BCAM: October 14th

WOW, Abagail points out a different perspective in “doing battle with cancer.” That’s one phrase I can throw out of my vocabulary. DONE! Read what else you can do to help those with Stage IV MBC.

No Half Measures

Language matters.

Let me say that again, language matters.

Here’s how Adiba describes how MBC patients look at the “battle” terminology:

As a person who loves control and wants to have control, losing control over so many things as a forever patient has been a rough transition for me personally. One thing no one has control over (except, of course, God) is how our bodies respond biologically to the treatments. No two people are exactly alike and no treatment results in the exact same result.

We don’t have any control over how our bodies respond or the cancer cells, so we have no way to “fight,” and the end of that metaphor is we “lose” when we die. Once we are diagnosed, we have lost. We have lost the ability to make a difference by anything under our control. Don’t rub it in by using this language, don’t minimize our…

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  1. Abigail Johnston Avatar

    Thank you for sharing!!

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    1. Marsha Avatar

      Always, Abigail. I’m sorry I missed some. I am moving and my life is out of control right now. I will go back through them in Nov. though and get the ones I missed. Each post is a gem.

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      1. Abigail Johnston Avatar

        No worries, I totally understand!!

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