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How to Make More and Deeper Friends Online

deeper friends online
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Make Deeper Friends Online Quickly

Make deeper friends online by taking these easy steps. As your friendships deeper, you will add more and more to your list of trusted friends online.

One of the goals of vanity bloggers like myself is to build community. I do not really like the term, vanity. I prefer hobby bloggers. We write for FUN! We want to meet people like ourselves who like our writing, and we like their writing.


Am I write (hehe) right?

You are smiling because you know I am!

Steve Woods and I planned to a book together. Steve is a professional blogger who analyzed blogs to help them succeed. Now he’s helping me. Watch for blogging tips.

Transformational Blogging with Always Write

Transformational Blogging is designed to help fun bloggers do just that. How many people do you follow online? Do you know their names? Do you know where they live? After you have read their blog for several years, you know quite a bit about them, but how can you speed up the process?

You can’t speed up everything, of course, but Transformational Blogging (TB) has some tips and tools we are testing. We’d love your help testing them.

  1. The first tool is a blogging journal. This one has undergone some changes to make it more efficient and easy to use. Let’s say you are nervous about starting a blog. Before you ever write a word or step timidly into the blogosphere, start reading blogs that interest you.  As you read and make comments, keep track of what blogs you read and what you liked about them with this Transformational Blogging (TB) Template.
  2. Once you start blogging, you want someone to read YOUR writing. One tip to building community is to connect with bloggers you meet on social media. Social media is still rather impersonal. You don’t ask someone’s permission to share a picture with them. You don’t even share it for their benefit. But it is in their news feed. If they like it and tell you so, you are on your way to becoming friends.
  3. But then friendships advances to emailing, instant messaging, phone and video chatting. Pro bloggers use email campaigns. Recreational or vanity bloggers may be overwhelmed by that. I am!!!! First, you need lots of people to sign up to be on your email list; then you need a product or newsletter to email. OVERLOAD!

But email is a vanity blogger’s friend and the bloggers who become close email each other. We will share more about that in our book. Emails and messages deepen your friendships quickly. Many friends, like Carol Sherritt from Australia, and I began interacting through our blogs, emailing and chatting four years ago.

I love my computer

4. Finally, it seems, we all want to meet face to face. We want to hug that beautiful person we’ve come to know and love over the internet. We want to sit and have a cup of coffee and bite of peach cobbler. So what do we do? Sometimes events are the answer, but sometimes we make trips purposely to visit each other just like we do our family.

Our first meeting , a trip to Hawaii
Our first meeting, a trip to Hawaii
Blogging friends meet

One Year Later

I am thrilled because today I booked my flight to Queensland, Australia for December 26, 2016. I hope I will get to see many of my Aussie friends, but I have the privilege of staying at my friend Carol’s home and traveling with her and her husband, Mr. Eternal Traveler. What could be more special than that? Who knew that Because of Blogging I would be going to Australia? Whew! I’m on Cloud 9.

Cloud 9a
That’s not me, by the way!

What serendipitous opportunities have come your way or are in the works for you because of blogging? Tell us your story. In our comment box, add a link to your post or tell your story right in the box.

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  1. Curious…I’m intrigued now too !! At the moment I’m using an iPad. The on,y blog it’s playing up with is yours.

    What’s happening for me is two fold. In the reader hitting send has the icon revolving then stopping with the message I sent. If I go to your blog my browser pops up a security notice saying unsecure website then asks for permission to submit. There is then a delay of a few seconds before it refreshes and posts the comment. The reader in WP doesn’t recognise the message has been answered either when that gets refreshed. Methinks the two are linked as there seems to be a security issue waiting for me to respond with an yeah or nay. I’ll try from my PC later and see if it’s an operating system issue.


    • Correction it says ‘form not secure: retry or cancel’ hitting retry works…but obviously that option does not come up in the WP reader !


  2. I found you via Janice Walds meet and greet where you were one of the few that got the Red Dwarf outtake….just had to come over and visit your blog as a result….has to follow too so hope you don’t mind ?

    But Australia….that is so awesome….best be some photos of the experience blogged afterwards ?


    • Hi Gary, You obviously have my kind of sense of humor – only you are good at it! I am only funny by accident. I’m so excited to have met Janice, and by her, you. Thank you for following. Blogging is such a great adventure. It makes traveling even more fun than it already is. I have met several of my blogging friends, and hope to meet many more over the years. Vacations are a great way to do that. I’ll be around to check out your blog more thoroughly over the next few weeks, so I won’t ask you a bunch of questions about yourself you’ve already answered in your blog! Have a great week! 🙂


      • Most of the time folk say I’m being funny when I’m not…deadly serious me…mostly…now and then…ish…. I’ve know Janice a while now and long enough to call her a friend too…met loads of new blogs via her meet and greets…and now yours too ? But, what a cool way to go on vacation…never thought of that one!! I’ve got some Liebster thing to do that should answer three sets of weird questions….when time allows to do it ?
        That said, I don’t mind repeat questions either ?


        • It’s really interesting how we meet blogger friends. Like-minded people connecting! Enjoy your Liebster. I’ll look forward to reading it. ??? Have a great day!


          • Thank you ? Oh, and I’ve had trouble replying to you via my reader. Not sure why but I’ve had to come onto your blog to jabber back! Might be my iPad but it seems to work everywhere else. Anyone else had a problem do you know?


          • Yes, one other person mentioned that their comment went to spam. I’m still somewhat baffled by Grrrr I’ll see if you are there too! Sorry!


          • Hi again, Gary. I looked through all my comment settings, and I couldn’t find anything that would keep you out, and I did not find your reply in the spam box. The only thing I changed was my G rating setting. So maybe you have an R-rated website????? hehehe So please don’t quite trying. 🙂


    • Thank you Anne. It’s people like you that make that sort of thing happen. Our friendships bloom and grow. Carol and I have been friends since I first started. We took an online writing class together. She picked up my teddy bear, Manny in England when she visited, and took him all over Europe and Australia, sending me pictures. Then she also posted about him and her “Justin Beaver” on her website. We both started websites for our animals. Then last January we met in Hawaii with our husbands and another couple friend of mine. The friendships grow with each event, but they started with enjoying each other’s blogs and interviews, reblogging, etc. Just exactly the way we are starting out! 🙂 Beware, you may find yourself in CA or me in Scotland! 🙂


  3. Great post MVBFM. Everything you saying here is true and has worked for me. I have had Manny come and stay for a while. At the same time Ute from England visited me and when I had a holiday in Israel I met Heila who showed me around Tel Aviv and we spent a day and night by the Dead Sea. There is one local blogger who is a friend and many of my local friends read my blog. I think that is why I am invited to parties so that their photos end up on my posts. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t started to blog on WordPress. Ralph 😀 ❤


  4. Our holiday on Maui with you and V was one of the best we’ve had. On our first afternoon, when we stepped out on to the balcony and looked out over the ocean I said to Mr ET, “Who would have thought blogging would bring us here!” Writing a blog has opened up so many opportunities I never would have thought possible. I can’t wait to repay your kindness and show you our beautiful country at the end of the year!


  5. Glad to see you’re getting a chance to visit your cyber friends. Oz is a fantastic place filled with friendly and generous people. You’ll have a fabulous time in Queensland. December is the best time to visit the rainforest and reef. Enjoy!





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