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What Would You Ask a Lovely Human About Blogging?

Chris Brogan is a Lovely Human

In two more days, Chris Brogan will be my guest on Always Write for twenty amazing minutes. I announced this event in a Facebook Group, Serious Bloggers Only. Claire Emerson of Get Bossy Now wrote, ” Chris is such a lovely human. Good luck with the interview!!!”

lovely human

That is one of the nicest things you could say about another person. After following him for two months, I agree.

Besides being humble and generous, what I notice is that he gets quickly to the crux of the matter and sluffs off the unimportant trivia.

One Example of Why Chris Brogan is a Wise and Lovely Human

An article I wrote about whether or not make links open in another tab or not had me spinning in circles wanting to blog correctly and get the most traffic possible if I’m sincere. But it also reflects how I like to study. You can read how my readers responded. It was a great discussion.

The post asks the question, “Is it better to let readers decide what happens when they click a link, or to decide it for them?”

If the user chooses the default mode, they have to click the back arrow to get back to the blogger’s site. If the blogger decides, then the tab with the blogger’s post stays open while the reader meanders through the internet link hopping.

So I researched the subject long and hard, wrote an excellent post, and in a thousand words or less, may have missed the deeper point.

The Psychology of Opening Links in New Tabs

Chris Brogan dug deeper into what it says about a blogger sociologically and psychologically to keep the links in default mode so that the readers decide whether they want to go back and read your post after they finish reading the linked post (or to change it to keep your blog open manually). Chris broached this subject in his book, Social Media 101. (Amazon affiliate link)

 … Sometimes this (linking back to your own blog) makes sense. But if every link keeps the audience on your site, you’re telling me that you don’t want me wandering around the Web sharing attention. … Links are the currency of attention (in Internet currency).”

Another Example of Chris’s Wisdom

As a new blogger, I struggled with the vocabulary of blogging; I anguished over “branding.” Blogging 101 from many sources reminded me that my blog was not complete until I had a” brand.”

Since I wasn’t selling anything, I wondered why I needed a brand. A blogger Penny Howe tried to coach me in the meaning of a personal brand.

First I struggled to define who I was and created a child-like logo to tell people who I was. It went nowhere. Someone told me to use my picture as my brand. I did that.

Eventually, I started Always Write, which my husband and I laughingly agreed was the right name for my blog. After about six months I designed a logo. Then my web designer remodeled it so that I’m proud of it. Colors on my blog feel like representations of me.

Chris Brogan on Branding

In his weekly newsletter, words of wisdom, not trivia bleated out from the title.

“You can’t avoid being a brand”

Don’t you love that title? Woah! I am a brand! When Penny tried to explain that five years ago, I didn’t entirely understand. Then Chris went on to explain himself.

“If you swap the word “brand” with “reputation,” it might resonate with you a bit more. What are you known for? What associations do people make when they think of Marsha?”

Now, this is an email that goes to thousands of people, yet he thought enough to put a marker that inserts my name there. It’s strategic. It makes me stop and think about what do people think of me? Chris continues.

  • Action is good.
  • Repeatable results are good.
  • A clear way to describe those results is gold…”

Unfortunately, I left off that last line as unimportant when I first copied it from his newsletter. Chris delves deeper into the topic.

“The question to answer when it comes to your personal brand as it relates to doing business is: ‘Why does someone call YOU?’

Imagine a group of people having a discussion around a table. They’re frustrated. Something’s not working quite right. They haven’t been able to solve it and they’re feeling less and less like they ever will.

‘Oh wait,” one says. “We should call Marsha!’


What do you solve for them?

That’s the question.”

Let me think about this.

Yes, people call me. “Marsha, can you chair a meeting, take on the administrative duties of our

“Marsha, can you chair a meeting, take on the administrative duties of our non-profit, publish our newsletter, help me start a blog, manage our nonprofit’s social media, write a magazine article? Can you be the secretary of our organization, sell tickets, and wash wine glasses at our event? Would you interview kids, be on the Senior Portfolio and, the Ag committees, speak at career day, judge a student event, help my students with their History Day projects? Could you write a grant to create a guidebook for our museum? Or in my husband’s case, make cookies, pull weeds and pick up dog poop.”

Yes, I can do those things and am glad to serve, except for the dog detritus.

What I can’t do is describe the results, other than a somewhat cleaner yard.

Hold on to Your Hearts Bloggers

Chris has his knife out. Watch out lard, cancer, stopped up valves. Chris cuts to the heart of the matter.

“…But think of all the efforts that WON’T solve this challenge.

  • No one cares about your logo
  • No one cares about your font
  • No one cares about your tag line or mission statement.
  • No one cares what color you wear to conferences or your fancy socks.
  • None of that matters directly.”

So, Chris, you’re saying that what is important is what I do repeatedly.  Most of all I need a clear way to describe what my work does for people.

Wouldn’t You Love to Spend Twenty Minutes With This Genius?

If so, you can listen to him every day on his blog or subscribe to his YouTube channel. You can do what I did and join the owners club. (I’m not an affiliate, by the way.)

Maybe you’ve never heard of Chris Brogan. You can listen to the podcast interview on Always Write. This amazing thinker and expert in social media and marketing agreed to do a twenty-minute interview with me Thursday, Sept 7th.  It will post the following week.

However, I’m so excited that I’ve written and rewritten my questions. I’ve read more of his books, listened to his podcasts, attended my first blogging, not education webinar.

If this sounds as great to you as it does to me, stay tuned. I’ll have some insane gifts to go along with this interview, too.

Free Gifts

To get the gifts from Sally Cronin’s interview, sign up for my newsletter (again!) Every time I offer new gifts, you have to sign up. (Sorry!) The newsletter database all syncs. No worries. You won’t get 10 of the same newsletter in your email.

When I finally start sending newsletters regularly, I’ll try to make them as valuable as Chris’. I love getting them!

Chris’s Books

Clicking affiliate links (the book covers) to order will support Always Write charities.

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  1. Fabulous post, Marsha. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this lovely human and learning from what both you and he share. I was rather tickled at the thought of you attending a blogging, as opposed to education, webinar. I try to do both! 🙂


  2. Great Sunday will work for me. I’ll buzz you then. Oh, just hired a web assistant to babysit my website problems. He’s working on my site now. I surrender. I don’t have the patience or the hours to spend Googling every little thing that needs fixing. So I hope to be in the clear soon. 🙂 xx


    • I’ve been there! I’m so glad mine is working fairly well now. Nothing major anyway. It occurred to me about the commenting problem that I have had that forever. I can’t ever remember seeing my comment when I comment on someone elses’s blog, or even on my own. You can get lost in the trail of comments. I remember that I used to do that a lot with Ralph when we first started blogging. 🙂 I delighted in mixing him up! 🙂


  3. Fantastic Marsha! BTW, sorry we haven’t chatted yet about the podcast. The full moon affects haven’t left me, I’m going through kerfuffles at every turn for the past 2 days. Let’s chat on FB on the weekend and sort out a time for us to connect on Skype. Love you back girlfriend! xoxo


  4. Thanks for the introduction to Chris, Marsha. This should be a great interview. Looking forward. I like that ‘linking is currency’. 🙂





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