Dorian Gray
The portrait aged, but Dorian Gray did not.

Why Review a Classic Fiction?

When you retire, suddenly you have time to catch up on what you missed in life. For me it was reading classic fiction that I’d missed in high school and college. This is one of my favorites, and the Kindle version is free. Before I started writing my review, I decided to search the internet to find out what others said about  The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

Dorian Gray is beautiful and charming, and egotistical to the point of narcissism. He is a socialité with superficial thinking. When his friend Basil Hallward paints his portrait, Gray immediately wishes that he could stay forever as young and charming as the portrait. Who has not wished that? Unfortunately, for him, the wish comes true.

Gray perverts all that is beautiful in his life. But, every time he sins, the portrait gets older, while Gray stays young and healthy. The book seemed sad and not humorous to me. His life is rife with sex, lies, murder and crime.

Because I was reading, not studying the book, I didn’t realize until I read other critiques that I had missed quite a few of the literary connections. This did not prevent me from enjoying the book. What are your thoughts about this famous book?

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4 responses to “Book Review: The Picture of Dorian Gray”

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    […] A+ Book Review: The Picture of Dorian Gray […]


  2. Marsha Ingrao Avatar

    I received this comment on Facebook Group Intentional Blog Course. Hi Marsha. What a great idea! Currently I am running two blogs that contain book reviews, and also play reviews of local productions in the Denver area. My Intentional Blogging blog is focusing on Weird West fiction. It’s at and my author page, which also includes book reviews of urban fantasy, horror and the like, is at Are either of these of any interest to you and your readers?


  3. the eternal traveller Avatar

    Dorian Gray is one of my favourites too. I haven’t read it since I was in high school. Maybe it’s time I dusted it off and read it again.


    1. Marsha Ingrao Avatar

      I didn’t read many classics in high school, which is why I started reading them. What a great imagination he had. Great book!


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