Bette Lee Crosby Book Review Inspires Reading

By Bette Lee Crosby

Review by Michelle Clements James

book review inspires
The Twelfth Child by Bette Lee Crosby


An uplifting tale of trust, love, and friendship from a USA Today Bestselling Author of Women’s Fiction…

Papa wasn’t someone who’d flat out kill a person, but he sure knew how to destroy a woman from the inside…a slice of spirit, a piece of pride, a chunk of heart, until one day there’s nothing left but a walking around as a shell, to do the cooking and laundry…thus begins the story of Abigail Anne Lannigan, a willful daughter determined to overcome the past.

Leaving the Shenandoah Valley of the early 1900’s behind, Abigail finds a way to survive in a world of joblessness and speakeasies. Now, at the tail end of her years, her best friend is accused of embezzling one million dollars and Abigail is helpless to save her. She knows the truth of what happened, but will never have the chance to tell.

Reminiscent of Fannie Flagg’s “Fried Green Tomatoes” the May-December friendship of these two unforgettable women is sure to settle in the soft spot of your heart.

The Twelfth Child, told in the timeless tradition of Southern Fiction, is a novel rich with emotion, humor, and tenderness. A Historical Mystery set in the 20th Century, this is a story of love, friendship and one woman’s struggle to survive America’s Great Depression.

Winner of: FPA President’s Book Award Silver Medal, the Royal Palm Literary Award for Women’s Fiction, and the National Association of American Pen Women Fiction Award.


Growing up with a father who preferred her twin brother, Will, Abigail Anne Lannigan was continuously trying to win her father’s love, but he had a heart of stone.  After Abigail’s mother passed away, life became increasingly hard for Abigail.  Her father wanted her to quit school and take care of the household chores, and marry someone of his choosing at a young age.  Abigail Anne had bigger plans and, with the help of her teacher, found her way to Richmond, Virginia.  The woman she lived with and worked for passed away and she was expelled from the woman’s home by the probate court.  Life grew tougher as she tried to eek out a living as a dancer at a speakeasy during the Depression years.  A tough, courageous, and determined woman, Abigail Anne faced many trials and tribulations during her lifetime and became successful in her own right.

When Destiny Fairchild, with her heart of gold, moved in across the street the two formed an unlikely friendship, given their age differences. It is their friendship that gives heart to this story. Continue reading.

book review inspires
Michelle Clements James, Book Reviewer

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After college, Michelle entered the workforce but soon left that behind when her children were born. While raising her sons, she embarked on a fulfilling volunteer path for such groups as our local children’s hospital, church, neighborhood association, PTA, classroom volunteer, Kindervelt, military academy parents’ organization, and Make-a-Wish.

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    Fabulous review from Michelle on what looks like a good read. I’m bookmarking this one too! Thanks Marsha. 🙂 P.S. (Once again, I’m unable to ‘like’)


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      I’m sorry about the like. You share. That’s cool for me.


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    Wow! Thanks so much!


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    Marsha, you are the sweetest. Thanks for sharing this on your blog. Have you read any of Bette Lee Crosby’s wonderful books. She is a wonderful writer and her stories will draw you in from page one.


    1. Marsha Ingrao Avatar

      I haven’t read any yet. Your post was the first I’d heard of her. 🙂 So I’m putting her on my list. 🙂 Thanks again for letting me share. We had about 450 impressions on FB and I’m going to post it on Twitter about five times. 🙂


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