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Leaves Make Me Nostalgic

WordPress photo challenge: nostalgia

Google defines nostalgia as “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.”
synonyms: reminiscence, remembrance, recollection

Crape Myrtle tree
Crape Myrtle trees

When I was about age 10, my dad began to enjoy my presence. He loved to take pictures, so on Saturdays, he loaded up his equipment and me, his best view finder, into the old Buick in search of a perfect scenic spot. I loved his pictures of fall leaves. The love of fall colors makes me nostalgic and brings me joy.

Fall Grape Leaves
Fall Grape Leaves

We do not get the magnificent colors in all trees that Indiana does, but we still have some gorgeous fall plants. Several years ago on my own impromptu photo shoot, I found a grape field so beautiful I had to pull over, jump out of my car, and take pictures.

Fall grape leaves in December, 2012
Fall grape leaves in December 2012

Hoosiers tout many varieties of maple trees but the foothill community of Woodlake, CA in Tulare County honors the humble white oak or valley oak.

California White Oak
California White or Valley Oak

Wikipedia has a list of various kinds of oaks along with where they are found which I found helpful in trying to figure out which kind of oak this is.  Google lists images of oaks by type.

variety unknown to me

It takes hours to compare leaves to pictures to figure out what kinds of trees and plants we see along the roads. I never appreciated people who can spout off names like that until I started writing my blog. I don’t think this is an oak tree because the bark is too smooth. Kiwanis supports the blue signs we see along the highways in our areas that names the crop next to the highway. But most places do not have signs.

Elderwood, CA in December
Elderwood, CA in December

While I think this is pretty, it cannot compare to the eastern parts of the United States for color and brilliance. However, in the east, the mountains do not pop up over the tops of the trees. In Hockessin, Delaware even if the mountains were there, you wouldn’t be able to see them because forests line nearly every street and obscure everything but the nearest leaves.

Walnut tree
Walnut tree

When my first husband and I moved to California, we lived in the middle of a walnut grove. My understanding is that growers grafted English walnut trees to the hardy black walnut trees then painted the trunks to keep the bugs out.

walnut tree
walnut tree

Even though I did not like to eat walnuts, I loved gathering them after the shakers harvested the main crop. The ants and I got the rest of them. The ants did not like what I did next. But it served them right for biting me one day when I gathered walnuts by making a hammock of my t-shirt. I baked the walnuts in their shells at 250 degrees for an hour or so to cure them. My friends loved their presents. The ants – not so much!

back to the grapes
back to the grapes

I caught this vagrant red beauty leaving the nest and fluttering down to create the soft carpet below the vine for the winter.

For more nostalgic moments, click here.

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016
I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

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  1. Thank you so much for taking part in the festival with this beautiful post! Your pictures are amazing! Have a lovely week x

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  2. wow – wonderful take on the wpc and to this:

    it cannot compare to the eastern parts of the United States for color and brilliance.

    I say true that!

    love your excellent photos here – cheers to fall.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, cheers! Thanks for taking so much time to look around on my blog. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I’m behind. Woodlake High School Career day yesterday, dictionary project today and now Arts Show. The weather is perfect to get out and do things!


          • Hmmm – let me see!

            Do you mean blog time savers or life hacks?

            Well for blogging – I know some people that draw boundaries and use one day a week to visit blogs – they set aside so many hours and then have a folder with top blogs to visit – ones they want to be sure to see.

            I know others who use emails and read posts that way and then later come to visit the blog – maybe once a month.

            I know someone who mostly visits those who visit their blog – and for me – I change it up – but to use time effectively – I have started visiting less and then reading more posts in one sitting.

            But I depends on the blog!
            Photo blogs are easy to visit and go – but those who write need more time.

            But I like the freedoms to stay away and make visits that are more meaningful.

            I also sometimes ride my exercise bike while visiting blogs. Good use of time!

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          • Those are great ideas. For people who blog especially, if they keep it up, something has to go. You can’t effectively follow 1,500 blogs a day, week, month, and people like Leanne Cole who have 33,000+ bloggers who follow – there’s no way. so, just like in life, you have to make choices AND learn to work more efficiently. Thanks Yvette. πŸ™‚

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          • well sometimes the blog follower numbers are inflated and sometimes followers come instantly if other accounts are connected. Like one guy I followed in 2-14 – he had 3,000 followers and said his friend went on a Facebook campaign to promote his blog- and he ended up with 20,000 followers –
            yet his daily likes and comment exchanges stayed the same.

            and the clueless doctors blog (nice lady who uses magnesium to help folks with migraines) she started her blog with 3,000 followers – very first post – and it was partly because of her linked in and other accounts –

            anyhow, all that to say is that number of followers often mean very little to me in the blog world.

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          • That’s true, I linked my new blog and transferred my blog followers. I started a quest in Aug to visit them all. Many are defunct now. But you are so right the numbers mean little. It’s the conversations that matter.

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          • Yes – but I also noticed that blog conversations can. E so diverse. This one guy who blogged back in 2014 – he had 100 comments for most of his posts! He posted on religion and sometimes seemed like he fabricated some info- anyhow – his comments seemed to be filled with a lot of folks wanting to clarify or preach truth. And he usually glossed over most but let them have their say! That is a very specific type of blog conversation going on….

            And then so much of it depends on the host – and much they engage – as u. It’s-
            But I am also finding that as a blog reader – I have more quieter seasons – times I just want to read and leave no mark of my presence-
            And I am realizing that many blog readers are this way. They want to read and go – and so we all should keepp this in mind as we “do what we do”

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          • Interesting thoughts. One technique in teaching is “deliberate mistakes ” to get students engaged. It works!!! Sounds like this guy is an expert in that technique, but to what purpose? πŸ˜€ Religion is a hard topic to get absolute agreement anyway.

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          • Yea – he wrote some really good stuff – but one day I noticed that with his comments-
            Ok – hope u have a nice week and I will email you soon! I got that comment with yours!
            Peace out

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