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How to Escape the Heat – Discover Newport, Oregon

Escape the Heat and Fire

Escape the heatThe worst fire season in California history sent thousands like me fleeing to see relatives and friends in Oregon looking for clean air and cooler temperatures. Disappointment drifted around our plane as we flew into Portland International Airport. The air quality in Portland looked nearly as smoky as it did at home near the Sequoia National Park.

Escape the Heat

Rough Fire near Fresno

Visit the Oregon Coast

Temperatures reaching nearly one hundred degrees in the Pacific Northwest dried grasses along the freeway and turned the surrounding hillsides brown. Traffic thinned by the time we passed Salem, Oregon and we continued south to the Corvallis exit.

Escaping the heat

Newport Bridge

A turn to the west took us onto the direct road to Newport, Oregon. As we continued west, grass and trees greened and by the time we reached our destination, we breathed in the fog instead of smoke or dust. We threw open the door and leaned over the patio to enjoy the bay view.

Embarcadero Resort, Newport, Oregon

We stayed close to our hotel, The Embarcadero Resort because we could walk to everything we needed in the Historic Bayfront District.

Escaping the heat

Embarcadero Resort

The unit came with a separate bedroom, one bath, living area, dining area and a full kitchen for $120 per night.  The bedroom comes with a king sized bed and the living room has a queen size pullout bed, which is less comfortable. The view makes up for it.

Escaping the heatMy brother grabbed the binoculars every time a ship motored by the window.

Escaping the heat

Embarcadero Resort Room 252

This morning we awoke to more fog. Donning our coats we walked into Historic Bayfront for breakfast across from  Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Breakfast Cafe in Historic Bayfront, Newport

Breakfast was more than I could eat, but I couldn’t help sampling it before I took a picture. I give it five stars, but don’t ask me the name today. I’ll tell you in another post, so come back again.

Quaint shops line the road on both sides along with a fish processing plant and several restaurants. We ate at Moe’s for dinner two nights in a row to enjoy a beautiful view and delicious, reasonable meals.  – two dinners including salmon came to only $23.00.

Lincoln City, OR

Lincoln City, OR beach

We drove to Lincoln City and walked along the shore for a short time. On a gray morning, few people joined us. Not even boats ventured out in the choppy waves. Tomorrow we are going on an ocean cruise to hunt for whales. They feed here from July to October.

Historic Bayfront, Newport, OR

Escape the Heat

Pier at Newport, OR

It was too early for lunch after eating the huge breakfast, so we headed back to Newport and visited the three tourist attractions, Ripley’s, the Wax Museum, and the Undersea Gardens.

Undersea Gardens

Escaping the heat

Undersea Gardens, Newport, OR

The Undersea Gardens was actually a once-working ship. A diver spent about fifteen minutes displaying the Garden residents, a Dungeness Crab (pictured in front of Eddy’s face), anemone, starfish, and everyone’s favorite,  a  blue shark, were among the many species named.

Escaping the heat

Undersea Gardens, Newport, OR

Wax Museum

From there we crossed the street to the Wax Museum and cavorted with several stars. Some of them would pose up close and personal with you.

Escaping the heat

Wax Museum, Newport, OR

Others appeared too deadly to approach.

Escaping the heat

Wax Museum, Newport, OR

None of them scared us, even the guy who popped out of the wall. One old wax guy sat in his room and watched you on television watching him.  Randy caught him red-handed.

Escaping the Heat

Wax Museum, Newport, OR

We left these jokers and went over to Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Escaping the Heat

Wax Museum, Newport, OR

At that point, I spent more time reading and watching videos than I did taking pictures. In fact, I didn’t take one picture so you will have to go and take your own and link them to this article.

Escape the heat

Wax Museum, Newport, OR

Tomorrow more explorations. Stay tuned. Where have you been this summer?  Link your articles in the comment section. I look forward to hearing from you.





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  1. Came across your post as I am doing some research into a potential trip to visit one of our kids who lives in Portland. We have been to Portland before, but not much of anywhere else in the region. Thanks for the introduction to other parts of Oregon. My other son lives North of San Francisco so I know how hard the smoke pollution was this year for everyone.



    • I love the state. We lived in Portland and later south of Eugene in Cottage Grove. We loved the coastal areas. Portland is fun, and it’s only about a three hour drive to Seattle.


  2. Glad you were able to escape the smoke for a while. What a horrific season. Stunning escape, however. Such grey days are my favourite. Hope you found some whales while in Newport, Marsha, and hope you all are well.



    • Hi Smiling, it’s been a while since we chatted and since I posted. We’re all doing well. I’ve been trying to finish a novel I started fife years ago. I’m beginning to think I’m like that movie Beautiful Mind. Scribble scribble scribble!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Glad to hear you are all doing well, Marsha. Har, is this “Girls on Fire”? I so enjoyed what I read of it a few years ago.

        I’ve resumed blogging. This evening, I wanted to celebrate my love of cinema and use it to express my mood- I’m not so sure about the legality, however, has me nervous- I included stills to go with the quotations. Do you know whether or not this is a vulgar violation of copyright? I assume it is. I should rip it down. I get jittery about everything. I’m all over the place. I think, I too, am like that movie Beautiful Mind!


        • The one and same. It’s so different you wouldn’t recognize it now. Not even all the names are the same. The girls are the same personalities, but I keep adding to it. I hired an editor to make suggestions, but the problem is I can’t write creatively. I should send it to you to make it sound better!

          Liked by 1 person

      • Never-mind, Marsha, I unpublished it- PHEW- I think I’ll keep my cinema-love posts to myself. It’s been an obsession I have kept isolated for most of my life, anyway. I used to get called nasty names over it as a kid- “fancy” “uppity” “elitist” and so on. I don’t know what came over me. I was called “fancy snob” just recently for sharing a few lines of poetry with my niece. When did loving art become shameful and something one should hide? Sigh. I’m rambling again. Have a beautiful weekend, my friend!



  3. You asked for summertime posts, but I’ve been too tied up to write! However, that is because of my summertime activity which is working on a slight restoration of a house we are moving into if I ever get done. 😀 It’s not major, such as carpentry, for me, but just cosmetic. Finding a place that was never painted b/c the paint was white and the plaster beneath was also white, so it was hard to tell where to paint. 😀 Also just cleaning the place–full of webs and dust, but an amazing and beautiful older home. Closer to husband’s work place, so we’re excited about shucking that commute! No fires here; cannot even burn trash b/c of the rain, however, flooding is bad, too, in it’s own way. 😥


  4. Hi Marsha! That map is so telling of the horrendous fires in California and beyond. Like you said, you cannot really get away from the heat and smoke. Even here at the delta this weekend, the wind has pushed most of the smoke away but the smoke is lurking on the horizon. Lots of ash all over things everywhere! Hope you found some respite!


  5. Those fires are terrible, Marsha. I hope they weren’t purposefully lit. That would make it all much worse. Keep cool and carry on. It looks like there’s lots to distract. Any writing?


  6. Babble, babble. So glad you’re having fun in cool and clean air. It looks bad around Woodlake, and my eyes bother me, but our guests are enjoying Sequoia despite it all.


    • I’m so glad. The news up here reports that the smoke has migrated north to Portland, They advise old people and those with breathing problems to stay inside.


  7. I was thinking of you MVBFM when I read about those horrendous fires in California. I hope that your county is okay and that they are nowhere near you. I saw the satellite pictures of the smoke. Really big. I hope that you are all okay. Love Ralph xox ❤


    • Thanks, MF, Ralph. The fires are in the National parks about a half hour and an hour away from us. We’ve had a few brush fires on our hills, but nothing that has threatened our structures. The air quality is ruinous, though. In Fresno, a hour north of us, it’s hazardous for anyone to be working outside. Thanks for your concern. Hope you are doing great today. It sounds like your life has hit a smooth and beautiful time, so I’m so happy for you. 🙂 xox Love Marsha

      Liked by 1 person

      • It has been five days since you replied MVBFM. Looking at the news it is still scary in California. So I hope that you are all okay. Take care my friend ❤


        • You are so sweet, MFR. we are fine. The kittens all sneeze all the time, but their eye infections are gone. They advise adults to wear masks outside. But we’re not doing hard labor in this heat. I worry about permanent lung damage to the firefighters, though. We know some of them. Hope you are doing well. Your life sounds like a wonderful fairy tale now. So happy for you. 😘😘😘

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