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The Devil is in the Details

“The Devil is in the Details”

I sincerely hope you don’t find him in any of these pictures.

The phrase coined in the 1800s as “The good God is in the details,” is sometimes attributed to Gustave Flaubert, but is also listed as anonymous. You get to choose whichever detail you want to believe. No one is going to dispute you here.

Either way, details are pesky little complications that, when added correctly, complete the splendor of the product. I do hope you enjoy this detailed trip through my photo collection about Woodlake, CA.

2016 WPPC Details107
Sequoia National Park wildflower, June 2016

I wish I could tell you what this fuzzy beauty is. The detail I missed on the windy trip up to see the big trees was that my passenger suffered from motion sickness, and did not enjoy the trip nearly as much as I enjoyed showing it to him. I somehow FORGOT that tiny detail about my BROTHER!

Sequoia National Park wild flower June 2016
Sequoia National Park wildflower June 2016

This reminds me of a fuchsia. Researching details about flowers so far has taken me ten minutes, and I’m not too much closer to the answer than before. So I rest my case that those devilish details are hard to chase down.

Woodlake is a foothill community near the Sequoia National Park.
Woodlake is a foothill community near the Sequoia National Park.

This young woman is not releasing any details behind her arrest. She paid the Woodlake Chamber of Commerce $25 to keep her identity and crime quiet.

Woodlake Chamber of Commerce jails infamous public figures during Western Week prior to the big rodeo in May.
Woodlake Chamber of Commerce jails infamous public figures during Western Week prior to the big rodeo in May.

Sheriff Rudy Garcia seems to have trouble finding the details in these arrest warrants. The handsome wily criminal displays a cagey confidence about his impending doom. His smile reveals his belief that his arrest is all a ruse. He asks to use the restroom and slips out another entrance. Chased down and caught back in his own office, he is booked and serves two sentences in the Chamber Jail, one for insulting a police officer by escaping in broad daylight.

The large Woodlake sign on Highway 198 shows signs of wear and tear.
The large Woodlake sign on Highway 198 shows signs of wear and tear.

The Chamber found out that they own and are responsible for the care and upkeep of this huge sign at the turnoff to Woodlake from Highway 198, which leads up to Sequoia National Park. Upon close examination of this sign, details reveal that it needs to be replaced. You can help if you would like to donate, and possibly win an all-expenses-paid-trip to Hawaii.

Such detailed chaps
Such detailed chaps

On Mother’s Day weekend every year everything comes up cowboy in Woodlake starting with a great parade before the Woodlake Lion’s Rodeo.

Did I say cowBOY? Oops, I meant, CowGIRL.
Did I say, cowBOY? Oops, I meant, CowGIRL.

You knew that these were cowgirl chaps if you looked closely at the details of the picture. But closely focused photos cut out details that are obvious to people seeing the big picture.

The perfect formal shoe attire for the crowned Queen of Woodlake.
The perfect formal shoe attire for the crowned Queen of Woodlake.

Cowgirls in our town are not just in name only. These boots, though beautiful, are not just for show. Details reveal that this cowgirl works her boots. Sonni Hocobian trains dogs to be service dogs in her spare time.

2016 WPPC Details112

People milled in the middle of the street before their turn came to walk the parade route. I enjoyed capturing details in the small displays of enthusiasm on the right or the lack of it on the left!

Frank Ainley, former high school history teacher, can spout many interesting details about Woodlake's past.
Frank Ainley, a former high school history teacher, can spout many interesting details about Woodlake’s past.

Frank Ainley always captures a willing audience for his detailed stories during a break in senior exit interviews at Woodlake High School. I had the fortune of being his partner this year, so I learned many details including his instruction to these graduates about the proper way for a gentleman to treat a woman. He stood and held each young lady’s chair as she sat down and got up. He even held my chair for me. What a classy man.

Woodlake's Berry Tasting Festival in May
Woodlake’s Berry Tasting Festival in May

If you are a blueberry expert, you probably already knew about Powderblue blueberries. This was a new detail for me.

Artichoke plant
Artichoke plant

Woodlake Botanical Gardens is one of Tulare County’s treasures. More than berries grow there. It is maintained by Manual and Olga Jiminez and a crew of high school volunteers. A stroll along the mile long path through the garden reveals hundreds of plants from bananas to hundreds of types of roses, five or six varieties of basil to sunflowers. It is a must see if you come to Woodlake.

2016 WPPC Details100

If you walk or run on the path around Bravo Lake above the gardens, you should never forget one detail. WATER! Fido even enjoys a sip during the three-mile Kiwanis Run for Hunger in April.

I shouldn’t share any details, but psssst.

Details: Saturday, July 16 7:00-3:00 at the City Park, also known as the Miller Brown Park Judging starts at 10:00 a.m. SEE YOU THERE!
Details: Saturday, July 16 7:00-3:00 at the City Park, also known as the Miller Brown Park Judging starts at 10:00 a.m. SEE YOU THERE!

That was a lie – sorry! Tomorrow is the Woodlake Valley Chamber of Commerce Car Show. If you live nearby, y’all come. Y’hear.

I hoped you enjoyed your detailed trip to some of the many events that decorate the year in Woodlake.

For more details about those devilish details

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016
I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

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  1. Stupendous array. Makes me wish I lived in the area. I would adore visiting Woodlake Botanical Gardens, especially. I am bonkers for botanical gardens. Fabulous post. All the best and happy weekend to you- and enjoy the car show!

    smiling toad

    Liked by 1 person

      • 90s here but felt like 112! Rajiv tells me that I am a mewling wimp to complain compared to the sweltering conditions in un-friendly-to-innocent-bicyclists city Delhi; he challenged me to hopscotch over there in May and then decide whether or not I can accurately confuse Florida with a furnace or not. Ha ha, the dog days are upon us. Enjoy πŸ˜‰

        Liked by 1 person

      • Significantly worse, I imagine, but I welcome the challenge! And besides, I suspect it is a bit cooler down in one of the glorious stepwells, which, is something I have always longed to see someday- I love the stepwells of India- they fascinate me. Haha, well, they DO have to do with water, after all πŸ˜‰ Cheers,


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  2. A colleague of mine is American and has just returned from a visit home. He was telling me how sad it is that there seems to be no sense of community in USA any more. He needs to visit Woodlake next time he goes home. Yours is an amazing community.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ouch! That could happen easily without chaps. I found out that I’m not much of a rider when hubby and I rode up in the mountains in HI. I couldn’t keep my mare on the path! She was the boss, so my legs ate a lot of brush that day too. πŸ™‚





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