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Almost anyone can learn to blog.
Almost anyone can learn to blog.

With a gleam in her eye, Puppy Girl stares across the table at me and dares me to stop blogging. I am helpless. I have blogging blood flowing through my veins. This new blog is an expansion of my four years of blogging on – a move to For those of you who know me, my goal in life is to learn something and share my experiences as I go. If you are on a blogging journey I hope you will join me as we learn together.

I have imported TC History Gal Productions content to this blog. Hopefully my followers will move with me. It was easy to do.

  1. Click on the blog you want to move.
  2. Click on Tools.
  3. Click on EXPORT. The blog you want to move will download to your computer or external drive.
  4. Go to your new blog.
  5. Click on IMPORT. Find the file you just exported and click on it and upload the file. ALL DONE!

Video to show you all the steps at

I love my other blogs. They take on their own personalities, and I never quite know exactly how a blog will develop until it does. Inspired by a class, Intentional Blogging, I decided to quit “renting” my blog and so this is my first “house.” Please join me here as I continue to practice what I’m learning about blogging, writing, photography, and publishing. According to the instructor, Jeff Goins, offers more capabilities than the blog could offer, so a new learning process begins.

To encourage all bloggers
To encourage all bloggers

Meanwhile, if you sign up for my email list, I will send you my short ebook. It’s a fun read.


In it I share my journey from obscurity into the world of blogging, complete with the many trials I encountered. My readers recommended it for neophyte or discouraged bloggers. If you would like to sign up to receive it, sign up below, and I’ll send you the link.


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  1. Carol Avatar

    I’m happy to hear it all worked easily for you. That’s a relief. Maybe Puppy Girl should join forces with Manny over on his blog.


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