THE SATURDAY SYMPHONY #18 (Darkness and Light)

This is Jude’s 18 edition of his challenge The Saturday Symphony. Already 51 people are excited about it. I love his first picture. Jude is soon to be featured on Always Write, but you can get to know him first on his site.

Tales Told Different

Happy greetings to all you symphoneers and those passing through.

Welcome to the 18th edition of The Saturday Symphony. Here are some thoughts to kick us off;

Acknowledging that something so beautiful can have a very ugly side is often difficult. Is ignorance bliss or denial?

Where there is light, darkness is close by.

I have shown you my light
And you have basked in its beauty
If I show you my darkness
Will you stay all the same
Will you take the good with the bad
And see me for who I truly am.

See the darkness, then learn to lull it to a wakeless slumber

This week’s three featured posts

  1. What do we do with a drunken sailor by Richard DaybellAmazingly told.
  2. Empty by ZoewiezoeBeautifully Deep poetry.
  3. An autumn night tragedy by CaleeRemarkable storytelling.

See me, then you can have me.

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