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#Sunday Stills: Prescott, AZ City Sidewalks

#Prescott Walk #3 Downtown Prescott

Prescott Downtown Series

Terri Webster Schrandt invited us to write about City Sidewalks this week for Sunday Stills. Ironically we moved 500 miles east of Woodlake only to find ourselves in the heart of the old West. I should have painted out all the cars and stop lights, and you would have thought you were back in the wild, wild west. 🙂

Famous for Courthouse Square and Whiskey Row, the sidewalks in Prescott offer tourists and residents a wealth of shopping, eating, people watching, and photography.

It’s also one of the healthier, safer places to be. This year COVID didn’t hit Prescott hard until recently in spite of the fact they held the World’s Oldest Rodeo on July 4th.

As of Dec. 6th, Yavapai County has reported 6,621 cases of COVID, up from 861 cases on July 3rd. Of those 130 have died, 120 of them since July 3rd. In spite of the spikes it is much more pleasant not to be in a lock-down state. Even my husband willingly wears his mask to go out.

President Trump also made a pit stop in Prescott on his campaign trail with his October 19th Rally. Attended by approximately 10,000 people, most of them did not wear masks in the pictures. Since the day before his visit, the number of cases has risen nearly three times, but deaths are a very small percentage of those cases.

Nevertheless, today on Prescott city sidewalks you see more and more people wearing masks. It is optional, but most people wear them in stores.

In the restaurant we tried today, the Lone Spur Cafe, customers wore masks to enter then took their masks off when they got to their booths. Waitresses and hostesses all wore masks. At the hole in the wall restaurant we went to yesterday, none of the workers wore masks. That is not the norm here.

I did not enhance the colors of this picture. The sky is really that blue.

The sidewalks were not packed. Most people had their masks in hand ready to wear when they went inside.

The courthouse was not crowded at all. The city canceled the parade on Saturday afternoon and the lighting ceremony on Saturday night due to COVID. That didn’t stop a few decorated cars from forming their own parade down Whiskey Row honking and waving at people. The big difference was that only a few people watched. We were outside of a store when one of the shop keepers started waving, or we might not have noticed the cars.

We came from a small town to move to this metropolis. We are not sure we arrived in a real metropolis, though. Three fire fighters came into the restaurant while we were there. As far as we could see, it was not a business call. When we came out, we saw where they parked. I felt right at home in a small town atmosphere. The peak that you see in the background is Thumb Butte.

On Saturday, we came downtown, it’s only about five miles from our house, to take pictures of Courthouse Square. We thought this was one of the weirder statues we had ever seen. The horse is standing on the man. I’m not sure of the significance, but maybe someone from Prescott will tell me before too long, or I’ll find it online. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed our little walk down the city sidewalks of Prescott. For more sidewalk pictures, visit Terri’s Sunday Stills post this week. This also works for Alive and Trekking’s Which Way Photo Challenge.

As a hobby blogger, challenges are one of the best ways to get to know other bloggers. I love to promote and support hobby bloggers who host challenges.

If you or someone you know hosts or participates in a photo or writing challenge and want an interview, let me know.

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    • So far we feel like we are on a long vacation. COVID still soars everywhere, though. So things will probably close up here much like they are in CA.


  1. Prescott seems to be a calm and peaceful town. I really enjoyed these photos of a place I have never been. I prefer life in a smaller town to life in the country. The nice thing about my hometown is that I have a bit of both: it has its own idyllic charm with a lovely center of half-timbered houses and a small river. nevertheless, you can get to the big city of Cologne fairly quickly.
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands/Germany…
    Rosie 🙂

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    • Oh, you live in the beautiful country. Our son was stationed in Germany, fell in love with a German girl, but did not meet up to her father’s standards. I’ve never been to Germany, but would love to some day after COVID is under control. Yes, Prescott is calm, and only 43,000, whereas our town in Central CA was 7,000. I’m enjoying the amenities and the new views. I still can keep in contact with my friends through phone and zoom, much like we have been doing during COVID. I only saw a handful of my friends on a regular basis and I miss them terribly. Thanks for your lovely comment. 🙂

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  2. What a lovely place you have moved to Marsha. Have you met any of your neighbours yet? And do they have any strange traditions? 😀

    It’s hard to believe that some establishments still do not make it a requirement for their staff (and customers) to wear a face covering. Here in Wales, the Covid cases are rocketing again, but mainly because of household mixing.

    Prescott really does look like a wild west town. Are there many cowboys about or any signs of the old wild west?

    Enjoy your new home. I hope you’re settling in.

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    • Hi Hugh, thanks for the lovely comment. Yes, cowboys abound at least in art. It’s a fun place. It will be a while before we get out of vacation mode. We had visited here on occasion, but never stayed this long. We usually went to Sedona which is much more touristy. We have met neighbors briefly and outside. We have met the people whose condo we are buying. She called me last night to invite us to a parking lot happy hour party. We are going to wait on that until we get there. It will be easier than to commute. We are excited to be moving into a community with lots of opportunities to meet people. Prescott is sort of a destination town. Most people you talk to have been her 2 years to 3 months. 🙂 Take care and stay safe. We had an important presentation at our Kiwanis meeting by a young man who is doing COVID research for his doctorate. The vaccines are so close. Lots of virtual hugs. 🙂

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      • The vaccines are indeed close, Marsha. You’ve probably already heard that in the UK they’ve started to give the vaccine to people over the age of 80 and to those that are considered key-workers. I’m a long way down the list before I get mine but, by this time next year, I hope the world will have become a little more accessible to us all again. In the meantime, stay safe.

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        • Yes, you’re so young, you’re way down on the list! I’m not to the old people list either, though! I’ll probably be last because I’m not at risk. I have type o blood, which seems to make a difference, I am not out in public much and I wear a mask. So I’m pretty safe. Once we get the riskiest people under control the virus will start to die out on its own. So stay safe yourself.

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  3. Wow, Marsha, your walk around Prescott was an eye-opener for me. I didn’t expect to see the rolling hills in the background. What a lovely town and good to see people respecting the power of covid by wearing masks when necessary. The virtual walk was beautiful and you guys are going to make new friends and have a blast. One day I will walk those streets with you, cameras in hand!

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    • I can’t wait! There is so much to see. We went to Goldwater Lake after we left downtown. It was about 4 miles away, in the middle of Prescott National Forest! Such an amazing place. You’re going to love it, and we’re going to love showing you around! 🙂

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  4. I really enjoyed these photos of a place I have never been. The statue of the man next to the horse is interesting. I think he is next to him unless you can see a hoof on top of the man. Anyway….thanks for sharing Prescott with us.

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    • It looks like the hoof is on him, but it kind of melts into him. I made it very close and I still can’t see. I thought I took several pictures from several angles, but they are not in my phone, so I didn’t. I’ll go back and check it out again. Your version makes a whole lot more sense, Anne. 🙂

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  5. Great fun!! Thanks. Was the horse really standing on the man. From my view, it looked like he was standing next to him. Oh, well. Guess they were getting along OK.

    Glad you don’t have to feel such Covid stress as we do. Interesting that once Vice doesn’t feel he has to wear a mask, he does. A little rebellion there; huh, Vince?????

    Best friend from high school and her husband showed up unannounced and brought lots of laughter to this place. I had been feeling so down. Sadness was building, and your leaving put me on a downhill slide. No birthday parties for either Jack or me. Kids can’t come over, because Matt was exposed up close and personal to a Covid positive friend. My Connie is coming over from the coast, however, on Friday. We’ll hole up here and forego any idea of lunch at the Vintage Press. WE’ll play Rummikub over and over and over. I just found out that she, too, loves it.

    Gorgeous weather, but we’re all praying for rain. It’s only rained two or three times. Only one storm was at all significant. Dry as a bone out there.

    Good news is that we think we’ve found a peddler to take our fruit. We’ve gone two years in a row, watching what we could’t eat just fall off the trees or dry up. So, that’s a silver lining.

    See you on the blogs. Hugs and love to you and Vince from Jack and me. Hello to Cindy.


    Monica Pizura



    • Hi Monica, So now you’ve been downtown at least a couple of times, right? I’m sorry you’ve been so sad. I know you will have a great time with Connie. See you’ll have a playmate! Our weather here sounds about the same as yours. It’s gorgeous. No rain, a little tiny bit of snow a week ago. We’ve been here three weeks tomorrow. Wow, time flies. There are four lakes within a four mile drive from almost anywhere in town. We’ve been to three of them now. We also walk the dog two times a day or so. So we are getting out quite a bit.

      I’m glad you found someone to take those delicious oranges.

      Say hi to Jack, Julie, Matt and Major and Connie.

      Lots of love. xxxxxxxx 🙂





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