We looked forward to our vacation in Sedona for weeks, and we’ve already been home for two days.  What happened?

2015 Sedona601

Sights seemed clear enough when we were there. We stopped at a wonderful museum in Kingman even though this lady view us with some distrust.  Maybe her vision was blurred.

2015 Laughlin251

If you are at the Route 66 Museum, and you like old-fashioned milkshakes and malts you should go across the street to Mr. Dz. Yelp provided this picture, so I’m a bit blurry on the name details.

Mr DzWe spent the first and last night in Laughlin, so we met ourselves coming and going. It was beautiful on the way, but by the way back, the blurry air smeared the town’s beauty.  So enjoy the first glimpse.

2015 Laughlin401

We visited a park called Slide Rock on the way home that may have been the most beautiful place in the world. In 1912 a man named Frank Pandry homesteaded it and grew apples.

2015 Sedona211

It’s heyday came and went in a blur, but artifacts remain. It’s definitely worth a visit.

2015 Sedona141

The red blur at the bottom explains how the place got its name. Kids and adults alike still enjoyed the slippery rocks.

2015 Sedona184Bees still enjoyed sniffing the black apple blossoms. I had never heard of black apples.

2015 Sedona173

Can you imagine a finer setting for an apple orchard?

2015 Sedona209

For more blurry pictures click here.

10 responses to “The Blur of Travel”

  1. RoSy Avatar


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  3. Ralph Avatar

    All those photos are perfectly sharp to me MVBFM. Now where’s my glasses ? 😉
    Happy Easter my friend. xox ❤

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    1. tchistorygal Avatar

      Happy Easter, MFR. 🙂 xox

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  4. anotherday2paradise Avatar

    What a lovely lot of blurry pics you got, Marsha! 😀 Glad you had a good time away. xx

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    1. tchistorygal Avatar

      I was aiming to blur some of them… Just not the first one. 🙂 It was a great vacation. Time does fly! 🙂 xxx

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  5. writeanne Avatar

    Lovely photos, Marsha, I especially like the bee on the apple blossom. My husband did Route 66 on a Harley motor cycle in 2004. It was his 50th birthday present to himself. He visited the museum too and generally had a blast.

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    1. tchistorygal Avatar

      We saw a lot of Harley’s while we were in Sedona. There was a Veteran’s event, and all the riders were over 60, I think. Your husband’s trip had to be fun. The scenery is gorgeous. 🙂


  6. the eternal traveller Avatar

    It sounds like you had a nice time away Marsha.

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    1. tchistorygal Avatar

      It was a wonderful time, just went too fast. Still, it’s always nice to get home, too. 🙂

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