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Abandoning Sordid Pasts and Moving On

If you live as long as I have, there might be something SORDID in your past if folks cared enough  excavate the artifacts to uncover it!  Personally I want my sordid history scattered so deeply into ancient history that it would take a toothpick to carefully clean the shredded evidence of my past.  Few people have that kind of patience or interest in examining the mundane lives of mundane people from the past.  If they did, the world’s libraries would be littered with unreadable and boring trash!

Ralph and Manny

Ralph suggested that I write my memoirs.  I tried that, and it got downright scary.  No more sweet, nice Marsha.  The thin skin I have covering my delicate inner self peeled away revealing…. You know I’m not going to tell you!  It’s just downright embarrassing!  Since I’m not famous, and didn’t write it all down for my posterity, of which I have none, it’s doubtful that anyone will ever find out about my notoriety, and the heinous crimes of my sordid past.


SFW San Diego History Girls 1-13235

Ewwww, gross!

I say all that to announce that the topic of my Friday posts is just not working for me, so I’m moving on.  In fact, I have to confess that scheduled posts, are tying down my normally random nature.  I tried a schedule on my other site, and now I can’t even bear to open up the site and post anything any more.  One of my spammers on this site told me I need lessons on writing titles, that they are “too vanilla.”  YIKES, and I love vanilla!  Another commenter told me I need to avoid serious stuff, or no one will read my blog. (Was that a threat?)  He may have a point.  One of my best posts  (in MY opinion) has only one comment and 11 likes, and the comment is mine!

Got any Vanilla Wafers over there?  Just put them on the bench!

Got any Vanilla Wafers over there? Just put them on the bench!

I created this site to be random.  Unfortunately this stream of chatter runs directly into my LinkedIn account, and I’ve spent the last month connecting with superintendents of schools for the past month as the President of California Council for the Social Studies this year.  My hope is that I increase awareness of promote advocacy for the need for continuing to specifically teach social studies in public education system K-12.  My dilemma is that I’m afraid that my educational credibility is shot with my silly posts.  And, if my blogging spammers advisors are correct, my “fun” blogging personality apparently is sullied by  Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personality) –  the multiple hats that I wear.  🙂  hehehe (which is more sinister than hahaha, I think!)

Save me


When I am acting CCSS President, I’m sorry bloggers, but I have to put on my education hat, and reveal that I am indeed a knowledgeable person with some intelligent ideas about the future of education.  I actually love wearing that hat.  I love rubbing shoulders with some of the best thinkers on our planet, and learning and listening, and once in a while throwing out a cogent thought onto the discussion floor.  On the other hand, I just can’t resist being a frustrated comic, and trying to make you, my friends, laugh, so the rest of the time I’m trying hard to be funny.  I’m sixty-one going on two still trying to figure out how to merge the two diverse aspects of my personality!

I had the privilege of honoring Tulare County Superintendent of Schools, Jim Vidak, as Administrator of the Year.

I had the privilege of honoring Tulare County Superintendent of Schools, Jim Vidak, as Administrator of the Year.

What I’m trying to say through this not-so-sordid post, is that I’m giving up scheduled posts in favor of streaming thoughts as they float by.  I will still stream you book reviews done as often as I run across good books, and I will usually comment on the Common Core Standards because I do care about education, and I can’t control my passion! Manny will continue to crop up, of course.  He’s having too much fun going to such distant places not to tell you about his antics.  Mostly he is meeting interesting people, and getting to dive into THEIR lifestyles.  How often do we see life as it is in REAL time, not just a tourist view?

He's on his way to Malaga, Spain to the airport.

He’s on his way to Malaga, Spain to the airport.

So I am going to do a couple of things.  First I am going to turn off my instant connection to LinkedIn, and notify them only my academic posts.  There go my following stats! Sorry ego!   Secondly I’m ending my schedule and going back to the diversity that is my life.  If you hate one side or the other of my personality, you can click on past the stuff you don’t want to read.  I won’t be hurt if you don’t press like or leave a comment.

Kaweah River streaming into Bravo Lake

Kaweah River streaming into Bravo Lake

This blog started as an experiment, became a new way to get friends, and continues into maturity with the boulders of my exposed life settled securely at the bottom of the stream bed, and the pebbles of daily activities, thoughts and conversations with you, my dear friends, still churning as they chortle along their path to the river of life and eventually merge into the salty sea that was and is the eternal me and you blended together as we meet, comment, laugh, cry and love each other.

Back to daily life, what’s going on in your life today?

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  1. Nearing a bit of a salty mist about the eyes as I read through that last paragraph there. What poetry. An excellent post, and a beautiful decision made. I love your blog, as it reflects you, and whatever way you decide to conduct it, will always be a joy to me. Looking forward to the future streaming of dear Marsha Lee- just let the sea guide you along, ah yes…I love it….nothing better than letting an ocean toss you about, just surrendering to those waves fully, and I am cutting this rambly thought off right now. Myriads of cheers and chortles and hugs too,

    Autumn Jade


  2. I admired that you wanted to do a schedule though felt it was a bit restricting too. Glad you’ve abandoned it and look forward to whatever random thoughts and experiences you want to share!


    • Thank you Lisa. You are so supportive. I really appreciate that. I am struggling right now with keeping up with all my responsibilities, traveling with hubby, and keeping up my blog. I have so little time on the internet for more than emails, and posting. Thank goodness I have good friends like you online that will bear with me until I can start reading blogs again on a regular basis. 🙂 PS, Miles became a LinkedIn connection of mine, thanks to you! 🙂


  3. I found that the fun went out of blogging when it became a routine and sometimes a stressful office job. I agree with RoSy and Ute in becoming more random and unpredictable. We love you because you are you. Ralph xox 😀


  4. I only schedule 1 post a week – my Tickle Me Tuesday posts. I have another theme going – Life with Kelvin, but it’s not tied to any one day. I post on this topic as things crop up in my life to fit the category. I created the theme because it was happening so often lately as my hubby & I are aging. Maybe a theme would work for you too?


    • Maybe a theme would be good. It connects you with other readers, too. Right now I’m just going to flow with the current for a little bit. Then, after I catch my breath, I’ll check that out! 🙂


    • Yes, and I know you are going to have plenty to write either while you travel or when you get back. Is Justin getting excited to meet Manny. I got a note from Manny about Justin wondering if he was going to kidnap any of Ute’s bears and put them in his suitcase when he came to England. He had a couple of suggestions.


    • Yeah! Well, this blog started out as an experiment, and that was part of it. Now it has settled into a lifestyle full of beautiful friends that take life with me as it comes. 🙂 Thank you RoSy! 🙂


  5. Marsha, Marsha, you can be both an educated thinker and a comedic funny lady with a sordid past. This is the beauty of humanity and what makes us so different. On top of that, I believe you are good at each; both independently and in conjunction with each other. Love you Marsha May!


  6. Glad you’re abandoning the topic structure. I stopped reading certain posts because they just didn’t interest me. (for example, I don’t need blogging tips – I READ them, don’t WRITE them.).


    • Structure is hard to stick to. You can’t take advantage of the “teachable” moment! My life is too diverse, and not deep enough to be able to do some of the posts without a great deal of research, and I don’t have time right now to research and go about the many things that come my way. Recently I’ve been selling ads for a Kiwanis magazine, writing articles for the same, and preparing for our first meeting of the year for CCSS, and starting to work out with a personal trainer to work off all these new found pounds around my tummy. 🙂


  7. What’s the post that only had one comment?

    One of the things about blogging is that a lot of people don’t read everything, and there’s no way to tell just from the email notification when a post is very important to the writer.
    While I don’t make it over to read every post, I do enjoy the ones I catch.
    Looking forward to the random!


    • Hi Guap, I’m the same way! I don’t get around to every post. Right now I am really busy. The post in disfavor was one of my professional ones. Everyone has different tastes and needs. I received an email note from a college professor who said she loved it and distributed the post to her class. So, go figure.





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