who’s who?”

“Well, them two at the end a the bar come in t’gether. Venus – that’s the curvaceous one with the dangly earrings – said Diana needed a drink ta calm her nerves.” Continue reading.

Revisit the Celebrities from Story Chat

Postcard from the Past by Anne Goodwin

Coming tomorrow – Kid’s Debut Story Chat


Wanda and a pig
Wanda and Kid’s dog, I mean pig.

3 responses to “Story Chat Celebrities Visit the Saddle Up Saloon”

  1. Anne Goodwin's Sugar and Snails is free in February Avatar

    Oh, wow, my characters are celebraties. Appearing on Story Chat is getting to be like being interviewed by Oprah. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Marsha Avatar

      LOL, almost the same exact, Anne. Didn’t know what you were signing up for, did you?

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