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9 Tips to Use Your Blogging Journal Guaranteed to Make Your Blog 100% More Interesting

“Journaling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.”

Mina Murray

Blogging is like shouting your thoughts to the universe. Connect them and you have a high traffic blog with valuable insights.

Mental health experts, Baikie & Wilhelm, 2005 tell you that journaling can improve life. In the same way, a blogging journal can also take your blog from lifeless and disorganized and add sparkle, interest and so much clarity that your uppity friend will want to read every post. 

Introducing Peter Problogger and Holy Hobbyblogger

Holly runs a photography business out of her home. In her spare time, she blogs about gardening and photography. She struggles with managing all her blogging tasks. When she gets frustrated, she calls her friend who writes for several famous blogs and has thousands of followers and high traffic on his blog.

“I need a bigger brain, Peter Problogger. Blogging makes it hurt. I’m learning so many things at once.”

“Your brain is fine, Holly. You need a blogging journal. Your blogging journal acts as an extension to your brain that never gets tired and is always there for you.”

“I don’t have time to write in a journal. I take at least ten hours to research and write a post. Then it’s another ten hours to edit it.  I barely have time to read anyone else’s blog. Most of the time, I just click and read blogs as fast as I can. Sometimes, I press like to get through more blogs.”

So, why are you blogging, Holly? If you just want to pass the day, work a jigsaw puzzle. 

“Very funny, you know I make puzzles from my best photos. But I love to blog because I love it when people like my posts. It’s nice reading about people around the world.”

“You’ve met over 30 people on your blog this month. What do you remember about them, Holly?”

“Off the top of my head? I remember the names of the ones that I featured, and what their blogs are about.”

“Great!. Why, Holly?”

“We talked about something they wrote, or that I was researching for my post.”

“Uh-huh. How did you find them a month later?”

“Ugh, I waste hours sorting through my posts or worse, I don’t find them!”

“Like I said…”

“Don’t say it, I need a journal. But how do I get started? I don’t even know what to write, or what kind of journal to get.”

“You’re not alone, Holly. You don’t need to buy anything. Let’s get started.”

From Journal to Amazing Blog

“I’ve always written. There’s a journal which I kept from about 9 years old.”

Maya Angelou
9 tips infographic Date Stamp, set goals, document news and weather, review and revisit, keep open while blogging, curry your lists, track your blog posts, develop a niche sheet, link research notes

Top Tip #1 Date and Time Stamp

You can buy or make journals both paper and online. Before you write a word, date any journal entries {especially with paper journals} Don’t wonder later! Dating an online journal, though less disastrous if you miss, maintains an organization useful for scheduling and searching.

You might include the time because as you continue, you get a feel for which times are best for journaling, writing, reading. One of the biggest problems bloggers have is being consistent. A journal will help you discover your best journaling times and help you be a steady blogger until you develop a habit.

Journals gather data for you effortlessly. You can chart or graph later. Readers love infographic data. The data will show you your best blog reading and writing days. Were you stuck inside because of hot weather or an unexpected storm? The more data you write down, the easier you can draw conclusions.

Details make 100% more interesting writing!

Top Tip #2 Set Goals

“Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself.”

Robin Sharma

List your goals for:

  • Learning about blogging – classes, webinars, conferences, coaches
  • Researching posts
  • Writing headlines
  • Writing posts
  • Editing posts
  • Reading blogs – readers, email, social media
  • Expanding your reach – newsletters, social media

Goals can be as large as a mission statement and as small as a daily to-do list.

Top Tip #3 Document News and Weather

Why include information about news or weather? When you reread your journal, it gives you a perspective you might use when writing a new post, or a comment. You might even include how it made you feel.

Writing improves memory. Ask yourself, what was in the news six months ago? Did anything get resolved?

New post – follow up on last year’s news.

Top Tip #4 Review & Revisit

“Journal writing, when it becomes a ritual for transformation, is not only life-changing but life-expanding.”

Jen Williamson
  • Each month, maybe mid-month, read back over your journal from the month before. 
  • Highlight or star the blogs of your favorite influencers for each day based on what or how much and what you wrote about the blog. 
  • At the bottom or top of the online journal, use these starred entries to create a list of URLs to your favorite sites to create an easy roundabout blog post. The roundabout blog post features influencers and what they have to say about a certain topic. Your saved URLs in an online journal  make it so much easier to create this type of blog. 

An influencer is anyone who makes a difference in their field of study. They might be amazing bloggers, knitters, surfers, doctors, gardeners, authors, psychologists, even poker players. Every blogger has their own group of influencers.

Influencers write 100% interesting articles!

Tracking your favorite blog posts provide you with data to find your writing niche. [Acccording to Sophie Lizard of Be a Freelance Blogger, successful bloggers have their own niche or niches] 

To find your niche, observe patterns in your reading that will appear as you review and revisit your journal. In addition, having data about the blogs you enjoy will identify your audience – ESSENTIAL to creating a 100% interesting blog.

spiral journal with printed page pasted ona a page
Cut and paste: real and digital

Tip #5 Blog with an Open Journal

“I started writing a journal, and I was learning so much along the way.”

Jay Leno

You always learn something as you read blogs, so keep the current month’s journal open at the same time to record your thoughts and insights. Keep it open as you write.

Online journals make cut and pasting into your journal fast but you have to watch your flow of writing. Edit for smoothness

screenshot of Always Write Blogging Journal in Use
Online journal – one of many tabs open when you write The boldface line includes links to other Google docs, including a list of favorite blog URLs.

Top Tip #6 Curry your lists

At the top of your online journal, paste a list of your favorite blog’s URLs  from previous journals, or create a new Google Document and paste the link into your journal. You can cut back your list to weed out those who are not responsive, don’t blog consistently, or any other reason you have to eliminate them from your current open blogging journal.

By the way, I discovered Jon Morrow, Freelance Writing King (my moniker for him, not his) and Mary Jaksch Write to Done, years ago when reading Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging and Queen of the Roundabout Blog Post. She interviewed on Always Write, and even the interview is a roundabout.  Write to Done published an article by Carol Tice, Make a Living Writing – another freelance writer influencer.

Your To-Do – If you haven’t met any of these fine folks, please visit them and tell them I recommended them. They all offer valuable courses in writing and blogging.

Since your Favorite Blog List may get long, you might want to keep track of how many times you visited that blog, if you don’t have a quote or notes to write about your visit.

Top Tip #7 Track your own posts

You might use the journal to also keep track of your own posts. It’s quicker than searching through your blog for your posts. Write as much information as you want, but include the link to the post. 

Use the links to fulfill Tip #8.

Screenshot of Niche List in Use.
8–Sample Niche Sheet with topics or Category Headings that show up on the left side of the screen, and a list of titles with links. This sheet is done in Google Docs.

Top Tip #8 Develop Your Niche Sheet

Eventually, you can use your search feature to create a Niche Sheet listing to categorize your blog posts. Unless you want an excessively long journal, cut and paste your blog links on a separate Google Doc, and post just the link to it at the top or bottom of your current journal – the one you have open all the time you are writing.


Many blogging platforms already suggest posts for your readers to visit after they finish your amazing post. Having your posts categorized in a safe place, away from your website, allows you to find related posts without having to open and close your website constantly. It also allows you to pick the best articles to include internally. This doesn’t replace plugins that help you find posts to reference, but it does allow you flexibility.

It is a must if you have more than one blog or blog on public platforms like Medium or Linked In.

screenshot of Always Write Research Page in Use
Google Doc linked to Online Blogging Journal

Tip #9 Link a Notes or Research Page

This is also a list of topics or URLs. For example, you might have spent about two hours visiting writing communities on Facebook. Let’s say you created a list of great writing groups you joined or want to join on a separate Google Doc. Link research doc to your journal!

You might have taken an online Bootcamp class from Carol Tice blogging at Make a Living Writing. You could link the handouts and your notes into your journal so that you can find them easily. Important research links may follow you in month-to-month journal entries. 

DO NOT share the files you download from other sites. They charge a premium for their information and it is for your use only.


If you blog consistently, you will develop your own system for managing all the work that you put into blogging. These are tips I’ve learned from years of journaling and blogging experience,  picked up from classes, face to face meetings with powerful influencers, reading books, and reading thousands of blog posts. 

I hope this post will encourage you and give you useful journaling tools that will make your blog posts 100% interesting

blogging journal sample iinfographic
Checklist of what you might record in your Always Write Blogging Journal

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Always Write Homework

Great teachers always assign homework to help their students learn skills.Once a teacher – always a teacher! 

  • If you enjoyed this post, please pass it on. 
  • If you have written about similar topics, feel free to drop a link in the comment box.
  • In the comment section share how you follow up with new blogs.
family enjoying the greatly improved life with an online journal

There are many kinds of journal formats. You can spend hours creating your own. Or you can use mine for free.  Click to receive a free PDF template or Google Doc for an online journal or print it out to create a paper diary. 

Debating which to use – paper or digital journal? Join the debate.

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