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How to #Square Up and Clear Up Sunday’s Still’s Preoccupation with Fog and Clouds

Heads Up

These bloggers are incorruptible, so I’m going to face their preoocupations head on and give them something to chat up. I’m happy #Hobbyblogging!

First the Fog

Today is mine. Tomorrow is none of my business. If I peer anxiously into the fog of the future I will strain my spiritual eyes so that I will not see clearly what is required of me now!

 Elisabeth Elliot

Searching through my archives sent me back to December 11, 2012 a few minutes after 8:00 am to find these extreme foggy day photos. Sometimes you have to pull off the road and enjoy the scenery. In this case there wasn’t any, so I enjoyed that, too.

All of these photos fit into Terri’s Sunday Stills theme and they are all squared up, so Becky B will have to bat her eyes to try to clear them up. Warning: There is nothing wrong with your eye sight.

I think this shot also applies to Cee’s CBWC – Vanishing Point, too except that you have to imagine that the point vanishes somewhere out there in the wild gray yonder. I can sort of see it. Can you?

All the rest of the foggy day pictures are from the same day. I liked these pictures because in the fog the cultivated field looked like a very choppy sea or river to me. I walked on the “water” to get a better picture. It crunched beneath my feet. If only someone had been with me to capture the moment. What a loss!

As the sun started to break through the fog, you could begin to see the peaks of the Sierra Nevada. There’s Sawtooth!

Of course you see it, don’t you?

It wasn’t long, as I waited, and the sun came out a little more leaving streaks of fog like layers of sandstone. The ground lost it’s choppy water look. Nobody would have believed me anyway.

You never realized how thick your fog was until it lifted.

 J.R. Ward

Now the Clouds

“Ever changing clouds paint portraits on the sky, and each person sees a different image.”

 Rhonda Savage Thompson

In the mile-high city of Prescott, AZ, we live in the clouds rather than under them. They are not painting a picture today as they do in other seasons. They are full of snow. Especially today. The Weather Bureau calls it a “Winter Weather Alert!” I call it a blizzard. Listen to the euphonious video Vince just took of the wind. Imagine flying in these clouds!

Just two of us
In the blizzard
Blanketed with cold
Giant clumps of snow 
blown off hairy pine limbs
Drop in the path of no return.
Stay inside!

Marsha Ingrao

I chose this picture for CBWC. Again the vanishing point is imaginary. The horizontal one cut off by the building, and the vertical one cut off by the square up. The sidewalk that was cleared three hours ago now is covered with about four to six inches deep.

I put on Vince’s boots and stomped out about five steps to look down the vanishing point. Wow. These clouds have been super busy.

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds

This is all exciting the second time out this year. Vince and I feel like kids again. This morning we were living in the clouds. This afternoon, the clouds tried to blast a hole into our home. It clogged up the satellite dish and iced up my window so I can no longer see the snow as it falls.

As soon as the snow clears, I’m getting my own boots. I ordered electric socks to wear under them yesterday after talking to a young neighbor. Then I can take you on a walk the next time it snows.

Attention Photographers

A hobby blogging friend of mine, Frank, is looking for photographers to collaborate with him on his website. He writes but wants to promote your photographs. It’s a great opportunity for fun and exposure. Contact him here. Collaborators – Beach Walk Reflections: Thoughts from thinking while walking (  He will be host #WQWWC on February 10 – LOVE!


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  • I’m super excited that Carrot Ranch ran an interview about Story Chat in the Saddle Up Saloon.
  • Autty Jade, A Day in the Brine hosts this week’s Writer’s Quotes Wednesday Writing Challenge – Change. There’s still time to write your post and link to her blog. She’d love to visit you and so would I.
  • Welcome Restless Jo as the newest Featured Blogger on the Challenge Host Interview Series coming up tomorrow.
  • Wednesday the #WQWWC is back at Always Write. Looking for quotes and responses about trustworthiness.

See you on some of your favorite challenges. What are your favorite challenges?

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  1. Hi, Marsha – I love how this post combines three link-ups in one. Well done! I love your cloud and fog pictures. The fog pictures made me completely feel that once again I was trapped in surround-sound mist (happens here quite frequently). Great shots!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marsha, you snowshoe hare, you need to put up huge buzzing disclaimers. As I read your post, and admired your photos, I almost passed away from all the immense joy…

    I had a run-in with some mist last night. As I scrabbled down this lumpy hill (I almost fell several times), I suddenly vanished inside a pool of slushy mist- the kind that looks artificial, often draped ominously all over graveyards and things. Peering up through the diaphanous whir of droplets, I beheld a huge and enchanting “moon-bow”- only to be seen by looking through the mist. Buh….! Spring peepers sirened through a nearby copse of barren trees, completing a wonderful eerie feeling.

    Wonderful post. That surf-chop-like image is incredible. Thrilling quotes too. Would love to hear how the electric socks work out…I usually go for wool ones and timberland boots.

    And now for a video of screaming peepers. And a man babbling.

    Cheers 😉


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment, ST. It feels like old times, yes? I have wool socks on right now, and I’m still chilly. I should get them by Thursday. I’ll let you know. Does it get cold enough for electric socks there? Of course, if you’re moving to NY, you will definitely need warmer clothing. 🙂 Glad you made it through the mist unharmed. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • It did get a little sketchy when I noticed some LED lights flickering through the zebra-wire trees. Will-o’-the-wisp humans bobbing mysteriously (bloody cheek, who ELSE would be wandering around on such a ghostly night?!) over the distant swamp, haunting a primitive campsite just off-trail. I bolted, tripped right back up that lumpy old hill I adore so much, the mist dripping all over me like a dank shawl. The sky-engulfing moon-halo vanished at the top and I could hear crashing sounds through the din of all those mournful brooch-sized tree-frogs- a night that would sooth Vincent Price’s soul…the crashing, of coruse, was a little silvery armadillo, glittering in the moonlight, emerging from the copse. They always sound like some sort of hulking Big-Foot rampaging through the forest. Sir pet one the other night. An armadillo, not a rampaging Big-Foot.

        This was not supposed to go on and on like that.

        Brumal-wear- I still have mine from the prairie days. I never wear any of it here in FL. Even when it lapses into the thirties and my beloved LH (lumpy hill) glows with frost-smoke, it still feels broiling hot to me. I used to stamp across the “tundra” prairie (I thought I was some kind of micro-Shackleton or something), down into freezing creeks and pervaded the vast expanse of snowy wood, usually, with two pairs of woolies- but these electro-sox sound quite nifty. They have something similar in glove format too, I bet. Oh would that be nice…I look forward to hearing about these things in your scintillating snow reports.

        Smiling cheers,


        Liked by 1 person

  3. That is some thick fog, my friend! I remember those horrid, never-ending fog weeks in Sacramento. The only respite was driving to the foothills to see some sun. The photos are cool! Thick clouds brought that much snow to you! We got maybe 1-2 inches today. More on the way. My brother’s area near Scottsdale got some snow dust today. Crazy weather. By the way, get Sorel boots. Decent price on Amazon.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. it reminds me of my old stomping grouns Marsh in Daly City… fog bank of the world. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. you def stireed up some emotions there. lol… love the crisp snow pics … so fresh!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Electric socks? Do tell! Do they sing and dance too? 🙂 🙂 Lovely post, Marsha, and so creative your walking on water shots! Made me smile…and I did actually peer closely! SO much snow! That’s unreal 🙂 Definitely big kids again. Thanks for the shout out. Catch you later!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Electric socks? Are you kidding me, Marsha? They don’t sound very safe to wear in all that snow. I wonder if they’ll take off in the UK?
    Stay safe in all that snow and ice. I thought you guys had moved somewhere where it’s warm and sunny most of the year.

    Liked by 1 person




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