Surreptitious Photography: Black and White Sunday


SURREPTITIOUS, Ah, surreptitious

kept secret, … shhhhh … quiet do not repeat this … especially because it would not be approved of

Visalia Streets014 BW

Not this time.

Google or Bing driving rapidly through the neighborhood,

Camera perched high on the car roof.

Driving openly,

Driving fast,

Snapping pictures of streets and homes.

No one cares.

Grandmas sipping lemonade under umbrellas in their light cotton robes,

Willing to represent neighborhoods on the internet.

Wave to Google on wheels.

Visalia Streets014 BW

This time

Innocent-looking  driver

Creeps along the abandoned street,

Fifteen miles an hour

Rounds  the corner.

Grandmas gone

Lemonade littering the gutter cleared from view,

Children obscured behind air-conditioned walls

Visalia Streets017 BW

Windows smeared and speckled with dog nose prints

Cool inside rolling wordless pale green exterior

Passenger slumped toward the window,

Face obscured, hidden behind the camera lens,

Visalia Streets015a BW

Feigning interest, where none exists.

Seeking drama, not fluff

Visalia Streets007BW

Alert to the quiet that lurked beyond the corner,

Drawn irresistibly towards the

The controversial

house influenced by

Frank Lloyd Wright, his secrets buried with lives already erased


Visalia Streets006BWCR

Life oozing from protective plants,

Oven-temperature air weighing down tree limbs,

Heavy with dust,


Behind the camera ,

Behind the glass,

Behind the camera,

SNEEZE squeezed into a tiny squeak.

Visalia Streets006BWCR2ACCSTRPrius creeping in electric silence past the target home,

Recording the house,

Mid-century spaces for intrigue,

Time elapsed storing secrets within clean lines,

Visalia Streets005BWTWI

Looking for what was not there.



Visalia Streets005BWAccEdg

Envisioning lives that did not exist,

Except in the author’s mind.

Visalia Streets005BWRIP

Visual fuel for Girls on Fire,

Stolen surreptitiously from the unsuspecting home owners.

Visalia Streets005BWPaint Dabs

For more on surreptitious pictures Click here on on the image below.


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7 responses to “Surreptitious Photography: Black and White Sunday”

  1. diannegray Avatar

    I like your surreptitious pictures, Marsha and I’m reading through ‘Just Write’ now 😀

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    1. tchistorygal Avatar

      You are such a good friend. Could we maybe do an interview for that site, and talk about some tips you might have for novice writers like me??? 🙂


  2. mhdriver Avatar

    I found your post well done and enjoyed it. Well done! Jim

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    1. tchistorygal Avatar

      Wow. What a nice compliment! Thanks, Jim!!!! You made my day! 😀😀😀


      1. mhdriver Avatar

        You’re Welcome –Jim

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  3. Paula Avatar

    Marsha, I am sorry I can’t link to your beautiful post now, but I will do it later. I had to postpone my posts as I had to take a two week’s break from blogging cause I am working 12 hours per day. I apologize.

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    1. tchistorygal Avatar

      I get that, Paula! When I working 12 hours a day, I can’t blog either. I’ve started scheduling my blogs now, so I write several or I work on one for several days when I have time and schedule them to post later. Thanks for spending your valuable moments with me! 😀😀😀


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