One of the Top Places to Visit in Maui, HI

Iao Needle in Iao valley State Park

Iao Valley State Park

I met a wonderful woman while battling the Hawaiian surf old-lady style.  On our last day there she told me about Iao Valley State Park where we had not visited.  So before we went to the airport we spent an hour or more hiking around this park wondering how in the world the ancient warriors ever hid behind this needle.

Watch your step; 133 steps to the lookout point!

So up we go to see this big needle that was a famous hiding ground for ancient warriors.  It’s so steep that we wondered what they did before these steps were here?

The climb was easy because we both stopped frequently to take pictures.  I got sidetracked by a spider web sparkling in the sun that wouldn’t cooperate.  Needle-like FOCUS Marsha.  (Self-talk is good.)

The vista was splendid and we are not even close to the viewing area!

Viewpoint Headquarters

This lookout point is as far as the paved public trail takes you. Still, we were not very close to the Needle.  So how DID those warriors get there?  It’s still quite a climb.

What goes up, must come down.

And what a journey down was.  It wasn’t raining while we were there, but the lush vegetation suggested that it rained often.

They don’t bother to post “Watch your step” signs here! (where it’s much more needed than on the safe stairs!)

Kids frolicked in the water.  I don’t advise walking on boulders with cool river waters gurgling over them especially over the falls!

There was something for everybody at this park.

Is he looking for the Needle? He’s not even close to the Haystack!!
It’s an easy walk down to the floor of the valley.

The day was hot, about 86 degrees and muggy, so a splash of cool water from the stream felt good. There were plenty of cool rocks to sit and rest before starting back up to the parking lot.

One traveler from California enjoys the cool Hawaiian weather. It was probably over 110 in Bakersfield California that day.

At the end of the trail, we sat in the shade and watched the vog roll in.  Vog results from the smoldering volcanic ash from a nearby island. Natives say that it’s no healthier for you than smog, but it’s a lot prettier. We sat and breathed it in for a while just to get a feel for the place.

The Needle

With a needle this big, who needs a haystack?  I have to say, this needle is a little disturbing.  Cross my heart and hope not to die, I wouldn’t want IT in MY eye.

Google Map Iao Valley State Park

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  1. Ralph Avatar

    A lot of walking MVBFM ? But beautiful scenery 🙂 ❤


    1. Marsha Avatar

      Not doing enough, for sure, MFR. How are you doing? I was just thinking about you this morning. 🙂

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      1. Ralph Avatar

        We are fine MVBFM as I hope you all are. I thought you must have been thinking about me as my ears were burning. lol. 🙂 ❤


        1. Marsha Avatar

          LOL, I think your ears were just burning. What do you two enjoy doing together now that summer is creeping your way?

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          1. Ralph Avatar

            We are visiting Natascha’s dad this weekend (Easter). Easter is the time when the out door venues such as the aircraft museum opens. Lots to see this summer 🙂


          2. Marsha Avatar

            Awesome, MFR. I hope you both have a fabulous summer. Do you feel like you are in Wonderland still? I think your story is a fairy tale come true. Hope you are both well and happy. 🙂

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          3. Ralph Avatar

            Thank you MVBFM 🙂 Yes, we are well & happy. We celebrated our 1st weddding anniversary on the 24th April. Doesn’t time fly ? 🙂


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