How to Find Interesting Buildings and Store Fronts

#Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Buildings, Store Fronts

I browsed through hundreds of building pictures before I picked these. Many were much more artistic with statues of dinosaurs, baseball bats in front, windows with shiny mannequins on multi-colored lighted stairs, big cities, historic cities. Decision making was further limited by which photos loaded from my phone, and which clogged it up.

Mostly I found that I’m not a great building photographer. The pictures are usually crocked, and many times parts are cut off. Many of the beautiful buildings I’ve taken, I didn’t label or use, so I could post it, but not say a word about it. I’ll save those for Wordless Wednesday. Instead, I included pictures that had some meaning or memories for me.

Woodlake Hardware Built in 1917

Until about three years ago the 93-year old man who owned this hardware store had worked there since he graduated from high school in 1940 – except for his service in WWII as a glider pilot.

“Argosy” Argonaut Book Shop

You can’t even tell what store this is from my photo, but it was interesting enough to our tour guide that my friend and I returned to the store after the tour. We found boxes of books, not yet for sale. Sleuthing through them we noticed that many were about the water problems in Tulare County, an oddity to find in San Francisco. Stranger still, they had just been donated by the estate of a Tulare County Historical Society friend of mine, Stan Barnes.

This Las Vegas storefront looks unimpressive from the outside, but don’t be fooled. You have to sign in at the table to get inside. The Pawn Stars work here. We didn’t see them, by the way.

This artsy building is the Buckaroo Diner in the town of Three Rivers on the way to the Sequoia National Park. I love turquoise and the food isn’t bad either.

Sometimes you see diners that were boats, but there aren’t too many boats that have been docked and turned into a hotel. You can find it in Old Town Sacramento.

This squarish museum is the perfect front for the museum. Super fascinating place to visit if you love gadgets, robots and cell phone statues. I recommend visiting if you ever go to San Jose.

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3 responses to “How to Find Interesting Buildings and Store Fronts”

  1. bloggingwithjrp Avatar

    Loved this one. Wonder why Barnes didn’t leave his collection to Chris Brewer. Maybe Chris is tired of collecting or has run out of space. The Buckaroo in Three Rivers has such interesting history. We used to go there as children, Inda’s family and mine. Nena went there in high school and got “blottoed” one summer afternoon (so the story goes—she must have been blottoed before, because I can’t imagine them selling her liquor). The woman owner was named Marge. I can’t remember his name, but they were married and I can see his face plainly.

    You do such interesting things, and we never talk about them when we get together. We should.


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    1. Marsha Avatar

      Thanks for your kind words, Monica. Chris is out of space. I’m sure he would have taken the collection anyway. I saw the inside of his storage building once-packed probably 2 stories high with small walkways between rows like stacks in a library. You should write on your blog. You have much more knowledge of the history around here. And you have pictures. AND you are a great story teller and writer. I vote for you to blog!!!

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