May Gardens in January from Victoria, Australia

May Dreams Gardens #14 Australia

The weeds are growing well in March in the Ingrao’s California household. Instead, we’ll take another peek into the summer beauty in Australia this January.

purple Australian flowers i
Melbourne agapanthus

In my brief experience when bloggers travel together, there is a great deal of serious alone time. Either Carol or I had wandered off engrossed in our own photo taking. When I looked up, she had her nose buried in the purple flowers above.

“These are one of my favorites,” she said. “Here’s a picture Leanne just posted on Instagram.”

Even if I could have gotten Instagram on my phone without costing $1,000 a minute, I probably would not have had better timing. Leanne had posted a picture much like what we were seeing. She picked a bud for her photo subject. So we looked for a bud and tried to duplicate her efforts.

purple Australian flowers
First agapanthus bud composition

That was not impressive because the wrong part of the plant blurred out.

purple Australian flowers
So I tried it again only closer.

It got worse when I enlarged it! I can’t do manual focus! You can see that the greenery is lovely.

This beauty came from Ballarat, I think. I’ve taken my pictures out of context because I grouped them by purple. Don’t ask me why or what this is. Read Carol’s comments if you want precision. She has an encyclopedia-brain. Mine bee a bit fuzzy!

purple Australian flowers
Look closely at Mr. Buzz. He’s immersed his food.

Notice that Mr. Buzz has pollen all over his face and legs. He reminds me of an 18-month-old boy eating chocolate cake. Enjoyment personified.

purple Australia flowers
Bees rule! How many can you count?

The bees did not bother us. They had food on their pinheads.

Happy Sunday! Hope you enjoyed beautiful Victoria in southeastern Australia. Be sure and visit Indiana Carol for more ideas and photos of gardens in my home state and beyond.

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11 responses to “May Gardens in January from Victoria, Australia”

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    […] took some beautiful pictures of bird of paradise, then wandered off and found this agapanthus. But here is the problem. I kept notes, but not great ones, mostly pictorial. Now the only records […]


  2. smilingtoad Avatar

    “Mine bee a bit fuzzy!” That line caught me off-guard (along with Mr. Buzz (aka Lady Buzz)) and I chortled for nine years as a result.

    Most gruntling post. I am so enjoying your personal glimpses into Aussie-land.

    P.S. Happy Pi Day and Einstein’s Birthday Day!!



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    1. Marsha Avatar

      OMGosh Einstein’s BD – so important here as Vincie looks just like him! 🙂

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      1. smilingtoad Avatar

        I must corn-fess, I had noticed a bit of a resemblance. When we went to the Smithsonian in DC, had to pause for a moment at a certain statue of Vince outside the museum.

        “Oh, that’s not V! It’s Einstein!” I exclaimed.

        Then I saw a fox saunter by.

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        1. Marsha Avatar

          I have a picture of V sitting on his lap. I sat on him too, but did not make the same impression. People came along when V was posing and said, “You look just like him!” :0

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          1. smilingtoad Avatar

            TOOOO many grins to count 😀

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          2. Marsha Avatar


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  3. eloisedesousa Avatar

    I love Agapanthus! We used to have them in our garden in Zimbabwe. Great bee close up too!

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    1. Marsha Avatar

      Thank you Eloise! Thanks to Carol, who knew what that flower was. I had it labeled incorrectly at first. Carol is my good Aussie friend that I visited in January. 🙂 I’m so glad to get to know you. Carol is also a teacher, and it’s so much fun to share thoughts. 🙂

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  4. derrickjknight Avatar

    I don’t understand the focussing problem, especially as the bee pics worked so well

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