#Writer’s Quotes Wednesday Writing Challenge #2 Anticipation

#WQWWC #2 Anticipation

This week I’ve chosen the word anticipation primarily because of all the activities that surround the holidays, at least in normal years. Anticipation can be defined as expectation of something good, dread or fear of the future, hope, waiting, or suspense. 

Centuries of anticipation surround the Christmas story. If you are telling a personal story, it might be about anticipating the holidays with family or what you are going to do instead of gathering.

Personal memoirs might include what you anticipated as a child. I remember being disappointed until I gave up anticipation at about age ten. It wasn’t that I didn’t get presents. What I remember is that I usually received clothes rather than toys or games. Don’t you love my new red jacket? I must have received a Brownie camera as well.

We all anticipate the weather at this time of the year. Will it snow or rain? Will the sun come out? When I was a child we hoped that it would snow. At our house blizzards would blow snow against our house to the top of the roof, and leave the front lawn bare. Do you have an opinion to share?

Maybe you anticipate the opportunity to write a poem or a short story. Any genre works. Just have fun with the topic and your favorite quote. Thanks for joining in.

Here’s a Quiz

Who wrote this quote and why is the person famous?

An intense anticipation itself transforms possibility into reality; our desires being often but precursors of the things which we are capable of performing.     

Your guess

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My Attempt at #WQWWC

Last week I combined a Haibun, personal story, and a photo. For this challenge, I’m attempting a short story. I tried to cram it into 99 words Carrot Ranch – style, but it wouldn’t shrink.

When I was all done with my story I realized to my horror, that the Goodreads quote I had picked did not contain the word anticipation. So, I debated – go with what I wrote or look up another quote and write something different.

You can decide which story you like better.

Anticipated Change of Life

a Short Story by Marsha Ingrao

“I reached maturity under the impression that I was gathering the experience to order my life for happiness. Indeed, I accomplished the not unusual feat of solving each question in my mind long before it presented itself to me in life – and of being beaten and bewildered just the same.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned

“Maturity, Fitzgerald? Ha,” Misty slammed the book on the nightstand, tossed her glasses towards the nightstand, and stared off into space, gulping a pill.

“Two drinks after dinner and my friends and I are worse at fifty-five than we were at thirty.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald didn’t argue.

“A dating contest, for God’s sake?” raising her eyebrows, “Damn right I’m bewildered. Two widows and a spinster? One, maybe all of us engaged in six months with no prospects to start. Lunacy.”

Misty wrinkled her nose anticipating the thought of living with a man who farted in bed, wore flannel pajamas, scratched her stubbly legs with his toenails, and walked with the help of a cane. Well maybe not the cane. 

“Am I beaten because I don’t have a husband? Isn’t my life already ordered and happy?” Misty shrugged her shoulders as she slipped into her robe and padded to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

She wound a blue and white cotton bandana around her thick graying blond hair to ward off the frizz that came with unprotected night sweats and dabbed cream under her eyes and across her forehead. 


The face that looked back at her in the mirror began to laugh.

“I’m such a prize, what man wouldn’t want me? Engaged in six months? Bet’s on.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald slid to the floor.

Entry #2

I found this quote online at Wise Sayings. I am so pleased with myself that I squeezed it into 99 words.

Shoes for Christmas

The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting.”     

Andy Warhol

“Did you get my present?”

“Not yet, Ace.”

“Can I go to pick it out?”

Kelly cracked open four eggs.


“What are you fixin’, Pa? French toast with chocolate gravy?”

Kelly whipped the eggs bacon and broccoli. Ace loved bacon and eggs.

“No shoes.”

I wouldn’t make you eat shoes, Acey.”

Ace slapped Kelly’s robe. “Come on, Pa.”

“Maybe shoes.”


In two seconds the bacon and eggs disappeared. Crumbs of broccoli lie stranded like living trees after a forest fire.

Later in the barn, Kelly wrapped new horseshoes for the horse their neighbor gave him for Ace.

Have fun writing with quotes this week.

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    1. Marsha Avatar

      Thanks for linking, Myrna. 🙂


  2. Cindy Georgakas Avatar

    I love these memories and anticipation of the holidays we all have in our heads which can certainly get us in trouble this go around. Lovely shared. Of course the famous person of the quote was you… 🤗 I just wrote about a maxi coat I wanted and it wasn’t under the tree and then later in the day it was under my bed.., I jumped for joy! I love this because I’m going to have every family member write a poem and share about a memory.. soooo grea and your pics are awesome1
    ❤️❤️❤️👏 Cindy

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    1. Marsha Avatar

      Thank you so much Cindy. I’m so happy about your coat. Very funny! I may need to come borrow it. It’s colder here than my outgrown coats are going to be able to handle. I guess I’d better start asking Santa. and keep an eye out under the bed for something other than my cat! 🙂 Thanks again for the lovely comment. 🙂

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      1. Cindy Georgakas Avatar

        You’re so welcome! Oh my, I’ve been walking around in my fake fur…. house gets colder than outside. lol.. Those cat’s make great fur coats at night. i have 2 on the bed and 2 dogs which helps. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 xo

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        1. Marsha Avatar

          LOL, We only have two cats and one dog. It’s cramped. 🙂

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          1. Cindy Georgakas Avatar

            oh the bed is crazy at night.. lol. but i’m warm. 🤣

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          2. Marsha Avatar

            Funny! 🙂

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