Jesper Jinx A+ Children’s Literature Book Review

Jasper Jinx Book Review

Jesper Jinx A+ Children’s Literature

Jesper Jinx A+ Book Review
Jesper Jinx A+ Children’s Book Review.


Jesper Jinx A+ Children’s Book Review.For Jesper Jinx A+ was probably not on his report card. But your kids will give him an A+ for his crazy antics. Ooha, thanks for introducing Jesper Jinx,  and for sharing your review with Always Write. Ooha blogs at

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Meet Jesper Jinx A+ Entertainer

Jesper Jinx is just so much fun!

Marko Kitti’s 11 yr old creation has many tricks and treats up his sleeves for the young (and old) unsuspecting reader. My favorite parts of the books are always the ones where the author is pulling you into the story, making you a part of it, involving you as an integral character through his secrecy agreements and promises and side note-chapters.

Jesper Jinx comes alive off the page because of such ingenious techniques. Over the course of the 4 books, there is also a clear improvement of narration and by the time the 4th bookends, you just wish you had the fifth one in your hands already.

Source: Jesper Jinx series (1 to 4)

Meet Marko Kitti, Author

Marko Kitti is a Finnish writer and illustrator. He is best known for his humorous Jesper Jinx children’s book series.

You can follow Marko on Twitter, and on Facebook, or visit The Official Jesper Jinx Website at

Meet Ooha.

I’m a doctor preparing for my post graduation (residency) entrance exams. In my free time, I attempt to read and review books. I read all sorts of fiction. I’m open to suggestions, to try out new genres and I’m always searching for a book that leaves its mark on me long after its closed. I also write, but mostly it’s therapeutic of a sort.

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