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How to Use Canva to Create Easy Social Media Posts

Create Amazing Social Media Posts with Canva

Readers respond to social media posts with good visuals and precise words. Even if you don’t have a graphic designer background, you can create attractive social media posts quickly. You can use a pre-made flyer, or create your post graphic with any photo editing program like Photoshop or Pic Monkey. I use for its simplicity, pre-designed flyers, and great ideas.

There are several plans. One is free and I used that for about a year. I chose a Canva Pro plan billed on a yearly basis. There is also an Enterprise plan for large companies.

How to Use

  1. Upload your picture if you are using your own.
  2. Choose the type of media you are creating.
  3. Canva has pre-created templates. The berry mode below is one of them. All I changed was the wording, so it took about 2-3 minutes to create several social media posts.
  4. You will see a blank screen. Name your design. Canva automatically names it using the heading text you write. Make sure that is the name you want because it is hard to search for a design if you forget what it is called.
  5. Pick your background color.
  6. Insert your uploaded picture or choose one from Canva’s choices or choose a template with a picture you like.
  7. Size the image until you are satisfied with the look.
  8. Download. There are several options. I use jpeg for blogging because it says it is optimized to take less space.
  9. Then upload to the social media page.

You can use any photo editing program you wish, but Canva comes out clean, the right size and the print is not blurred. If you do not have the automatic resize that comes with the paid version of Canva you can still easily resize images yourself. Below are samples of posts in different sizes.

Features of Canva

Canva is more intuitive than Photoshop and performs many of the same functions. So join me and jump right in – hands-on learning works with Canva. If you run into a problem, they have a solution – school.

This was one feature I overlooked until I started teaching Canva classes to students are their courses and tutorials. My students and I clicked on the tutorials and learned together. Each lesson offers a short video (less than 2 minutes) that saves you a ton of time.

Courses are free and each video has an outline.

Reference Written Instructions

  1. Design Icons: On the upper right under the menu bar are some icons that change as you click each element of the design. For example, in the background mode, you can change color and transparency.
  2. The Text function has many options: font, size, bold, case, alignment, copy, transparency, and a link. So it is easy to add a bold heading or a faint watermark. I don’t think the link option is available in the free version. Most of the frequently-used options you have in Word or Google Docs are available in Canva, but the computer shortcuts don’t work. If you want to copy, you have to press the Canva “copy” button.
  3. Elements like shapes, lines, charts, grids, pictures, illustrations have three design options: copy, arrange, transparency, and link. You can also group items that overlap.
  4. Images & Templates: Two of the most useful elements in Canva are the assortment of images and templates they have. Many are free. The most you pay is $1 for a picture you can use without the worry of copyright infringement.
  5. Editing Options: Pictures have several more editing options. You can filter, crop or flip. Some of these might not be available with the free program.
    1. Filtering gives you a simplified version of changes you can make in Photoshop. In the Pro version of Canva, you find 13 ways to alter the picture in addition to changing contrast and brightness. It is so much easier to use for simple changes than Photoshop. Major changes like erasing wrinkles, changing eye color, moving objects from one picture into another work on Photoshop, but not Canva.
    2. Cropping is easy.
    3. Flipping is available in the Pro version.
    4. Copy, arrange and the link features are available for pictures, too.

Making Size Changes

Sometimes it is easier to make a new design than it is to resize.

When it is complicated you might rather choose to resize your great design.

Facebook Post 940 x 788 px

Social Media Posts
Facebook post 940 X788 px Woodlake Berry Festival

Steps to Change Sizes Manually in the Free Canva Program

With Canva Pro, you can instantly resize your graphic to fit different social media. Otherwise, you can note the size here and recreate it yourself. It is not hard to do this.

Social Media Posts screen

Social media sometimes make changes in their requirements. For the most part, I choose the templates which Canva aligns with current social media requirements.

Remember – Sometimes it is easier to make a new design than it is to resize.

  • To make size changes yourself, go to the File menu. Make a copy. VERY IMPORTANT if you are using the free version, not the Magic Resize.
  • Name your copy for easy reference later.
  • Enlarge the image to see all your details clearly. You can enlarge it by clicking the % button in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • After you resize, rearrange the items in the image to fill the spaces attractively.
  • Extend elements like the rectangles you see in these templates to completely cover the background.


  • One of the problems that I sometimes have is that the rectangle elements do not always come out to the edge of the background. Then you have an unwanted halo around your graphic detail. To solve this extend your element past the edge of the graphic.
  • A mistake that I make is forgetting a minor detail in the text like I did in the picture below. You have to go back and fix it in Canva, which takes time, download it again, reload it into your post. Bummer! It is best not to put text on a photo that you use in Canva. If you do, then you have to alter two programs if it is wrong.

Instagram Post 1080 x 1080 px

Social Media Posts
Instagram 10080 x 1080 px Woodlake Berry Festival

If you forget, you can find the size for the design in the file menu where you can click to change the dimensions. Expect everything in the design to look out of place after you resize.

Twitter Post 1024 x 512 px

Social Media Posts
Twitter post  1024 x 512 px Woodlake Berry Festival post

Tumblr 540 x810 px

Social Media Posts
Tumblr post 540 x 810 px Woodlake Berry Festival poster

Pinterest Graphic 735 x 1102

Pinterest 735 x 1102 px Woodlake Berry Festival


Visual social media posts take 15-30 minutes to create and even less if you use a template. Canva has free templates and stock photos you can purchase for $1 each.  Below is a Facebook post I made out of a quote that had no illustration. It took less than five minutes to create. I hope you enjoy creating with Canva. Always Write is not an affiliate of Canva.

Social Media Posts
Picture of Dogwood flower Quote “Live Simply. Dream big. Be grateful. Give love. Laugh lots.” Unknown author

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Grab a free PDF download of this post for reference.

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  1. Hi, Marsha. I’ve just read this thread. I agree with everything that been said by Marje and Debby. I like the idea that we are all from different parts of the world too. Marje in the UK, Debby in Canada, Me in the U.S. Lots of time differences so there is always one of us around. We try to share our posts and those that will help our authors learn new things. By the way, I will have to try Canva! I’ve been using PicMonkey for a couple years now. Time to start something new. ❤


    • Thanks, Colleen, You three collaborate so well. I love Networking Bloggers, too. Maria and Amanda have worked hard on it, and I have contributed some. I’ve worked with other groups, though that it seems, no matter what, not many people contribute. Others are so busy they are astounding. Just like blogs, I guess! I think this is a great post for some new discussion.

      On another subject, I’m excited you are going to try Canva. I love it, and promote it even though I’m not an affiliate! It’s that great!


    • My reply to you disappeared when I tried to send you a picture. I still have trouble doing that after 5 years of blogging. Anyway, I’m compiling all your comments and may ask you some more questions before I’m done. Good luck with Canva. You’ll love it. It is sooooo easy! 🙂


  2. Hi Marsha, thanks for being so kind about our FB group. I started off the group as an idea to create a supportive community for bloggers, book bloggers and authors to come together and help each other. This is my very first post about the group:
    Sometimes blogging and writing can be a bit isolating and often there is so much to learn. I thought it would be a good idea to have a page where like-minded individuals could come together to share ideas, discuss, and generally support each other. Colleen and Debby have been amazing administrators. The three of us just seem to get on so well together and the group is working well. I share details about the group on my blog, and various other social media. I try to do a short introduction to new members on a regular basis so that we can all see who is part of the group. I do this via the FB group page and also have posted on my blog too. I hope that the group will grow and become an invaluable resource but keep its friendly nature. I am happy to discuss ways in which we can grow the group. Since its inception, I have also written these two posts about the group, and intend to do some more to generate interest in the group: and


    • Thank you for sharing Marje. I will check those posts out, and may get back to you with more questions as I write a post about Facebook Groups. You guys rock!


    • I don’t know if you received my other reply. I tried doing in from the comments section and yours and Colleen’s seem to have disappeared into cyberspace. If my post turns up with extra comments to you both, I’ll know why. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your posts, and for featuring me in one of them. That was an awesome honor. 🙂


  3. I’ve left a message on FB for the girls to view our discussion here, and then we can discuss the future by message or email. 🙂


  4. Of course I share your posts because they are informative! I must admit, I am a member of several groups, and as you can well appreciate, I just don’t have the time to be present in many of them. I’m comfortable where I am with Marje and Colleen because it’s my niche and my community, many of members there whom I interact with on a daily basis. We can’t spread ourselves too thin because then we won’t have time to spend quality time everywhere. 🙂
    I”m going to share the link to this comment page with Colleen and Marje to add their views. 🙂


  5. HI Marsha. Wow, I’m really flattered at the amount of attention you pay to our little blogging group. You know, I’ve never even thought about the many answers to your questions because what I do is just second nature to me. Maybe we should get a podcast going? I would love to copy and paste and post your question on our group’s page if you don’t mind?
    I suppose we are blessed that we are already involved in our own blogging community. I was honored when Marje and Colleen invited me to become an admin there too, I suppose because they knew the type of content I read and like to post. Three of us are admins which give us the right to post and to moderate new members who join our group. When someone new wants to join, whoever gets the message first will message the other two asking if we know this person, and if not we check out the person’s profile first to verify they are legit and not a FB imposter before accepting them to join. Once a member is accepted they earn the right to post on that page.
    As far as my postings go, I read A LOT OF BLOGS. I’m a big sharer of informative articles. If I’ve read and ‘liked’ a post it’s worthy of sharing. But I don’t share every single article to every social media site I’m part of, as not all of it pertains to what my blog represents. Thus, I’m not an avid reblogger, but am an avid sharer in other avenues. All my ‘likes’ get tweeted, some go to Google, Linkedin, Pinterest, Flipboard, Stumbledupon. My ideas for sharing are about putting up shared information where I deem will get best eyes on it and appropriate categories. With that said, Facebook, gets articles I come across on blogs and or newsletters that I feel has pertinent information for writers and bloggers, particularly for my groups, and on my author page, but my author page will have more diverse articles ie: random things that pertain to subjects I write about. I don’t just share posts randomly because I like to engage my readers with quality posts not fill my pages with articles that don’t get looked at by scrolling through. After awhile on each platform we become more familiar with who visits our pages and reads our posts. For example: You aren’t going to find me posting an article about ‘how to fix a flat tire’ on author/bloggers group, but if it’s something that happened to me and I had to learn,. you can bet I’m going to share it on my author page.
    My admin friends in my group tend to post same types of articles in our group – things that pertain to authors and bloggers – great info, interviews, recommended books, promos, well you get the drift.
    Let me know if I’m missing anything! Lol And thanks for asking! ❤ Hmm, I think this could be a post!


    • And it will be a post. I’d like to hear answers from Colleen and Marje, too, and I think a podcast would be great, where there is a question, then each person answers or interjects comments. A real discussion. There are tons of groups out there. One of the things that helps me in your group is that YOU post my blog post because YOU feel it is helpful. The other day when I was with my two virtual assistant /blogger trainees I had them post on various groups. We discussed the groups as they posted. When it came to your group, I said, don’t post it because if the group likes it, THEY will post it, and I don’t have to put myself out there! It takes total pressure off the blogger member of the group knowing that, if the article I write is share-worthy, I don’t have to push it out there on your group. I would love it if we did that, and other groups did that as well. Several of us are members of multiple groups together, too. Different groups have different purposes, yet they all fit a part of blogging and writing. So talk it over with Colleen and Marje, and see if we can come up with a plan or two to make this happen! 🙂


    • Thank you so much, Debby! Here’s a comment and a question for you. You guys do such a great job as administrators with the Author’s Support Group. I would love for you all to talk about how you administer a group – maybe a panel discussion post. For example, how do you publicize our posts on Authors…? They are up there within a few hours of publication. How do you choose which posts to publish in the group? How often do you communicate? Do you have different roles? Does one person take the lead? Do other people publish their own posts? As you can see, I have tons of questions. Maria and I spent quite a bit of time discussing the group she runs and I co-administer with her. When we don’t I seem to lag a little bit, but you all seem to pick up the slack for each other and the group goes on seamlessly. I love it! So what do you all say about a group interview on Always Right?


  6. Fantastic post Marsha! Thanks for taking requests and doing this post. ❤ I've bookmarked it for reference and shared everywhere. 🙂


    • Hi Marje, I used the free version for about six months. I liked the fact that the paid version let me make replicas for different social media. However, I’m not sure it would be worth it for that reason alone. The other thing that the paid version is download png versions instead of jpeg. Those show up better using less storage than the jpegs. Speed has been a problem for me, so that helps, too. 🙂


    • You are the man, Hugh! Tell me, how is the blogger bash coming? I wish I was able to attend. I’m getting greener and greener by the minute, jealous of all those who are going to be able to attend. 🙂


      • We’re in the final stages of arranging the 3rd Annual Bloggers Bash, Marsha. Still lots to do, but I’m hearing that many people are looking forward to meeting fellow bloggers face to face. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make it over to London one year and be able to join us?


        • If you have it again, yes, definitely. I wish I could come this year, but my travel budget is tapped out after my trip to Australia. 🙂 You know how that goes. It looks like you travel a lot! I’m putting it on my bucket list for next year. 🙂





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