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Adventures and Non-Adventures of Marsha and Manny

What I really mean by that is that Manny is in Spain, and is so busy, I haven’t heard a peep out of him since the explosion between Ralph’s legs.  (His computer erupted along with many other electronic devices when the town carpenter drilled through the town’s electrical connections.) oops.

Manny on Ralph's Balcony

Manny is quiet there, and therefore I’ve been getting a lot of work done here in California.  Now isn’t that interesting?  You will be happy to know that our CCSS website has some new pictures complete with Photoshopped labels.  I have sent 247 emails to teachers requesting their help viewing a history video, and have answered each person who has responded with an individual email or two.  I’ve gone on LinkedIn and Facebook and told the faithful followers of California Council for the Social Studies (CCSS) everything I know and then some, mostly about our new Social Studies Review, the CCSS journal that just hit the streets running.  This morning I met for about an hour with my Kiwanis friends and we divided up the businesses in the area to call about advertising in our upcoming Kiwanis magazine.  And the new CCSS Executive Secretary is coming for 3 hour working lunch meeting in 45 minutes.

Vince's sauce

I’m heating up Vince’s authentic Italian sauce with meatballs, hot, spicy sausage links, and pork, cooking some pasta, and whipping up a carrot salad, using garden-fresh carrots, and not so fresh boxed raisins.  Finally I made a caprese salad with 2 varieties of home-grown tomatoes, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, fresh basil, and a balsamic dressing.  A slice of olive bread completes the luncheon.

So as you can see, I can get quite a bit of work done with Manny gone.  Vince, is out winning a poker tournament to practice for winning the big $250,000 tournament he’s entered in on Sunday.  If he wins – Let the Adventures Begin!  🙂  If not, I’ll keep working because, being boring me, I love to work!  🙂  What’s up with that?

What adventures are you having today?

Would you like Vince’s special sauce recipe?  It’s yummy!  His dad taught us.  🙂

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  1. OOHHH yes – looking forward to the recipe 🙂 Looks delicious!

    Well, how funny that Manny is in Spain, because that is where Edward is (who stays with me!). Edward has travelled to many places in the world, too. He used to send postcards, maps and souvenirs to a class of children in England 🙂 Maybe you have come across Edward’s blog, though he has been too busy recently to update it much 😉


    • hahaha If he wins at poker, he wants to tear down parts of my house and rearrange the walls again. He loves that more than cooking! I forget why he was suddenly doing the cooking that day, but he was having a great time of it. He’s seriously enjoying semi-retirement.


  2. I can see that Manny takes life very serious down in Spain. *smile And so do you … with your challenge and adventure – you have been working hard. Good luck to Vince with the poker, I would love to be able to play professorial poker. Wish you both a pleasant and exciting weekend.


    • Well the good news is that Vince came in 4th, and happy as a Manny-bear taking a bubble bath. That meant he won $100 as another qualifier in a larger tournament. We’ve already mentally spent the $250,00 he’s going to bring home from the tournament he’s practicing for on Sunday. So now he’s on the hook. 🙂 I’ll be a poker widow Sunday. 🙂


      • 4th not bad … wouldn’t it been nice with $250.000???? I would love it. Mentally spend is a great way to spend money too … I do it every Friday before the lottery draw.
        Gambling is a dangerous game … be aware.
        It sounds like you will enjoy our day of being a widow. *smile


  3. Hi MVBF Marsha. Manny says he’s sorry that he hasn’t contacted you or sent any pictures as it has been so hot hovering around 40degC. Not fun to go out in. But that is about to all change as we are both excited that Ute will be here in 24 hours. No matter what the weather we are all going sightseeing and you will be inundated with photogrrrraphs. Fanny has been brushing Manny’s fur to make him beautiful for Ute. So this time tomorrow we will be at Malaga airport waiting for Ute to land ……. I hope she uses an airplane 😉 Ralph xox 😀


    • Ralph, I hope you, Manny, and Fanny are getting lots of sleep, or you will fall asleep on the way home from the airport, and leave poor Ute having to drive home! I don’t think she knows the way. Maybe Danny can read a map of use GPS, while the three of you are snoring so loudly you drown out the voice, “Recalculating, harumph, …Make a U-turn!” (and follow my directions more carefully next time – the computer mutters under her breath.) Let’s see it’s four hours after you posted this, so only 20 more to go. The house is spotless, the bears are combed. I’m sure the refrigerator is stocked. Do you need some of Vince’s sauce? 🙂


      • I have Manny checking everything we are going to take such as cell phone, camera etc.
        “How you doing Manny ?”
        He looks very serious with his clipboard and says
        “Manny ………. check. Manny……. check. Manny ……. check. Manny………. check”
        Oh dear. What a bear !! Manny has enough sauce thanks 😀


      • Ute is just leaving home in London for the airport. I will be leaving with Manny in a couple of hours to meet her at Malaga arrivals. What fun !! 😀


        • You are already on your way as I write this. I’m going to bed now, and I’ll be thinking great thoughts of you and Ute on your dream vacation – with three boisterous bears! 🙂 Have fun! 🙂


          • I got them. They are lovely! Manny looks like he is really enjoying himself. 🙂 In fact all the bears look quite satisfied and comfy with each other. 🙂 So Manny has settled down and isn’t jealous of Danny after all? Yay! 🙂


          • Neither of you is getting away with ANYTHING? hmmm What are you both trying to pull over on Ute? I’m afraid I have to side with her! 🙂 Sorry MFR. You are out-numbered on this one. Manny is still underage and gets NO vote! No sympathy from this side of the Atlantic. 🙂 I still love you, though! 🙂


          • Bummer! So all of yours and Manny’s masculine charm and tricks just didn’t work? It looked like you had a lot of fun, though! I’m still sitting here in CA green with jealousy!


          • Poor Manny on the airplane to UK with Ute as I speak. What is ahead for him ? Zumba, Yoga, Green Tea ? Or plates of English Jam Doughnuts. Who knows ? Time will tell 😉


  4. Wow, Manny looks like he is having fun and you seem very busy! Fun times! Love pasta and sauce, but not the heat – I have a wimpy mouth! Looking forward to more images from Manny; when is he coming home? Anxious for him to visit me in the Sooner State! Maybe he can make if for Football season!


    • hahaha Any suggestions for Manny? I will post Vince’s recipe on Monday’s post along with all his Italian trade secrets. 🙂 How is everything going up in your neighborhood? 🙂


  5. I bet Manny is livin’ it up with Ralph. Maybe even helping him prep for Ute’s visit too!
    I’m a yes for the sauce too. I don’t cook – but – I could have my “chef” try it out – LOL
    My adventure today was eating two ice-cream banana splits – YUMMO!





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