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Are you still breathing, Amy?

How many hours do you think I have in a day, Peter?

So you have plenty of time to write a post a day, spending two to four hours processing photographs, creating professional graphics, writing about your niche, and you need more to do?


In Part One we discussed getting the most publication for your writing hours by using WordPress “Publicize,” or a Third Party service like buffer or Hootsuite. CoSchedule, the wonderful blog that brings us the headline analyzer, also has a calendar that allows you manage and publicize posts. Their product starts at $60 for 10 accounts, but with more users. It is primarily a business tool.

post to multiple social media accounts

Even though I am posting an article every day for the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month, I do not usually have time to do that. It is not even recommended by all blogging experts. Dries Cronje from Productive Entrepreneur wrote my favorite post of all times, “Why Posting Every Day is a Silly Strategy” on SmartBlogger.

He changed my blogging life and made it manageable.

More time-saving Scheduling Tools

In addition to WordPress, and third-party applications there are other tools that help you make the most of your writing time by reaching a larger audience.

Scheduling Tool on Facebook and Twitter

The Social Media Examiner suggests one important reason for NOT using either Buffer of Hootsuite. “When you post from a different scheduling tool such as HootSuite or BufferApp, people can see that you’re posting through a different tool. But Facebook’s scheduled posts are seamless.”

Posting using Facebook Share is so easy to do. It takes about five minutes for me to publish a post to a page and share it to six groups. My postreach always surges from 12 to 700 to 10,000 within 24 hours.

Recently the Woodlake Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted a campaign to raise money to replace a highway road sign. They offered a chance at a free trip for two to Maui in exchange for a $10 donation.

post to multiple social media accountsAs the drawing approached, I scheduled a post every day, with a different poster I designed in Canva.  It took about two minutes to use the scheduler tool on a page to post a quick picture and a sentence about it. I posted 7 days worth of posts in about 15 minutes.

Each day I followed up by sharing the post with six groups. That took another ten minutes. The time I spent designing the four flyers was well spent because lots of people saw them. We did sell enough tickets to fund the sign, and it will soon be a reality.

Post to Multiple Social Media Accounts with a Third-Party Scheduler

Publicizing to groups and pages gives you many more views and costs very little time. I use the Facebook scheduler to post to groups. I target different groups for different posts.

Since a blogger spends 2-6 hours writing the post, it’s good to make it go as far as possible. On my Facebook Page, TC History Gal Productions, my average views without publicizing to eleven different groups is about 20. When I publicize it, the numbers jump to between 100-2,000 depending on the topic. On the Woodlake Chamber Facebook Page, without publishing to the six related groups we might get up 15 -50 views. By pressing the “share” button, we regularly reach 300-10,000 views.

Recently I upgraded Buffer to schedule posts to multiple social media accounts. Now I schedule articles several times to Google +, Facebook Page, Twitter, Linked In and Pinterest all within Buffer.

K.L said this, “I also don’t like the way Hoot Suite posts appear on Facebook. They seem to leave out the thumbnail picture and all you have is a headline and a link that begins with or Or at least that’s what a friend told me when I told her that her FB posts weren’t particularly engaging because they didn’t have thumbnail pictures. She said, “oh, that’s what they look like from Hoot Suite.”

Karen D’Angelo writes, “With a post scheduler, you have the opportunity to execute your content plans online despite being away from the computer. This enables you to entertain huge portions of your online audience even when you’re not online yourself. This can prove to be most beneficial if your businesses has fans that are scattered across different time zones.”

Three Extra Quick Time-Saving Tips

  1. Change photos and graphics to jpeg before downloading from an online program or application. Both Canva and Grab (the Mac screenshot tool) default to png or tiff extensions when you download them. WordPress will NOT accept them. Choose JPEG from the dropdown menu BEFORE you download.
  2. Use your previous Canva graphics as templates, change the colors, the wording, the picture to give it a new eye-catching look.
  3. Break your long post into two or three posts. I wrote this post last week. two points of the last post. The number climbed to nearly 900 words, and I had more to say, so I broke it up.  I still haven’t talked about Google+, so I’ll break again. Three posts out of one sitting. Yeah!

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One response to “How to Post to Multiple Social Media Accounts”

  1. Home's Cool! Avatar

    Hi, Marsha!
    I do the opposite, lately–I’ve been posting longform more. I found that chopping posts into part 1,2,3 was tedious and going back over them I found I did not even like them, myself. I also found that many folks just did not continue to the end, to all 3 or 5 parts of it. I’d rather they got the whole message, so I keep the post all in one piece.
    I just don’t post as often. Whew! 😉
    I may change someday, back to shorter posts, but I don’t think so.
    I wish I knew how to do all the things you discussed, above, though. 🙂


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