Here it is the results from the final Carrot Ranch Rodeo Contest, the TUFF one!

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Everything about the TUFF Rodeo contest was difficult.

TUFF is an acronym for The Ultimate Flash Fiction. The contest challenges writers to revise their original 99-word draft through a series of word reductions. It gives writers the chance to think differently about their original draft.

To make the contest harder, each week of the four-part contest gave writers a new craft twist. When TUFF writers had to reduce their draft to 59 words, they also had to craft two different 59-word points of view. Next, writers had to craft three different 9-word taglines for their story. Finally, writers had to revise their original 99-words and add an eerily out of place prop.

Judges considered each entry’s process as much as the final result. They expected an original final 99-word story that incorporated the western and romance themes with an out of the place prop. They wanted to see raw ideas…

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2 responses to “TUFF Winner Announced”

  1. Charli Mills Avatar

    Thanks for all your contributions to the 2020 Rodeo, Marsha! Hat’s off to you!

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    1. Marsha Avatar

      It was my pleasure. 🙂


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