Thank you for sharing this month of Breast Cancer Awareness with me. I am so thrilled to have met Abigail Johnston. What a brilliant writer and advocate. I wish her and all of you a happy November, my favorite month. I celebrate my birthday November 7th with the joy of still being alive and a contributing member of society. I didn’t battle, I was lucky and had the surgeries and took the medications the doctors prescribed. But I don’t recommend getting breast cancer, so make sure you check. If something looks or feels a little off, it might be. Get it checked.

No Half Measures

It’s been quite the month, right? If you have stuck with me this whole month of facts and information about Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC), you deserve a medal! Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for getting to the end of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) 2020 a/k/a Pinktober a/k/a Stinktober.

And now remember that this every day, every month, every minute of our lives for those of us living with MBC. We learn daily about treatment going well, treatment going badly, someone entering hospice, someone getting diagnosed, someone dying. We wake up daily to side effucks that are chronic, like pain and nausea and explosive diarrhea. We wake up daily to reminders that our lives will never be the same. We wake up to anticipatory grief and preparation for the end of our lives.

Heavy, right?

It’s particularly appropriate to think about death on this All Hallow’s Eve…

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4 responses to “BCAM: October 31st”

  1. Retirement Reflections Avatar

    I agree, this is such a powerful post. Thank you for sharing this, Marsha.

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    1. Marsha Avatar

      Thanks, Donna. I think Abigail’s posts have been amazing. Thanks for reading.


  2. bloggingwithjrp Avatar

    Wow! Powerful!!! So happy to celebrate with you.

    Love, Me.


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    1. Marsha Avatar

      Thank you, Me. Im looking forward to tomorrow evening. 🥰🥰🥰


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