How to Share Your Purpose on an About Page for Your Website?

share your purpose

Whaaaaaa? You Need to Share Your Purpose on a Website About Page?

You don’t have to share your purpose on a separate page, but successful bloggers write for others. They want interaction with their writing. Journals are for private writing. As a blogger, you probably created an About Page right away. even creates a blank page to prompt you to do that. One blogging influencer, Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging, suggests that the About page is really an About ME page.

But have you created a space to share your purpose for blogging such as a Website About Page? This second About page explains what you expect to provide readers. If you don’t have these first two important pages, stop right now and create them. Having these pages will make you think and will guide your writing. Your About Me and About My Website pages are the two most important pages on your site. If you have one, have you updated it recently?

Time to start!

share your purpose
Sample Website About Page

Opening Paragraph

Please state your name and your purpose for the record. You may sit down. DON’T FORGET YOUR NAME and NAMES of COLLABORATORS! Right off the bat tell readers the purpose of the blog. What are you going to do for them on this blog? Conversely, what won’t you try to do? It’s often helpful to try to chase them away! If’ they are still on your page, please invite them to sit down, enjoy a cuppa something to slow down their reading and add to their enjoyment of your site. My friend Viveka turns on some background music.


Having one picture of yourself on the website page is good. Choose additional pictures that share your purpose explaining what you can do for others. If you can’t find one, try or check out other free sources like my friend Terri’s offer.

share your purpose
Kiwanis President Linda LaFleur takes a pysanky class in Woodlake CA. Yes, I share a bit of my community and travels, too.

Body of the Page

  • Bold headings improve clarity.
  • Restate your purpose expanding on what you started. Bullet points are helpful.
  • In a casual, conversational way state why you can help them. Stories work well.
  • Link posts representing topics readers can expect to find on your site.
  • List professional information to establish your credibility. For example, you might link to your posts on other sites.
  • Display testimonials from others. You can find these in your comment section. Cut and paste and include a first name.
  • At least include another picture of what you do, not necessarily of yourself.

Awards & Publications Establish Credibility

When I started blogging, I loved the way bloggers awarded other bloggers. My friend Ralph, like several of the experienced hobby bloggers, put an Award Free Zone as a widget in their sidebar. I never did. Giving and receiving awards takes time, but they are good mixers, especially for new bloggers. Awards usually list links to help people get to know you and your blogging community.

People want to know you have something of value to offer. This was a new concept for me as a hobby blogger until about May of last year. I did not usually publish other people’s posts, and rarely did someone reblog mine that I remember. It did happen, but I never considered the idea of giving them credit on a page. That’s all changed now.

I had a great time reblogging before and during my Australia trip to see Carol and Leanne. I published one of their posts every day on my Traveling and Blogging Near and Far blog. I thought I knew them, but I got to know them even better while searching for the right posts to reblog.

Listing blogs that have published YOUR work also promotes the blogs who posted your articles as much as it does you. The more you find you promote and help others, the better your site. Thank you to D.G. Kaye for not only publishing one of my posts but reminding me that it was coming up. By reminding me or asking permission to publish someone’s post, they will help you promote it. Now I can officially list that someone has posted one of my articles on my Website About Page. Yeah!

Near the Page End List Related Posts

share your purpose
Include links to samples of your work

Related Posts

These are annotated lists of the influencers I found helpful. Now many of them are also friends. Wahoo!

In Closing, List Contact Information

I hate it when people do not include their social media contacts. I want to connect with bloggers like me! I want to email them, Facebook message them, Like their Twitter posts. Sometimes I need to ask their permission or inform them when I’m going to publish or reblog something of theirs. If your blog is professional, you already do this, but hobby bloggers often forget or are shy! Blogging eliminates shyness. Social media platforms are to bloggers what noses are to dogs. Like Rommel tells his commenters, “Don’t be shy.”

Call to Action

I updated About Always Write. recently, but I constantly see I need to include a few more items. What about you? Feel free to give me feedback about my site and my About page. I listen and respond. 🙂

Let me know if this is helpful. What are some blogging, photography, or writing issues that bug you?


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  1. Janice Wald Avatar

    Hi Marsha,
    Thank you so much for linking to me. I’m honored!


    1. Marsha Ingrao Avatar

      You are welcome. I’ve learned so much from you. )


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  3. dgkaye Avatar

    Thanks a bunch Marsha, greatly appreciated. ❤


  4. dgkaye Avatar

    Hi again. I just popped over again to reply as I still can’t seem to from the notification box, but hey, at least it allowed me to
    ‘like’ the post! And I hope I don’t sound like complaining when I tell you what problems I have, I know I’m glad when other let me know. Oh, thanks so much for reading my book! Yes, I’m that girl who digests, processes and spits it out. I learned a long time ago how to make lemonade from sour lemons. 🙂
    Thanks again for reading, and hopefully reviewing. ❤


    1. Marsha Ingrao Avatar

      Yes I will review it. Definitely!!’


  5. Terri Webster Schrandt Avatar

    Thanks for linking to my blog, Marsha! This is gold! I’m going to size mine up against yours and see what I can add.


    1. Marsha Ingrao Avatar

      Also we need to talk again and think about sponsors. Loved our last brainstorm session. ???


  6. dgkaye Avatar

    Another fantastic post Marsha. And once again, thanks so much for the mention.
    I just returned to chaos for a few days before jaunting off to my next destination. I’ll catch up later this week.
    Please note, I still can’t ‘like’ your post, nor did it let me share anywhere else except Twitter. I guess you’re still having tech problems? I know how annoying that can be. ❤


    1. Marsha Ingrao Avatar

      I guess so. Daniel is working on them. Thanks for being my eyes!!!! I finished your book last night. OMG! It was so moving. Hard to believe all that you have been through looking at your happy smile and your positive words. You are amazing!!!!!!! ??


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  8. […] How to Share Your Purpose on an About Page for Your Website? […]


  9. amariesilver Avatar

    Great advice!


    1. Marsha Ingrao Avatar

      Thank you Marie. I hope that is the name you use. 🙂


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